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The prodigal daughter story
scottshirey-877-56786611 October 2014
What a great story! A girl fighting her dad for some space to grow up and be herself. She is struck with the awesome idea to fill her dad's old shoes in the music business when he turns down the request of an old producer friend. Not knowing the extent of the commitment, she gets caught in a moral dilemma. Some of the scenes made me squirm. If you are a Christian who has ever put a bushel over your candle during a tense moment, you will relate to this! It could be described as the prodigal daughter movie. The cast was perfect. Also a great message of comfort to parents to commend their children to God on that day when it's time for them to leave the nest. God is already at the place where they are going. Trust God!
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Love it!
judith-baine19 March 2014
I LOVE this movie!

Having grown up in a musical family where I was in the shadow of older siblings and parents, I appreciated how she wanted to do her own thing. I loved the chemistry between her and her parents. The Hollywood portion of it was a bit predictable, but most movies--even the best ones--are.

If you are looking for an inspiration film where you don't have to worry about what your child will hear or see, this is the one to watch. It would be a great film to show in a church youth group or family night. I highly recommend it.
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Moral Efforts Work Out Well
runcoti15 October 2013
The main problem with Christian films is the cheese factor. Movies that take a good quality moral message and then somehow cheese it up with either corny writing, or sloppy directing, or phony performances are starting to become a thing of the past. Once The Passion of the Christ demonstrated that BRILLIANT films could convey morality, the race was on.

Grace Unplugged has some good performances, as well as a heartwarming story. You feel for the characters. You get pulled into the struggles of the father/daughter relationship. You want Grace to follow her dreams. You really vest yourself as an audience member.

That would not be possible if the Christian-cheese factor were prevalent.

I have to admit that there were a couple of moments (without including any spoilers) that the cheese crept in. However, overall- without PROFANITY, NUDITY, GRATUITOUS DRUGS/SIMULATED SEX/SUGGESTIVE ANYTHING, this movie managed to really work. The cast had chemistry. The story pulled heartstrings. It was truly a success.
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I felt a bit cheated
Talia_the_StoryMaker7 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was far from horrible or anything, but it didn't provide everything I hoped for; in fact, I felt a bit like I'd been cheated out of a potentially better movie. At first, this looks like it's going to be a movie about how expressing oneself and pursuing a career in a secular field can coexist with being a faithful Christian, but in the end, it just isn't. It's the same old you've come to expect from Christian media, the same old message that Christians should be doing the same old thing, making the same old Christian things instead of branching out into the wider world. It looked like it was setting up for something with nuance, but ended up with something black and white. Unbelieving characters who looked like they were shaping up to actually be well-developed turned out to be stereotypically bad. At the end, the daughter mostly gives up her dreams and goes back to doing what her father wants her to do. It doesn't feel like it quite gets to that place where it actually grapples with the more complicated issues of life. It looks like it's trying to, but then shrinks back into the comfortable and less controversial world of much more simplistic Christian cinema.

