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Box Office Number Crunching

Mike and Jay take a break from watching new release garbage movies to talk about the garbage movies that have already come out this year. Mike also makes cynical predictions about the 2017 box office.

Season 1

11 Mar. 2011
Drive Angry and The Adjustment Bureau
Mike and Jay go to fix Mr. Plinkett's VCR, but find themselves talking about 2 new movies instead.
15 Mar. 2011
Battle: Los Angeles and The Galaxy Invader
Jay and Mike discuss a new sci-fi alien invasion film, and a "classic" one from the 1980's.
26 Mar. 2011
Paul and Toronto Comic Con
Jay and Mike review the film Paul, and talk about their trip to comic-con.
1 Apr. 2011
Sucker Punch
Jay and Mike share their thoughts on the Zack Snyder film, Sucker Punch.
14 Apr. 2011
Your Highness and Samurai Cop
Jay and Mike take on David Gordon Green's "Your Highness" as well as the should-be cult classic "Samurai Cop".
22 Apr. 2011
Scream 4 and No Brand Con
What was more frightening: a masked killer or tons of anime fans in costumes while intoxicated? Find out for yourself in episode 6 of Half in the Bag.
9 May 2011
Super and The Watchman
Half in the Bag Episode 7? What's so super about Super? And real life super hero (R.L.S.H) The Watchman stops by to chat with Jay and Mike.
22 May 2011
Troll 2 and Best Worst Movie
Jay and Mike are joined by the suspicious Officer Cooper for a double feature of Troll 2 and the documentary 'Best Worst Movie'.
10 Jun. 2011
Summer Movie Round-Up
Just a lazy day at work talkin' bout' movies and unfixing a VCR..
30 Jun. 2011
The 48-Hour Film Project
Mike and Jay explain the process of participating in the 48 Hour Film Project and shooting a short film in such a small amount of time.
19 Jul. 2011
Transformers 3
Just another day at the office.
24 Jul. 2011
Captain America and The Rocketeer
Mike and Jay of Red Letter Media discuss Marvel's latest feature-length trailer for the Avengers movie.
6 Aug. 2011
Cowboys and Aliens
Jay and Mike discuss the film Cowboys and Aliens while mysterious assailants throw bricks through Mr. Plinkett's window.
15 Aug. 2011
Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Cyphan Con 2011
Mike and Jay discuss a recent monkey movie, then recount their experiences at a recent Chicago-area sci-fi convention.
26 Aug. 2011
Chicago Comic Con 2011 Recap
The most cynical, sarcastic coverage of comic con yet.
31 Aug. 2011
Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian
Mike and Jay discuss two pointless remakes, as well as discover a mystery.
16 Sep. 2011
The People vs. George Lucas and Star Wars Discussion
Mike and Jay are joined by Alexandre Philippe, director of the documentary The People vs. George Lucas, to discuss all things Star Wars, including the new blu-ray alterations and what's wrong with George Lucas' brain.
28 Sep. 2011
Drive and Contagion
Mike and Jay discuss two unconventional new releases, then have to figure out with a pesky new VCR.
11 Oct. 2011
Robot and The Last Circus
Mike and Jay go to the Milwaukee Film Festival to see two weirdo foreign films. Mike learns all about a causality loop and how to alter history.
21 Oct. 2011
What's Your Number and The Black Ninja: Part 1
Jay and Mike are joined by a female stand-up comedian who shares a much different view than them on romantic comedies and horrible b-movie schlock.
20 Nov. 2011
Jack and Jill: Part 1
Mike and Jay criticise, analyse and dissect the 2011 "Comedy" film from Adam Sandler
21 Nov. 2011
Jack and Jill: Part 2
Mike and Jay continue their discussion of Adam Sandler's evil scheme.

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