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2 Apr. 2012
Cassidy finds himself stuck in a world where no one remembers him. Not even his girlfriend, Madison. Along with the mysterious Natalie, Cassidy will start a journey to uncover the truth, and in turn, find more than he ever bargained for.
30 Apr. 2012
Cassidy is forced to search for answers alone when Natalie is abducted by The Other, while Bryce balances playing the hero and covering up his personal life. As the new world begins to take shape, Cassidy discovers what was and what should never be.
30 May 2012
After another run in with Cassidy, Madison begins to question her relationship with Bryce. Meanwhile, The Other takes Natalie to visit someone special to her, boyfriend, Ethan Wells.
15 Jul. 2012
Cassidy comes to Duncan's rescue after he finds himself in a tricky spot. Zoe tosses with the idea of helping Trish. Natalie, free from The Other, runs into college roommate Olivia at Ethan's open mic night.


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