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2017 Movie Catch-up: Part 2

Mike and Jay continue talking about movies they saw in 2017, mostly horribly depressing and miserable ones.

Season 2

8 Jan. 2012
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and 2011 Recap
Mike and Jay discuss the latest film from David Fincher, as well as some other 2011 releases that they were too lazy to review earlier in the year.
17 Jan. 2012
The Devil Inside and Flyin' Ryan
Jay and Mike discuss having a Devil Inside and how some kid can fly with magical bike reflectors attached to his shoes or whatever.
26 Jan. 2012
Red Tails
Jay and Mike see Red Tails then have a poignant discussion about race and George Lucas.
7 Feb. 2012
B-Fest 2012 Recap
Jay and Mike talk about all the amazing films they saw at this year's B-fest, a festival dedicated to terrible movies.
24 Feb. 2012
Chronicle and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Mike and Jay discuss a teen super power film as well as the latest Nicholas Cage flop. Meanwhile, Mr. Plinkett starts his search for love.
15 Mar. 2012
Silent House and John Carter
Mr. Plinkett's got a hot date. Meanwhile Mike and Jay discuss recent releases Silent House and the sci-fi flop John Carter.
15 Apr. 2012
Cabin in the Woods and The Three Stooges
Mike and Jay discuss the pros and cons of Cabin in the Woods and The Three Stooges, while also proving to Plinkett their worthlessness may never end.
30 Apr. 2012
Being too lazy to bother seeing any new releases, Mike and Jay discuss the semi-cult classic film Zaat, about a scientist that turns himself into a giant catfish monster.
25 May 2012
Battleship and Dark Shadows
Continuing their journey to the VCR repair shop, Mike and Jay take a break to discuss the latest Hollywood flops Battleship starring Johnny Depp and Dark Shadows starring Rihanna.
11 Jun. 2012
Mike and Jay talk about the divisive new film Prometheus, Ridley Scott's kinda-sorta prequel to G.I. Jane.
29 Jun. 2012
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and That's My Boy
Mike and Jay hitch a ride from the worst green screen ever and discuss two more recent Hollywood flops: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the brilliant Adam Sandler's latest masterpiece, That's My Boy.
8 Jul. 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man
The string of quality summer blockbusters continues with The Amazing Spider-Man. Mike, Jay, along with their new friend Rich, discuss while wanting to kill themselves.
22 Jul. 2012
The Dark Knight Rises
Mike and Jay see some little independent film nobody's heard of called The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan.
18 Aug. 2012
Step-Up Revolution
Mike and Jay have finally arrived at the VCR Repair Shop. They use the opportunity to discuss the latest Step Up film in great detail for an extended period of time, with absolutely no distractions or surprise cameos.
21 Sep. 2012
Resident Evil Series: Part 1
Mike and Jay discuss Paul WS Anderson's Resident Evil series.
21 Sep. 2012
Resident Evil Series: Part 2
Mike and Jay discuss Paul WS Anderson's Resident Evil series.
6 Oct. 2012
Looper and Dredd
Jay and Mike talk about Looper and Dredd. Meanwhile a charitable act leads to good fortune for Lightning Fast VCR repair.
25 Oct. 2012
Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4
Mike and Jay discuss the recent horror flops Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. Meanwhile, some creepy things begin to happen around Old Man Plinkett's house. Could it be a Baghuul problem?
15 Nov. 2012
After a bizarre encounter with Mr. Plinkett, Mike and Jay decide to see the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, starring that guy from Cowboys and Aliens.
21 Nov. 2012
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Mike and Jay saw the new Twilight movie.
19 Dec. 2012
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Mike and Jay talk about Peter Jackson's latest trip to Middle-Earth, The Hobbit, and frustrate both Tolkien fans and HFR projection supporters in the process.
31 Dec. 2012
Django Unchained and 2012 Recap
Mike and Jay discuss Quentin Tarantino's new film Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and recount some films they've seen in 2012 that they forgot about until just now.

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