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Love can come calling even disguised and seven years late.
Xjayhawker23 February 2013
This is a quirky, charming unexpected delight.I'd like to say it is predictable, but it isn't. The characters surprise you in some ways. There are some people even in today's world that remain in their childish ways,refusing to accept responsibility for anything in their life. Darren Brooks is one young man who never stepped up to accept the fact that everyone around him has grown up and moved forward. His childhood friend is successful and being the life-long friend she has always been offers him her place to crash at until he "finds himself" Fast forward. And seven years have gone by. George Wendt from Cheers lives next door and your childhood friend has grown into a beautiful young woman, Natalie Hall. Just when she is about to marry is when our slacker begins to see what he's been missing in his life, even though she's been there the whole time. It is told around the world every day in hundreds of other people's lives..Love can be standing in front of you. You just have to open your eyes.You could be surprise. Good TV movie and a good two hours well spent.
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A Spot On Performance by Darin Brooks
garyhvizdak19 January 2013
A funny, charming, and touching flick.


1) I loved everything about Darin Brooks performance, down to the way his hair was groomed.

2) Excellent chemistry between Brooks and Natalie Hall.

3) The screenplay wasn't totally predictable.

4) The villain's role (Ryan Doom) wasn't overdone.


1) George Wendt received top billing along with the two leading characters, for what amounts to an extra's role. (I almost gave the film a 9 (out of 10) rating instead of 10 because of this.)
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Bliss Upon Bliss- 7 Year Hitch ****
edwagreen27 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A wonderful movie that shows a keen friendship from childhood carrying on to adulthood. Our female heroine allows our young man to movie in with here in the room-mate capacity, Trouble is that it's now seven years later and our guy is still there.

The fun begins when the girl becomes engaged to a cheater,a guy pushed into this marriage by his boss who likes to see company partners married.

We sure learn about common law marriages in this movie, which is a story of maturity, responsibility and stepping up to the plate when you have to.

We also discover what true love is and this film makes it seem so good-and it really is!
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