It felt like it was trying, until it got afraid of actually saying something interesting or different. It had some nice tunes, it had some nice ideas, but I was really hoping for something better.
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Awful movie
Danaclawson10 October 2013
This movie was tedious, predictable with poor photography. Don't bother unless you like sappy movies that misrepresent what God is. And Demonetizes anything outside of church. The characters were not developed so I felt very little for any of them. It was a obvious attempt at manipulation. It tried to be a feel good movie and failed badly. Not spiritual, just religious. Very disappointing. I gave up and walked out early. I want my time and money back. It doesn't take ten lines of text to tell you I think this movie stinks bad enough to write a review to warn others since no one warned me before I wasted my money and time. So why does your review system has this requirement?
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It has a good message
irvinetustin29 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
With so many pop stars today having music that focuses on sex and drugs, it's refreshing to see someone stick to a higher standard. Many of the music stars today grew up singing in church. In church we are not taught how to sing but instead we are taught WHY we sing. We sing for God who gave us our voice and loves us more than anyone. Because of this, church singers learn to sing with passion and conviction. Unfortunately, some singers who were raised singing in church use the passion and conviction that they were taught to use to sing for God, and then they turn around and use it to convey a bad message. What will someone raised singing in church do if they were given an opportunity to have fame and fortune if they agree to sing about sinful things. It's interesting to see what we'll do when we come to a crossroads in life when we have a ethical crisis between what we know is right and what we want to do even though we know it's wrong. This movie deals well with this very issue.
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A movie for those who need more than a patent Hollywood story
Dennis Nuttall22 February 2014
This is a story about how people who live in flyover country are forced into the Hollywood box, by the media constantly force-feeding everyone through movies, music, videos, etc. And how that forms our definition of success. More specifically, it's how one can have their faith challenged by trying to fit into the world's mold. It may not have the best photography or a complex storyline that some may be looking for, but it may be one of the best faith-based stories I've seen in a while. It's no secret that Hollywood shies away from stories like this--had they embraced it, it may have had better photogenic qualities, etc. But then again, Hollywood would have put their "stamp" on it, so this is probably the best outcome. This is the story of how Miley Cyrus and her dad should have ended up, but unfortunately not so much. If you're looking for lots of swearing, things blowing up, and nakedness, then look elsewhere. Want a little challenge to your own faith, a little bit of drama that makes you feel good? Then this is for you.
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Unplugged from what?
masalazar-salazar20 January 2014
In this day and age when aggressive and sex related topics fill the big screen it is very refreshing to find a great, moral family movie that catch our complete attention and add a new perspective to the parent- teenage relationship. It is very important to construct, not destroy. We should feed our youngsters positive messages that do not encourage aggressiveness but compromise and cooperative positive behavior. It's this the reason why we have to "Unplugged". Unplugged from what? So many realities we have to leave along this life's road. If you do not do anything to reroute teenage life don't complain when more aggressive behavior becomes our reality. Do not blame anyone for the shootings in our schools, colleges and universities. Let's hope everyone works on making family movies well known. See it you will really enjoy it. Similar movies are: God's not dead, Urchin amongst many others.
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Great movie to see
cjaa72713 October 2013
We need more movies with redeeming qualities about real relationships. I love the characters and I loved the actors. A lot of people are use to the regular old type of movie so get ready to think about God in your life. I didn't want to go on and on about the movie. It's too bad there is a minimum of lines to write here. Basically, this movie is good for most people to see and think about your relationships with people and how others are treated. I look forward to seeing more movies like this one in the theater and it would be great if more theaters carried movies like this with normal time frames for people to be able to see the movie. I loved the music and I look forward to hearing the music on the radio.
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Finding Balance
Ufo47614 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Although I am writing from a non-religious point of view, this movie was all about finding balance and your real purpose in life, of course, through the necessary side-turns. It was simple and efficient, and it gave a beautiful feeling without doing anything really fancy. All in all, it was about a young girl trying to find her place in the world, balancing her ambitions, her talents, her beliefs and her relation with her parents- especially her dad. During this process all the major parties make mistakes (the girl and her dad namely), but they eventually recognize and correct them.

