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TV on Tap: "Truth or Consequences" May Be Coming Back, Supporters Plan a Million Muppet March and "The Big Bang Theory" Brings Back Wil Wheaton

BBC America's moving some new tennants into Bedlam.


The Big Bang Theory is revisiting the "Fun with Flags" episode and bringing back LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton to make it extra special.

Oh. Yes. Sofia Vergara is getting into the drama-importing business. The Modern Family star has sold a remake of Argentinian procedural Mueres Asesinas (Killer Women), about a law enforcement agency that's focuses on murders committed by women with a focus on their motivations.

In reaction to Mitt Romney's threats to cut funding for PBS, fans are organizing a Million Muppet March scheduled for November 3.

After repeatedly threatening to quit 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin fought to keep the Emmy-winning comedy from ending, offering to take a salary cut to ensure a full seventh season along with an eighth.

I'd be excited about the news that a Truth or Consequences and Treasure Hunt revival is in the works
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