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John Steppling borrowed $3,000 from his father-in-law. He promises his wife never to speculate again. That afternoon a broker friend of Mr. Steppling's, gives the latter a good tip in corn. Bill, the idiotic office boy absorbs the conversation. Through persuasion on Steppling falls a martyr to the demon gold, and is induced to go home and get the money he has locked in the desk that morning. This he gives to Bill with instructions to deliver it to the broker. Instead of delivering the message immediately, Bill assists a young lady by giving her a stamp to mail a letter, gives a handle to an errand boy, so that he might be able to carry a heavy package. He proved himself to be a good Samaritan to several, which took up a considerable amount of time. In the meantime, Steppling buys a paper which informs him of his loss. Mrs. Steppling having discovered that the money had vanished, rushes to her husband's office. Steppling confesses his speculation to her. Bill returns and is thrown ...

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