Obviously, this movie doesn't say anything new, but it gives its message with a relatively fresh and bright way. Although I would personally prefer it if Grace had found a better balance between the two different worlds she was divided among, better if she had imposed her own moral rules to the music industry (I would have loved to see THAT!), it still turns out just fine. So although this movie is not in the AVENGERS league, its still manages with the simple resources its using, and, some really good acting of course, to deliver a nice message (regardless of anyone's religious beliefs, if you can get past that),and to let you, as I said, with a nice warm feeling. Ah,and the music is also really nice. So, If you haven't something really better to do, go see it!
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Harriet Deltubbo19 August 2014
This is the kind of low-budget film that truly proves that a small story can be much more meaningful than a larger one. Grace Trey is the ideal Christian teen who is also a phenomenal singer. But at the tender age of 18, after she gets the music break of a lifetime and is thrust into the "real world", her faith is put to the test. This film is worthy of all the hopes you have. All of the fancy characters struggle against a system that has perpetuated falsehoods. The plot is not as well thought out as the original, but it still does the cast well. It's an important film, as well as entertaining. The story is nothing special but an exceptional performance from most of the cast, realism and the mood it puts you in make it a must-see.
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really loved it
sheriesuter23 May 2014
I really enjoyed this film I was pleasantly surprised that the acting was solid thru out and the story was really moving you could relate to the characters and over all it was really well done especially for a low budget film. I loved it so much I watched it twice before returning the rental. I love how the story shows how up and coming stars are seen as assets to be maximized in that world. There is a lot of truth to that and its easy to get it how so many buckle under the pressure. I think this film touches on a lot of heart issues that people can relate to. Aj's performance was really strong and she shined in the singing parts
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Great movie about staying true to yourself and your faith without being too preachy,.
hoosier90812 October 2013
This is a great move for the twelve and older. Younger children might find it a little too relationship oriented. We went as a family. From my 83 year old mother-in-law to my 15 year old daughter - we all loved it. Has a nice Christian message without being preachy. The relationship between the father and daughter is especially touching. It depicts the father and daughter relationship in that time of life when the daughter is grown and yet not an adult and their communication hits that stage where it is in a difficult transition. Perfectly captures the love of a family and portrays all the family members as equally bad/good. Refreshing.
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average at best
jeff-gintz993 January 2015
Overwrought, heavy-handed, predictable, and kind of boring. It has a good, clean story line but just too formulaic to have a lasting impact. The music was good and the movie looked good but the characters had no depth. There was a lot of potential here but nothing really was developed for the plot to catch my interest. Too bad because I really wanted to like this film. It also didn't get too preachy which can turn off some people. I actually would have preferred more doctrine worked into the story. There were some key details that were skipped which would have helped the flow of the movie. Great performance turned in by Kevin Pollak, he is the main reason to keep watching during the many slow parts. AJ Michalka shows some promise as Grace but is handcuffed by the terrible script.
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Chasing a dream against the family will!
Reno Rangan4 February 2018
This is a Christian film and like usual, I did not mind that. I cherish film for what it narrates than on what it all was all built on. Yeah, there's a little annoyance when a father is not letting his daughter to pursue her dreams. Especially in this modern world, and too in the western world, this is a bit surprising.

Grace, an 18 year old girl raised with the Christian faith is set to find her own life path. Her father, who is insisting her not to abandon the faith is the one to be convinced about what she wanted to accomplish in her life. She takes the chance that comes her way and the rest is history making.

An inspiring film. Not just for the Christian faith, but anybody with dreaming to accomplish something big. Particularly the youngsters. The cast was good, and the characters. Music tracks too enjoyable. Maybe the runtime should have been a shorter to accompany the pace. But overall not bad, a fine film was once watching.

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Very impactive
james-b-turner5 October 2013
This movie was a great movie for Miley Cyrus and her one hit wonder daddy to see together. Me and my wife cried a lot and felt encouraged. this movie is great for a family that may have struggles between child and parent. Kids grow up and parents tend to shelter but how did you learn from your mistakes? We had to make them first, right. The film does not contain any bad scenes as far as things you would not want a 2 year old to watch. In a nut shell if you like to watch movies like any Medea flick, fire proof or any other film based on the principals of biblical belief then this is the movie for you. Maybe you want a good date night movie with the wife or future wife, this is the movie for you. 1 Corinthians 7:14-24 grow where The Lord has planted you. This would be my one sentence summary and it obviously has been written before.
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Amazing Grace!
Courtney Ford10 September 2015
Loved, loved, loved this movie! It is so real and I'm sure that many Christian families can relate to it. We try so hard to protect our children and shield them from what we know isn't good from our own experiences in life. Sometimes we try too hard and forget who really is in control. God! This movie reminds us that He is in control and that we need to put all of our faith, hope, and trust in Him for our children and not in ourselves. The bible tells us to train our children up in the way in which they should go and they won't depart from it. Satan will try his hand but like this movie portrays he will not succeed in his efforts with those children who have parents who have instilled the Word of God in them and who trust God for their lives and who pray for them.

