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Do film critics matter?

Anghus Houvouras on film critics and whether they matter…

Do film critics matter?

It’s an age-old question. One that has been asked as far back as the creation of the movie medium. Maxim Gorky, a Russian writer, was one of the first ever to pen a movie review after seeing a collection of Lumiere films in 1896. Even after witnessing the birth of this new art form, after seeing moving images for the first time, he remained ever critical:

“Their smiles are lifeless, even though their movements are full of living energy and are so swift as to be almost imperceptible. Their laughter is soundless although you see the muscles contracting in their grey faces. Before you a life is surging, a life deprived of words and shorn of the living spectrum of colours — the grey, the soundless, the bleak and dismal life.”

The miracle of the motion picture presented
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Red Letter Media Wants to Talk About How Awesome 'Boyhood' Is

With it winning the Golden Globe for Best Picture last night, Boyhood is easily the frontrunner for Best Picture at the Oscars. There is almost unanimous praise heaped on to this film. I am no different. It will be making my top ten of the year, in a fairly high position. However, people need to calm down about the movie. Boyhood, despite what some critics will tell you, is not the second coming. Well, the folks over at Red Letter Media (Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, and Rich Evans, to be specific) were not the biggest fans of the film. So, on episode 76 of their show "Half in the Bag", which was the episode that followed their review of Boyhood, took the time for a pretty great response to people who loved it. Obviously, I disagree with their opinion of the film, but that does not mean their opinion is invalid.
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Video: Rich Evans Reacts To The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Rich Evans does not actually provide the voice for Mr. Plinkett in his infamous video reviews, but he does play him in the Red Letter Media "Half In The Bag" review segments...with me so far? Anyway, it doesn't matter -- all you need to know is that he's a big Star Wars fan and this past Monday he just got the chance to sit down and watch the trailer for The Force Awakens for the very first time. This is a bit on the Nsfw side for language and, er....lewd gestures.
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Hatchet jobs, anonymity and the internet: being a film critic in the 21st century | Mark Kermode

In this extract from his forthcoming book, the Observer's new film critic, Mark Kermode, examines how the internet has changed the role of the professional reviewer. When everyone has an opinion, what value does the critic retain?

"Forrest Gump on a tractor." Those five words are probably my favourite film review ever. More importantly, they constitute the most damaging hatchet job I ever encountered, managing to do something I had often argued was impossible – to kill a movie stone dead. I didn't read them in a newspaper or on a blog, I didn't hear them on the radio or television; rather, they were whispered in my ear by a trusted friend and colleague, David Cox, as the house lights went down on a screening of David Lynch's The Straight Story.

I'd been really looking forward to that movie. I've been a huge Lynch fan ever since being blindsided by
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‘Prometheus’ & The Death of a Masterpiece

If you flashback to the early 00’s, there was still a sense of excitement and anticipation at the announcement of Ridley Scott working on a new project. This was a visionary director who’s expansive, ambitious and heart capturing visual eye had given the world of cinema such wonders as Alien and Blade Runner, masterpieces of the science-fiction genre. No longer; one must return to 2000, and the swords and sandals epic Gladiator, to find a great. During a long decade of quantity over quality, he cannot quite find that old spark and sees the excitement turn to pessimistic low expectations. 2009 offers a comeback; after years of talk, experimentation and musing, Scott’s longstanding desire to return to the world of his name-making colossus Alien has come to fruition.

Fox sanctions a project with Scott in the director’s chair and Jon Spaihts on board to write the screenplay. Rumors are rife about the film,
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Video: Red Letter Media Review Jack The Giant Slayer And Hansel & Gretel

When I saw that Mike and Jay had chosen these particular movies to review for the latest ep of Half In The Bag I was sure they'd tear em apart, but it turns out both thought Hansel & Gretel was decent, and Mike actually loved Jack The Giant Slayer . What idiots! I jest, I haven't seen either or em yet. Anyway, see what the lads had to say for yourselves below.
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