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It's Entertainment, nothing more or less

Author: mijbril from Australia
15 January 2016

For all the haggling and worrying about money etc, Richard apparently receives $50k per episode from Discovery and if celebritynetworth is even remotely accurate, he's also worth about $15m, so he's scarcely on the breadline.

So to retain the Discovery contract, he needs to keep the viewer entertained and that doesn't happen by looking at the intimate aspects of a car build and the shop usually farms out work that they can't do anyway. So you don't watch the show to take notes as to what to do for your own '67 Fastback restoration job, no you watch the show to see the interaction between the people and be entertained. Christie & Sue are the real stars of the show. Christie never takes a backward step in front of the boss and Sue is just hilarious, "why you always bring me junk?"

You get the usual formulaic car show things, ie., check out the car, detract its worth, haggle on the price etc but the episodes zip along at a good pace and sometimes throw in some very clever spins (such as the Smokey & the Bandit episode) and the few cameo's the show has along the way.

Richard is actually quite an astute businessman though & the show has followed the growth of Gas Monkey from a rented space at Phipps Automotive to his own premises, to opening his own restaurant & then taking Tom Smith, his most engaging employee/star (outside of Aaron), "firing" him, and hey, look, Richard's producing a show called "Misfit Garage" about Tom & Jordan's rival set up, "Fired Up Garage", who, surprise surprise, are renting the space at Phipps' once more....

Richard's no dummy and as long as he keeps me entertained with whatever show he has, I'll keep watching and laughing.

If you want a serious car show, I'm sure they exist somewhere but this isn't it.

Now, where's my beer assistant?

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very good show

Author: leejohnston12 from United Kingdom
23 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

me and my mate watched season 1 to 3 over 2 days and its on for one hour per show now we are on season 4 hope they make a new season cant wait. Sue is the best always shouting at them for giving her tight deadlines and not paying her enough money. The painter is funny as well always takes time and is very lazy. most car they buy are full of rust but always seem to fix it. Most of the time they don't make money at auctions better of selling them at side of road.

Season 4 is looking good as they open a bar/restaurant and his money is tied up in it like when he opened his new garage what looks like a empire for a small business that has George foreman show up as well as some other famous people and he hires a woman welder that was at a photo shoot at his garage.

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Fast 'n Sluggish

Author: daviddaveinternational from United States
6 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've read the reviews. It seems the people posting reviews think the show is "real" as in "Reality TV". Sorry, kids, it's as fake as Aaron Kaufman's beard. I get a kick out of these "Reality TV" actors with glued-on fake beards. In Aaron's case, notice how they'll zoom in on the other actors faces but not Aarons. That's because his beard, even at a distance, is obviously a glue-on prop. Also, another "reality" show with "deadlines" that have to be met or there will seem to be dire consequences. Some reviewers whine about never seeing Mexicans on the show. So? What difference does it make? If it matters, Aaron is Jewish. Maybe he don't like Mexicans. Jews tend to gravitate towards their own anyway. Seriously, the show is fake. It's a farce. It's painful to watch unless not taken seriously. They're scripted with phony deadlines. I tried watching an episode today and made it about 3/4's of the way through before I lost interest and went to Gilligan's Island, a show that at least has a point! You should have known.

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I love this show

Author: lgomez-72245 from Nebraska
5 November 2015

This man named Richard Rawlings he buys classic autos. And he gets them for a low cost. Then he gets his employees. They make it better. They put new engines. They put new wheels and tires. And they also give the cars paint jobs. Then he sells the cars. And he makes profit.

Richard does have his own television show. It's on Discovery Channel. His new episodes come out on Mondays. He has had his show for five years. And it shows Richards employees fixing cars. And Richard making deals with his clients. And with other that own cars. It involves cars. They built cars and trucks. They work on classic autos. There master mechanic is Arron. He likes to the job right. They work on cars from 1930s to 1980s. They travel to a lot of states to get cars. Their shop is at Dallas Texas. Richard and Arron go together to get the cars. They also buy there autos at auctions.

I think it's a really good show. It helps lot if you own a classic. It has helped me a lot. It teaches you how a car runs. And if there is a problem. They fix it and explain how they fix it. For example this car didn't turn on. It was in a garage for a long time. So they putted gas on the calibrator. Like half of a water bottle. They putted new gas on the gas tank and it worked. Another is the gas tanks can be dirty. And it has to be cleaned so can work. Batteries can be a major problem. They put a new battery. An works way much better. And it show how Richard makes deals. He gets the prices really low. I would recommend watching this television show Fast and Loud.