Acting was really good. I cried so much in this movie because it was so believable, like I was watching a family that I knew. I would've given this movie a 10 if it included the family praying. I found it strange that there wasn't at least one instance of prayer or reference to Jesus' name. But overall it was an excellent movie about faith in God and doing what's right and what pleases Him because that is what gives us true peace and joy in the end.
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Still manages to be entertaining even with glaring issues
Steve Pulaski12 February 2014
Just a few days before being released on DVD, Grace Unplugged was named "The Most Inspiring Film of the Year" by The Movieguide Award's Epiphany Prize. This sidenote kind of baffles me. The film is about a woman who has just became a legal adult and is feeling smothered by her passive mother and hasbeen rock-star father who has taken up a good Christian lifestyle, and doesn't feel she has been granted the right to project her own style, confined to the drudgery of being in her father's Church-group, Christian rock band. The young woman decides to cut and run from home after contacting her father's old record producer in order to get an album deal and hopefully make it big. Faith, and clichés, would have it that the young woman would see the dangerous and exploitative side of the recording industry and fall into a series of events that would manipulate her for all she's worth.

Maybe I'm missing something, but even with the tacked-on and somewhat forced emotional relationship between the young woman and her father, I still find this film more of a religious cautionary tale than anything along the lines of inspiring. The young woman aspired to be something bigger, to inspire young souls with her music and her passionate lyrics, and she was mostly tossed around like a cheap ragdoll. This is a wonderful message for young singer-songwriters who may want to break into the business.

The young woman is Grace Trey, played by Aly Michalka, who was famous for about a year when she worked with her sister AJ. Her dad is Johnny Trey (Desperate Housewives' James Denton), a rock star who fell of his peak and hit every ledge on the way down. Finally, the record producer is Kevin Pollak, in a roll that is nowhere near as daring or as shocking as it could be. If all that happened to Grace in her stint as a popular recording artist was in this film, I think many artists and musicians would consider her lucky.

But Grace Unplugged doesn't aspire to be graphic or deeply-rooted in blunt, frightening honesty. It aspires to be a religious parable and to tell the story of an adolescent who got a bit too big for her britches and abandoned the word of God in favor of a more fast-moving life as an artist. For one, the film's first misstep is one that common Christian films make and that's showing the world who does not believe in God, or at least openly express their love for God, in a negative, demeaning light that portrays them as beings that lack ethical decision-making. The film seems to think that because someone holds The Bible and the idea of God close to them, and expresses it openly and frequently, they are already good-hearted and intelligent people, while those who either silently-express themselves or don't have a religious view at all are terrible people we shouldn't trust.

That view in itself is almost a candidate for religious propaganda and it's unfortunate that writers Brad J. Silverman and Brandon Rice appear to think that way. It seems that a growing principle of Christian cinema is to show the secular world as godless degenerates incapable of making the right decision or an inferior one when, in 2014 America, we should be shying away from that and dismantling that idea. But I digress; Grace Unplugged, however, is buoyed by a surprisingly entertaining story and a great central performance by Michalka to at least be deemed worth-watching in some aspects. Even though Denton and Pollak frequently turn up on screen, this is Michalka's show in its entirety, and whether you call it another performance or an attempt to revitalize a career that was slumping, it's a performance that will be one of the most remembered in her filmography for years to come.

The Grace character, however, is a different story. She isn't your atypical adolescent, with aspirations to express herself through music and the limitless wonders of creative expression, but it's her surly attitude becomes a bit much. She often seems ungrateful for what she has been handed, disobeying her parents and then blaming them for getting upset, and often picking fights with her father just to show that she's not a little kid anymore. Then there's the fact that the film feels to gloss over certain incidents in her popularity and zip-by, showing many tours and meetings in montage, not giving us the real idea, or at least the film's, of what actually goes on behind these closed-door board meetings.

Long story short, Grace Unplugged is far from a perfect film, especially showing when it tries its hand at showing emotion which comes off as nothing but manipulative. But there's real talent at hand with Michalka's performance, which shows vulnerability in a realistic way. Then there's the fact that watching someone go from humble beginnings to a celebrity creating some sizable shockwaves domestically is quite entertaining to watch unfold, solely for the reason of character intimacy. If there were ever a film to see for the reason that it has a number of considerable issues but still succeeds in strong, key areas, Grace Unplugged is it.

