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This show is a train wreck, and not in the good way.

Author: ane8912
20 March 2013

This show centers primarily on the lives of a group of shallow, materialistic, narcissistic twenty something years olds whose only dreams are to achieve fame and wealth by any means necessary. Despite it's title and setting the show doesn't really have anything to do with Lisa Vanderpump or the running of her business. Instead, the viewers are given a glimpse into the absolute shallowness and vapidity of the people working there. The casual cruelty and callousness with which the staff treats one another is disgusting to watch and I cannot for the life of me remember a single interesting/positive fact about any one of them. I don't love to hate the show like I do The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I just hate the show.

What I have the most trouble with though, is that Lisa/Bravo would allow something with such a toxic and negative message to air. By giving these people a platform on a national TV show they have granted them legitimacy. However, not once in any of the interviews did I hear any of the cast members say that they loved singing, or acting, or anything else that takes a degree of talent and hard work. All I saw was a bunch of narcissistic essentially empty people claiming that they deserve to be famous for no real reason other than the fact that they are relatively attractive. Their absolute obsession with things like beauty and money is so disheartening to watch because I cannot fathom how empty these people must be to only be able to judge their worth and the worth of others on these arbitrary and hollow standards.

What's even worse is the permissive attitude which reigns in the restaurant. Their behavior is excused because they are "young and passionate" and yet at the same age I am fully aware of what behavior is and isn't appropriate in a work environment and that I must treat other people with a minimum level of respect whether I like them or not. The message that this is sending out to the next generation is that there are never any real repercussions for messing up. None of the staff care to conduct themselves professionally because they know that there aren't going to be any real consequences for their actions.

All in all I am extremely disappointed by this show. Especially, as Lisa presents herself as someone who is so against the cattiness of her cast mates on RHOBH. And yet, she allows the same thing to go on in her own establishment and promotes it by letting it air on national television. In most any other environment these people would be fired on the spot for their behavior. The only reason I give this show 2 stars is for the fact that it is so horrifying I found myself unable to stop watching. I suppose this is what Bravo is relying on to pull in viewers.

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Is this show satire or serious?

Author: ocangaceiro-1 from Tucson
4 January 2014

Once I figured out that this was serious, and that viewers are supposed to care about these empty, vapid, narcissistic scumbags, my interest plummeted.

Too bad it wasn't mockumentary. None of the people on screen have even a single redeeming quality. But awful people can be interesting...these awful people are not.

It's impossible for me to understand why we're supposed to be interested in people just because they like expensive things and plastic surgery. I'm at a loss to explain or even understand the appeal of looking in on lives like these.

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A Bunch of Whiny Waiters

Author: jsjeske from United States
8 November 2013

The RH series are like candy that you know you aren't supposed to eat, but will sometimes gorge yourself on. I know many of the scenarios and scenes on the RHOBH are half-staged and at least manipulated by the producers. It's like watching a living real life soap opera but with pet dogs and massive over-the-top mansions.

What Vanderpump Rules is missing is so much. The personalities are just too young and shallow to really care about, and the cast members are absolutely horrible at their jobs: screaming matches, openly defiant behavior towards management, and personal drama brought in spades to the workplace. Are we supposed to be sympathetic to self-important, entitled twenty-somethings who can't even do their jobs professionally? I'm also not buying into half of the romantic relationships on the show. At least one male cast member who identifies as straight has been rumored to be gay in real life.

The drama is petty and the stakes are low. Instead of lavish lifestyles and wild parties we get high school level bickering between vapid narcissistic living dolls. At least if they actually took their jobs seriously and acted in a professional manner I might almost like them. I realize that the producers are probably encouraging them to act over the top, but it just makes them less sympathetic and the show less believable. I can't even believe this show was renewed for another season.

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This show is horrible!

Author: jlandla from Los Angeles
1 December 2015

This has to be the worst reality TV show ever. I cant believe Bravo hasn't pulled the plug on this batch of crap. This is an embarrassment to American society. There is much better material out there Bravo...

Scheana is the most annoying derivative of Kim K. Another no talent ass clown. No wonder her husband went on a pill popping venture as her voice is enough to drive anyone mad.

Jax is a loser.

James should stick to bussing tables cause he's a joke in the EDM industry. He's the next Pauly D - Bathroom DJ.

Kristen is your typical LA gold digging ho which ha gone thru all the cast so time for her to leave.

The Toms Smothers Bros. are urinal cakes.

Why is this show still on air? Please cancel this show as there is much more intelligent material in the world to focus on than a bunch of dumb waiters and bartenders working at a overrated pub. Sad what our TV programming has come down to. Again, this is an embarrassment to our society.

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How to Lose a Business in 10 Days

Author: samhain-the-dark from United States
10 December 2013

You want to know what NOT to do when you're a business owner? Watch Vanderpump Rules! You'll get a lot of free tips!

Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets her own spin off featuring her and all the reasons why she's an awful business manager. Those reasons being almost her entire staff. Roughly ten people work at Lisa's restaurant and bar SUR in West Hollywood. Most of them are absolutely reprehensible people and some of them even show obvious signs of delusional paranoia. Yet Lisa continues to keep them under her employ like she's an absent-minded manager with a heart of gold, when it's really because she probably never watches the show so she never sees what goes on behind her back.

Her employees have gotten into heated arguments in front of customers, she's caught several of them having sex in the bathrooms several times, their drama has interfered with events she's been hired to cater on more than one occasion, and many of her staff blatantly disrespect her as their manager but she never even has a conversation with them unless it gets so out of hand that she has to call special meetings.

