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A deliciously funny episode
Rehan Ulhaq16 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this episode. It reminded me of season 2 and 3 with the weird captions and catchy music. Barney in this one is more the original one, the one we all loved.

This episode isn't only about the laughs, the story does move on too. Robin and Tedd getting back in touch, Robin getting noticed finally for her efforts, Lilly and Marshall figuring out parenthood all add up to make a great episode.

However, the one thing that was most eye-catching in this episode was Barney's feelings for Quin. He lets his guard down and lets Tedd in at least for a moment.

All in all this was a fresh enjoyable episode hence i give it 10/10. Thanks to this one we are set up brilliantly for the season climax.
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This Show Ended in Season 6... Dead Show Running!
Lalin Robles11 May 2012
This show has no soul. Not Funny at all. All is predictable. It is Dead!!!. Season 1-5 Good. Season 6 so so. Season 7 Sad, very sad!. Please CBS pull the plug!

I am watching all seasons, In season 6 there's some funny episodes and a plot, but this season 7 should be the series finale.

Too much crazy things in the show, but no plot, no history, the same boring jokes. The same boring lines.

Barney keep doing the same with Ted, all episodes are the same.

Marshall And Lilly same history, nothing special in all episodes.

Please CBS pull the plug!

(Sorry About my English)
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Barney tries to save the day!
chirag_cool200617 April 2012
After huge expectations from this episode, The outcome has certainly hit a low. Barney is once again involved in some hilarious acts, But a single person cannot save a pointless episode! In this case Barney does okay. A few funny moments, But after watching the episode all it seems like is the show is merely going on! Its nearly the end of another season - Probably the most boring out of the lot and this episode doesn't help. Lot more story has to be put in as is the case with the other seasons, In them by this time we would be having some real suspense! Overall after a great previous episode a lot was expected from this episode too, But I would give it a 7/10 for Barney who does great to save the day! Cheers
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Now We're Even (#7.21)
ComedyFan20102 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Another fun episode. I love Barney in it. They made such a good job showing his different feelings about Quinn being a stripper. Of course a guy like Barney loves it. But since he loves her it is also hard to deal with. And Ted was an awesome bro giving us great scenes of him wearing a dress.

Love how Robin became famous. This was so badass and I like how it fits her character.

Lily and Marshall once again bring something funny, silly and yet sweet for the show. I actually would have preferred she really had a Ranjit dream. Crazier and it also doesn't make sense why she would hide the other one from Marshall.
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