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Season 1 & 2 were great and now it SUCKS!

Author: dyingbreedgarage from USA
26 July 2016

I use to be a big fan of Fast n Loud. Season one was the best in terms of they did not have egos, they bought some great classic cars and restored them to look awesome. Now it's all about Richard having this major ego along with Aaron hating everyone and acting like the last place he wants to be is on the show. It's all about the money for Richard and not about the cars. It's sad, it was a great car show, now it's "hey everyone, look how great I am, meaning Richard. It's gotten old very quick. Richard turned into a rich jerk. If he reads this, Hey Richard, remember how you got there, YOUR FANS THAT WATCH YOU! If they don't watch you, everything goes away. Hope you saved some of that money you throw in the audience's face, because the show sucks now and will soon be cancelled. Rich jerks don't have fans. It's a shame because Season one and two were great shows, the rest are just annoying. You don't deserve the hat Burt Reynolds gave you. You are all about the money and not about the cars and fans anymore. Good luck in cancellation land.

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Was a nice show, now it's going to the drain!!!!

Author: israel_dd2405 from Chicago
27 January 2016

First a restoration garage should have everything done in the same garage but this guys send to other shops to do body and paint work, and interior and upholstery a few restoration is done in their garage. The main character Richard Rawlings he's always ripping off people and lower balling vehicles, the other guy supposedly mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufmann, well i really never seen him doing any mayor work on restoration, and looks like this guys really don't like the Hispanic audience because in some episodes Aaron Kaufmann hes wearing a border patrol hat, that's really offensive that's why i don't watch this show anymore, i think OVERHAULING it's a way better show...

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Fast cars, fast turns, cash dollars, Richard Ray Rawlings

Author: justindaniellosey
17 January 2014

First off, let me say that I have been into cars since my uncle bought me my first set of hot wheels when I was two years old. I'm a new car sales man & restore rides on the side. Now that you understand, Richard Ray Rawlings if my hero! The way he sells, the knowledge, the passion, then you have the mechanical genius of Aaron Kaufmann who, by far, is 2nd to none when it comes to the world of frankenstien customizations! He can fabricate & build any single vehicle or motorcycle in this world! Richard has built a true brand & his marketing knowledge is off the charts. He is an American hero to me as is Aaron & they should be to you if you have any interest in the automotive industry what so ever.

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Started great, not so much anymore

Author: liveatfloores from Texas
27 April 2014

Started out great, focused on the cars and a little bit of extra b.s. Sadly it seems to be more focused on the deal of the car and clip shows now. I don't not care to watch guys sit around and comment on video clips already available on you-tube. Whether its real or staged listening to Richard 'deal' and try to get a car for nothing is annoying. I understand that's the point and how you make money in the business but telling the firebird owner that the cars are only worth 70k then later telling a buyer they are worth a few hundred thousand same condt is ridiculous. Again, probably just for TV but obviously there are some salesman out here that think he is an American hero (read previous post). Poor choice of words, especially from a salesman. Id rather see little to none of Richard, more of Aaron and more of Dennis, but of course producers like his persona on TV. I'm sure he is not as unlikable in person. All in all, love the show because it's in Texas, end result of cars is great, and other shop guys are fun to watch, but because of the direction the show has gone I certainly will no take time out of day to tune in. Record and watch later so I can fast forward.

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I Don't like this show anymore ..

Author: NICK G from United States
17 September 2015

I use to like this show ... But I don't watch it anymore ..Not sure if anyone else has really paid attention but.. out of all the shows I have not seen A Hispanic or a colored person in the show !! "All" of his employees and All the people he hangs out with on the show are all White !!! All those people he has working for him are all white !! Seriously .. And as for Aaron He thinks way too highly of himself ! I also think they rip a lot of people off !!They tell the people they buy the cars from that their car isn't worth what they want.. Then when they sell it oh..its a different story !!! And last but not least. I really hate when they have a really nice ride that's is worth a bunch of money and they Mess it up by putting that Dumb Gas Monkey Logo on it !! Why spend all that money on a ride and put that on it??

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