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Another Horrible Nicktoon!
patricklewisjr-455-5635744 September 2012
So this show is about crazy kids and 1 dog doing stunts and other sports and also have crazy adventures.And has wacky parents and teenagers.

I thought they were good but know I realize that

This show is bad.

1. The plot is cliché

2. The character's were kind of OK, but still.

3. Its a ripoff of a good Nicktoon "Rocket Power"

What is with cartoons and shows on now ripping each other off its like nobody's original these days.
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No Human Being Should be Subjected to Watching Wild Grinders
alan-366-95332221 September 2012
Rob Dyrdek is a huge star. If you watch MTV, he is probably a household name for you. Having several shows including Ridiculousness, Fantasy Factory and Rob & Big, not to mention founding the very popular Street League and co-starring in the skating movie Street Dreams, Rob is nothing less of a superstar. So when we heard Rob gave his personal approval to create an animated show about him and his group of friends skating, it could of had a lot of potential. I will review the show from two perspectives: as a viewer, and as a skateboarder.

Average viewer: Wild Grinders offers absolutely nothing groundbreaking to the world of animation. The characters were designed very simplistically. Before I watched the show (I watched several episodes) I saw pictures of it. I mistakenly thought the show was for three year olds, they are designed that basically. Rob is the only member of the cast who actually skateboards. I actually was pleased to see Kel Mitchell was in this. I loved him in Kenan and Kel/Good Burger and want to see him still have a job in Hollywood.

The humor was, quite simply, horrifying. Whoever is writing their jokes must get paid minimum wage and it really shows. Each episode has many many jokes, all which leave me shaking my head. It gets a "heh" out of me an average of one to two times per episode. The humor includes belches, characters who were told "they were dropped when they were younger," a camera that has "a bazillion gigawats of power" and so forth. After watching each episode for five minutes, I turn off my television it's that unbearable.

A skateboarder: Rob Dyrdek is a very talented skateboarder. He owns the successful skate brand Alien Workshop and gets a lot of respect. I tune in to his other show Ridiculousness time to time hoping for a laugh either from him, this blonde chick and this black who seem to serve no purpose being there other than looking cool. I think the black man rewinds the clips sometimes, but that's it other than stating the obvious.

Wild Grinders is not a good representation of actual skateboarding. Yes the skaters perform actual tricks like boardslides, nosegrinds, 5-0's and others. But a lot of the time Rob and friends do the physically impossible, even occasionally freezing in mid-air to do ten kickflips in a row. As I stated earlier, Rob is the only actor who is an actual skateboarder, which is a shame really. It only makes his animated show less credible, being the only skater on the crew. The other characters come off as being complete posers (not to mention stereotypical,) such as "Emo Crys" with long black hair, tight jeans and black eye liner. Goggles, the videographer, is a complete geek with large glasses. Which might sound funny, but really isn't once you get to know him. But Rob's dog even skateboards (adding more realism) and sometimes talks.

Verdict: If you want a good show for your kids, stay away from Wild Grinders. If you have kids under the age for five, they might like it. But any older and it's just not funny. If your' a fan of Rob, you might get a kick out of it, that is if you can tolerate pitiful humor. If your a skater, you'll be surprised how low Rob stooped, he clearly wanted a paycheck and that's all. This show really does make me appreciate Rocket Power more, which is what I would recommend over this. Break out the old VHS tapes you recorded, because in this case, older is better.
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Cringe-Worthy Animation
rachelm1613 June 2012
I can forgive the stereotypical characters which can be seen all over television (some of them are actually named after their stereotype, case and point, guess what one-dimensional personality trait "Emo-Cries" has. Could it be that he's emo and he cries?) The plots are all rip-offs of something else, which I can also forgive, but the visuals I cannot. You might have to see it for yourself to understand. I'm not kidding. It's not just the fact that it's flash animation ,which can be executed brilliantly if you know what your doing. It's the choppy movements, the lack of movement in the right scenes and places, and the terrible character designs.The eyes and mouths on all the characters are terrifying enormous. It's actually physically painful to look at sometimes.

