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Season 2

26 Jun. 2013
Audition This!
With sights set on performing live at Coacehlla, LIPS muddles through love quadrangles, friendship, crushes and a whimsical band dynamic.
31 Jul. 2013
Swept Off Her Combat Boots
Helen fantasizes about London. Rosadaura sweeps London off her combat boots. Their new manager Gino proves to be trouble in the mix.
14 Aug. 2013
Lip Locked
Helen is snookered into making out on camera by Snaps. Rousaura show's London a thing or two.
21 Aug. 2013
Dreadlock Lap Dance
Rousaura gives London the lap dance of her life. London's feelings spiral out of control for the first time.
28 Aug. 2013
Ur the Opposite of That
London chicken's out of an intimate moment with Rousaura and is driven to write her first love song "Ur the opposite of That".
Sep. 2013
R.I.P. Fiona
Rousaura (Sheetal Sheth) shows up to have her way with London (Flo Vinger) at LIPS Wake gig. Endora (Hana Mae Lee) tries to use her voodoo powers to destroy London.
1 Oct. 2013
The Ultimate Kiss
London (Flo Vinger) gets the kiss of her life when Rousaura (Sheetal Sheth) pins her in the closet. Doris (Marlyse Londe) and Bubba (Brian Ecker) struggle for London's love and attention and their guts are ripped out when they catch London and Rousaura in the closet.
8 Oct. 2013
Here Today, Gone... Today
Snaps (Catherine Waller) tries, shamelessly again to get some kissing action from Doris (Marlyse Londe). Doris cock blocks her and exposes her lesbian love and struggles with being gay. London (Flo Vinger) gets a horrible shock from a note found by Rousaura (Sheetal Sheth).

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