Starring: Aly Michalka, James Denton, and Kevin Pollak. Directed by: Brad J. Silverman.
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good yet not memorable
damaris-639-6862653 March 2014
This movie had lots of potential to be a great Christian film, but all in all, the movie is just Meh. The story isn't the worst but we've already heard of this story before so it isn't very original with that. Also, some of the characters can get on your nerves like the extremely wimpy guy who just won't shut up. The main character isn't the worst, in fact, i find her pretty likable it's just that she can be annoying sometimes with what she says and her attitude can make her pretty unlikeable at some times. The good things about it are mainly that grace's dad, is well developed and you can feel for him but sadly, he doesn't have a lot of screen-time so you can't really connect with that character. Also the story, although predictable, is sweet and is a good lesson to all Christians. One thing which i just don't get is why we hardly get to hear any of grace's original songs. We just see her working on them while background violins play instead of her. overall, this movie isn't bad, it's just that there's nothing truly memorable about how this movie is.
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This may be moral, but it's not Christian
maxaira26 February 2014
I am sorry, but I must have been out of the room when the term "Christian" was re-defined. To be a Christian is to be one who's been to the foot of the cross in the realization that one is a sinner and that nothing short of repentance of that sin and full and unequivocal surrender to the person of Jesus Christ will ever do in the life from that moment on. It means a life changed and forever after sold out to the Lord Jesus in everything. It means a great deal more than the few paltry statements of pure unadulterated lip service that are contained in this film.

Being a follower of Jesus is more than playing the latest contemporary music in a church worship team, it means being his, twenty four seven, in all that we do. Walking in ways that please Him not striving to have one's way because it satisfies the flesh. There is never any indication that the young lady in this film, or her father either, have got any more than a "little religion" which has made them somewhat different from those around them.

The new birth, regeneration, as specified by Jesus in John 3, and later in the NT in the book of Titus is a whole new way of life, because it's life that God has given not simply a new way of doing things. "Christian" films today are marginalizing what it means to be a child of the King. And it's so disappointing to see professing Christian brethren give them high marks simply because sex and bad language are being omitted. Our standards are being lowered each time a film of this genre makes its appearance.
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Worthy Piece of Treasure in the Faith-based Films
Millspeak of Palawan25 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The film is about a Christian teenager's pursuit of her own dreams in her own way. As Grace turned 18, she got tired with the tight discipline and ways of her dad making her feel suffocated. Wanting to pursue her own dream of becoming a famous singer herself, she presented a demo of her dad's famous old hit to her dad's former manager. A chance eventually opened up bringing her into the chaotic world of the secular music industry in Hollywood, and challenging her to choose between pleasing God or pursuing her own dream in her own way.

The story has a common plot. There are really no surprising twists, creative transitions or unpredictable scenes, but what makes it great is that such Christian films are rare. Besides, the story doesn't seem dragging. Moreover, the actress and actors were great. The acting was natural and does not seem forced. It was also surprising to see James Denton (the father) who formerly was from desperate housewives; Jamie Grace – a Dove awarded singer, songwriter and musician; Kevin Pollak – a veteran actor; and a cameo by Chris Tomlin and Pia Toscano – an American idol season 10 top7.

It is indeed a nice film for every contemporary Christian musician. It is encouraging and inspiring even to those who want to try to write songs. It is also informative and reveals some of the realities that not everyone knew about what it is to be in the industry. The songs are also great and the fact that AJ Michalka is a real singer adds value to the integrity of the film. The film may seem like a cliché but there are classic lessons that parents and daughters/sons must never forget.
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Great Inspiration
CMChaney1237 May 2014
This movie brings back what the media has been lacking. "Grace Unplugged" has proved to me that God is not lost in the industry that is Hollywood. I recommend this movie to everyone. I received such inspiration from this movie and I feel my heart burst with pride for The Lord when I watch it. This movie is appropriate for anyone and I think that it could be used in church as an example for teens that are at odds with their faith and the ones that are stable in their faith. There is no age limit on this movie, in my opinion, it has something for everyone. I think that anyone who watches this film will feel the inspiration and hope that I felt while watching it.
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