As for the jokes themselves, I am happy to say they do warrant an occasional chuckle, even if most of them are re-hashed from something else. The talking bulldog getting ready to sell his soul for a potato salad recipe actually made me smile a little bit. Sadly, it wasn't enough to rescue this eyesore of a cartoon.
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Really bad
django99980-470-70210814 September 2012
The art style is ugly, the animation is bad, the plots are meh, and the characters are cliché' and annoying. Western animated TV is getting so much better with ATLA, Legend of Korra, MlP:FiM, Young Justice, and Green Lantern The Animated series. Its getting to be amazing... Wild Grinders is holding it back though. Nobody cared while making this show to try and make it good. What could have possibly been the second Rocket Power.. Was not. The other reviews are probably lies done by marketing team. There is no way anyone can actually REALLY enjoy this this cartoon. Possibly if you're a fan of the creator, but that is really it. I say avoid this one and give some better cartoons your attention. This one obviously does not have love and care put behind it that is needed to create a great animated show.
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Oh boy.,..
Tyler Werbenjagermanjenson28 December 2013
Probably one of the biggest glaring issues in this show is the art design. It's the most hideous character design I've ever seen for anything. These characters seem to have only 5 stock facial expressions, and move about the screen with all the grace of QWOP. The animation and the way these characters move and interact with the world is sloppy and sometimes just painful to watch. I've seen Adobe Flash used way better than this. These characters are one-dimensional and the voice actors sound like they're not at all interested in what they're doing. The comedy falls flat and to top it all of, Rob Dydrek is the only actual skateboarder in the cast. In fact, something tells me this whole show is just something for Rob Dydrek to draw a paycheck from. There's no love of cartoons or animation here, it's just a product. An awful, unfunny and depressing product. If you have children, I would strongly recommend against allowing them to watch this program, they deserve way better, and they're not going to find it on TV. Give this one a pass.
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Pure Cartoon Fun
embill-127 April 2012
First episodes are always the hardest to produce because they benefit the least from development and experience and suffer from rush to launch and the learning curve. This is not the case here. It is nice to see a cartoon intended just to be a cartoon and not an overdeveloped marketing dialogue driven commercial. Great contemporary designs executed in flash with a bright fun palette of color, sound effects and production design. The voices are well done and star and creator Rob Dyrdek does a great job with his "Lil Rob" character and Dad/Gene is well performed - Kel Mitchell is always great and has such tones to his voice that it makes you smile. The accuracy to some of the skateboarding as quite unique in the world of TV animation in that it is detailed and precise . The overall entertainment value is great and my kids love the show. - love the homage o Looney Tunes!
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Wild Grinders is Amaaaaaaziiiiing!!!!!
CartoonCara24 June 2012
I am an admitted Cartoon addict, I watch pretty much everything that airs at least once. But this cartoon, THIS CARTOON has me excited!

I haven't seen a cartoon like this since Ed, Edd and Eddy. It is hilariously written with terrific content for little kids as well as adults. Tracy Tubera the creator has really mastered the art of keeping the parents laughing for things the kids don't get while the kids are laughing at things the parents don't get!

It's hip, funny, clever, sweet, strong loving messages, a great mix of cartoony wacky voices mixed with the shows stars from Rob Dyrdek's other TV shows so it actually balances out nicely.

While other shows have either too many wacky characters that i feel i need to be on crystal meth to follow OR too many live TV stars that there is no energy in the show, Wild Grinders is a wonderful balance and a fun ride.

It has a character for everyone to love or love to hate!

I just wish there was a better publicity machine behind it. Being hidden on Nicktoons, Nickelodeons digital network (a channel few get let alone watch) it may get lost in the shuffle. Another tough hurdle is Rob Dyrdek's own audience. They may not resonate with such a kid cartoon, since they are all the kind of kids trying to pretend they are older and cooler than they are.

While still others, not familiar with the amazing person Rob is, lump him into the 'reality star' category when he is so much more than that.

This might be his best endeavor yet, in entertainment that is! He already created a professional skateboarding league and builds skate parks for kids all around the nation.

But as far as TV goes. There isn't one cartoon on the air right now that satisfies the 11 minute comedy genre as well as Wild Grinders. This Cartoon is for the kids of the cul de sac, the ones looking for an adventure.

Take the time and check it out. You won't be sorry.
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As Lil Rob would say….Amaaaazing!
flixu27 April 2012
Nicktoons has been promoting this show for a while now (many months) and today they have really kicked it into high gear showing lots of new clips from the series, which looks great. Wild Grinders is a humorous, action-packed show for the masses, although skateboard fans will find something extra-special in it. For the average viewer, as well as parents of younger viewers, the characters are fully developed, nice yet-cool young people, and some of the story lines (I don't know them all yet) appear to be unique, interesting and entertaining and contain a positive and valuable lesson to be learned. The music is very strong and very commercial all by itself - especially the theme song, which I have to add to my iPhone playlist. I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves animated comedies (it's not of the adult or potentially offensive sort to anyone), kids 6−11 (as well as younger & older), skateboarding fans, as well as fans of Rob Dyrdek's MTV shows, Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, and Rob & Big.
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What Sidekick should be like.
tommypezmaster7 February 2015
This is one of the best shows in Nicktoons network. I was appalled when people can't tell the differences between Rocket Power and this. Flipz is the best skater girl ever. The episodes are very good. I don't know why people want dumb crap like Mighty B or Tak when there new stuff like this and LBX are way better. the show could have been more of a hit if there weren't so much random stuff here and there. People who hate this show thinks its a very dumb kid show, but its not. Watch this show, because its not all dumb.

This show is so cool. I mean its what ChalkZone or Sidkick should be like. Its awesome to watch there adventures especially the one where Denise and Flipz falls for a soccer player, thats my favorite episode. I know your thinking wait this show has been stupid but it's cool. I still don't know why people hate it. Its such an awesome show. Its the best one with a skateboarding theme so far. There aren't enough words to say how much I love this show.
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