At first glance, this seems more like a review of the restaurant than it does a review for the show. Well, that's just it! This restaurant is supposed to be the central focus of the show! And every single episode I see makes my stomach churn to the point where I feel like calling Gordon Ramsay and telling him to straighten these bitches out!

Why is this considered entertainment? It's just a bunch of attention whores screaming at each other and accusing each other of things they have no idea if the other person did or not! If I wanted that, I'll just watch Jerry Springer and see people who have the appropriate education level do it!

The show was renewed for a second season. I can only hope that something drastic enough happens that will cause people to change the channel and force Bravo to pull the plug on this god-awful TV show.

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Can't believe it was continued for a 2nd season

Author: natasha2021 from United States
2 December 2013

Gave the show a shot, but can't stomach a second season. I found the first season predictable, uninteresting, and obviously scripted.

I have spent many years in LA, the staff at Sur are attractive, but they are a dime a dozen in that area. Sorry, but the lot of you are not THAT attractive to make such a lame show worth watching.

When a show has to resort to the men ripping off their shirts for a fake, never gonna happen fight and the women take to skinny dipping in a neighboring pool, when their own hotel has a perfectly nice pool (that they could also skinny dip in)...there is obviously not a lot of content here. Yes, you will pull in the people who just want mindless entertainment with a lot of, keep it up, it's the only way this show will get and keep any viewers.

And Lisa, what the hell? A successful business owner such as Lisa Vanderpump would never allow any real staff to talk to her so rudely without repercussions.

I love Lisa, but find myself diving for the remote when I even see an ad for "Vanderpump Rules"

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Super entertaining drunken train-wreck

Author: jeldesp
18 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is like having first row seats to a drunken train-wreck that's super entertaining and you just can't look away. So if you just want some mindless entertainment, grab some popcorn and enjoy lol. I actually normally don't watch these kind of shows...for example I can't stand the real housewives shows at all. Or other shows where rich people act like snobs and bitches. But in this case, these people might act entitled and like bitches, but they are actually just broke young waiters/bartenders living in LA. After the first two episodes of Vandepump Rules I was hooked. Basically these people are getting drunk ALL THE TIME lol. And they all have tempers and are clearly bad drunks because every single time they just get into crazy arguments and fights with each other. Every single one of them has cheated and lied and fought about it. The only thing I would like better about the show is if they got some new material to fight about lol. Cause it's always exactly the same fights...a rumor gets started that a person cheated, then as the rumor gets passed from one person to another, it finally escalates into accusations of cheating, denial of cheating for multiple episodes, fights throughout, and finally (usually) the truth coming out, followed by some more fighting. This happens over and over and over and over lol. But it's like what else do you expect when they are all young hot and bored, everyone sleeping with each other, and boozing up every single day. One thing I will say, those cocktails at SUR (the restaurant they all work at) sure do look tasty.

I love Lisa Vanderpump (their boss). She is so cool, calm and collected considering all the bull she has to deal with on a daily basis with these people. Her restaurants all look very cool, especially SUR and the new one she opened in season 3. Oh and her dog Giggy is like the cutest and funniest ever! Love him!! haha

Anyway, I like the show and I can't stop watching. Yes there are some super annoying people on it like Kristen (psycho much?) and Stassi (get back to earth, you ain't no princess). But all the others are super entertaining. Yes shallow, yes acting spoiled and entitled, but nonetheless entertaining. So if you want some mindless entertainment try it out.

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This show is WONDERFUL!

Author: samhadafow from OR
6 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is amazing! The drama is unpredictable, and I just love the story line. A lot of people might thing it's too cliché, but it's really not. It's your basic modern reality show, and you'll love it! This is the kind of show that you want to keep up with. They most defiantly should keep this show around, because I will be heartbroken if they got rid of it!!

And it was all thanks to E! that I became in love with this show. So to get more views they should move it to E! They will surely love to have them over there! I mean it is perfect for their audience, and E! is really good at keeping reality shows! (:

Hope this show has more great seasons to come!!

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Jax the Chipmonk Drama King

Author: lputkey
2 January 2015

I refuse to watch any episode with Jax headlining ... He is a nothing. He is a drama king in the hopes of getting more airtime and attention for his antics. Most of the men on this show are metro sexual, which translates to me as somewhat gay! Even the ones they try to make look attractive to women.

Sorry, but this sad depiction of life in lala land is pretty pathetic, true but so lame. The allure is quickly losing it's luster. Whaa, whaa, whaa ... bunch of whiny babies!

Oh, and don't get me started about Kristen. EW!

What is this about containing 10 lines in order to submit? Is this your brilliant way to prevent people from posting how they actually feel? I'm pretty sure there are 10 lines now - let's see if this meets those ridiculous requirements .... hmmmm ??????????????????????

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I am sorry, but are we watching the same show? My wife and I love the show and all of the characters.

Author: Quakecanada from Canada
12 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am sorry, but your review seems like a person who rented a "sports themed" movie and then writes how awful the logic of the sport is. Your review speaks nothing of the characters development over the years and how Katie went from being a nothing to a leading role, and may I add, with great success. I haven't left any reviews for shows like Homeland or True Detective because those stories are incredible. But, I find myself "sticking up" for these types of shows because people watch them expecting an intense scripted story and instead of seeing it for what it is .... fun loving and free spirited drama-gossip show. I look for shows like this for my wife and I to sit and watch and "not-think". Sorry for so many quotes. I want to add, this show has very interesting characters and I am shocked by not only your review but all the reviews that give it a 1 out of 10. I find the show to be refreshing and I don't have to invest my entire brain to understand the plot and storyline. I heart Ariana too.....

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