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Entertaining enough for a TV mini
phd_travel8 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is not bad for a TV miniseries. Don't expect too much and you'll have an entertaining few hours. It's got a likable cast. The plot has some cute little twists and turns.

A Serbian war criminal (Rupert Graves - why does he keep smiling?) masterminds the downing of Air Force One. He arranges a swap for the President who is played by Linda Hamilton - one of my favorite actresses. Unlike many her age, she hasn't had plastic surgery and it's refreshing. On board is journalist played by feisty Emilie de Ravin (from Once Upon a Time). Jeremy Sisto plays a hero to the rescue with the aid of a British agent in the area.

TV miniseries like this have a limited budget but at least this one gives the impression of some location shooting in Europe. Some of the locations are a bit repeated like the ruined castle but that's okay. Others are clearly just aerial shots or composites but it's fine.

There isn't quite enough story for 3 hours. A 2 hour movie would have been sufficient. The first half is better - keeps you guessing. The second half has some fillers and too many last minute rescues. Why didn't the bad guys just shoot them straight away? Some of the banter is lame.

Overall worth a watch.
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Very Well Entertained
Henrik V Blunck6 March 2015
This mini-series with two episodes is truly a very good movie, and customers will be well entertained when watching Air Force One Is Down. Personally, I find that it is one of the best balanced versions of action and a good storyline. You are moved all along through the plot, and it contains quite a few surprises along the way. One should not see such a film as though it was 'faithful to history' as one reviewer seemed to think. Rather the contrary, this is just great fun in a good setting. For an IT-nerd such as myself, it also asks some pretty good questions as to what is actually possible. I would therefore claim that anyone and everyone will find something valuable in watching this film. I warmly recommend it.
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Simple Storyline
ardanny1929 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sure Cilla Ware had put her effort in making Alistair Maclean's classic novel to life. This novel by Maclean have a very simple, classic storyline. It has a similar plot to the Air Force One starring Harrison Ford, but again, simplified.

It all starts with the capture of a Serbian general, his admittance to a highly secured prison, the hijacking (in this film: the crashing) of Air Force One, and the demand to release the general in exchange for the President's life. I personally like the Air Force One better than this, because the way they infiltrated the plane is way better. Maclean only use sleeping gas which were easily slipped on board by some poker faced, unimportant maintenance technician. But then again, Maclean wrote this novel in 1981, not many ideas back then I guess (I prefer Where Eagles Dare, it suits the era better).

The cast is good, you'll recognize many faces. It's good to see Emilie de Ravin again, in this movie play a feisty reporter who turns out to be a CIA operative, turns out to be an FSB agent. Yep, that's the plot twist I like the most...

The most disappointing thing about this movie is they took many scenes from the Air Force One. I can easily recognize the scene when the plane flying above showing its underside, the scene when the plane lands (with military jeeps running alongside the runway), and when the plane is flying with F16's escort.

It's a decent movie to kill your time. Just don't expect much.
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A Flopbuster if I ever saw one!
skinhead-527 September 2017
After only getting five minutes into the film you just knew it was a one of those megaflop "Mockbuster" movies. The whole thing must of been done on a budget of about £6.00 and a few milk tokens. The whole thing was so awful but I turned it off after thirty minutes due to the absolute rubbish acting and poor special effects that looked like they were done by a child or the SXF of Dr Who in the 1960's. It cost me £5 in the local supermarket but it wasn't even worth that.

Simply ignore buying it and pay the extra and watch the proper Air Force One with good old Harrison!
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Serbs are not terrorists!
max-brash6930 November 2014
This is one of the worst films in which Serbs accused of terrorism! Everyone knows that they have never been terrorists. Also, it is known that the war had intended to break up Yugoslavia and accuse Serbia. Although this is still just a movie, but it's too bad things said about them. Producers have tried to provide good actors and locations for the bad story, which makes the film below average. The acting was average especially the characters who had small roles. There are many errors in the film such as an statist(Chinese man who appears in the Serbian army !!!), bad effects, duration, ... My opinion is that this project does not deserve the attention of the audience..
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Great news for Serbophobes
Stuart Greif12 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The production has precious little to do with the novel other than stealing its name. There is an element of those serials I'd watch as a boy either on early USA TV or on Saturdays at the "kiddie show." Somehow, the heroes and heroine are miraculously saved at the last minute and somehow the cartoonish evil Serb psychopaths never decide to kill them any of them when re-captured for the umpteenth time. There is also the use, quite inexplicably, of archaic flashback to explain how a rescue was carried out. And this is no quality, entertaining Quentin Tarantino flashback, far from it. The movie seems to go on forever with Byzantine sub-plots.

The mini-series also dropped a clanger when the victims of a Serb massacre, buried in what is a Bosnian Muslim cemetery, are revealed to have been Croats who are virtually all Roman Catholics, whose psychopathic kin in the Ustasa had murdered Serbs, Jews, Roma between 1941 and 1945.

So, why did I give it a 6? Answer: the mini-series movie is worth a 0, but the reminder to a new generation just what dangerous psychopaths these Serbs are, the people who started World War One, is worth a 6.
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Chaotic mess
cloach20 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If this is faithful to the original book, straight to bargain basement. The good guys and bad swing wildly from complete idiots to geniuses. The bad guy second-level boss knows the good guys are coming and is unable a simple fire bomb to kill all the good guys.

Bad guys have godlike control over Air Force One so why you want to change the oxygen tanks and risk the mechanic exposing them- you just depressurise- oxygen saves only for a short time. Terrorists leave the US president guarded by one person and the good guys go straight to be captured. Serb, Croats- all sectarian groups are psychos- happy to do mass-killing/terrorism.

World's most obvious mine field laid with Hollywood grade mine- ones that give dynamic explosions that fail to kill. Hopeless Special Forces.
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okay Friday night time passer
drdomkills4 September 2017
Ionly saw this in my local sainsburys saying its a movie so when I found it for a pound in a charity shop I bought it.Now I don't normally review online but since its the 30th anniversary of Alistair Macleans death I felt like saying something.Boy oh boy what a disaster!For starters its not an Alistair Maclean novel its his plot written by John Denis.Alistair Maclean is my favourite thriller writer and I've read all 29 of his books but sadly the film versions are terrible.This one bears zero resemblance to the novel.The characters are so wooden woodpeckers could attack them!The action is fair but maybe its the idea that lets it down.A group of heroes with different abilities having to work as a team with a bit of comic relief is so 1980s.If it stuck to the book more and was made in the 1980s it might have worked better.
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Terrorists take control of Air force 1 and kidnap the president.
alizab11 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, it looks suspiciously like a remake of "Air Force One", but with a female president (in 2013).

I have no recollection of an Alistair Maclean novel entitled "Air Force One Is Down", and I believe I have read them all. Could that not be the original title?

A good mini series. Makes you wander, is that really possible?
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