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John Ross convalesces at Elena's place. She's mad at J.R. for involving the Venezuelans and bringing Marta into the deal, which led to John Ross getting blamed for her death. John Ross is shocked to learn Bobby was going to drill on Southfork to appease the Venezuelans so they wouldn't kill John Ross.

Elena gets called to the Henderson well as John Ross' wheels turn.

Christopher and Rebecca come from a doctor's appointment. He says it'll take time to move on, but they're making their own family now.

Rebecca comes home and finds Tommy inside, even though she changed the locks. He wants Christopher's key card to his lab. His buyer's impatient. He threatens her and she slaps him. He demands the plans to Christopher's rig, or he'll put a bullet in her little fairytale.

Sue Ellen gets a visit from Harris Ryland, who comes bearing wine, even though she hasn't touched a drop in 20 years. He tells her he gave her campaign because of her "malleability" to his needs. He was waiting for her to screw up. He knows about her threat and bribe of the medical examiner to get John Ross free. Harris wants to borrow her PAC to launder money or he threatens to expose her bribe.

He pours her a glass of wine. She kicks him out.

Tommy meets with his buyer, Frank, aka Rahid Durani, Cliff Barnes' man. Tommy demands twice what they negotiated. Frank threatens him and gives him one day to get them.

Elena and John Ross try to figure out how to get through the salt dome that she hit in her drilling. He suggests a slant drill. Looking at the map, they see another oil reservoir he could get at that way -- but it's under Southfork. They bring it to Bobby.

John Ross sees it as a way to get the oil without going against Miss Ellie. Christopher walks in on it and thinks John Ross is trying to screw him. Bobby physically separates them, saying the family is in trouble and they have to work together.

He starts talking but he suddenly starts twitching and can't feel his face.

In the hospital, they're calling it a brain seizure. Elena starts to ask if it was caused by something, but Christopher cuts her off. They're running tests. John Ross notices what Elena tried to ask and she tells him about Bobby's cancer and that he didn't want them to know.

John Ross finds Bum and demands he find J.R. and tell him his brother's dying.

The doctor tells Ann and Christopher that Bobby had an aneurysm but the cancer hasn't returned. They have to operate in a few days when his blood pressure is down. Bobby wants to leave, even though the doctor tells him another aneurysm would give him a 30% chance of dying. He wants to get a nurse at home "If it's really my time to go, I don't want to be surrounded by strangers," he says.

Back at Southfork, Christopher wakes up from a night on the couch. Ann called her about Bobby. She starts to rub his shoulders, which is suddenly weird when Elena comes in.

As she's leaving, Rebecca sees Christopher's brief case and key card outside in his car. Remembering what Tommy threatened, she takes it. But she puts it back.

Christopher and Ann try to talk Bobby into staying in bed when J.R. comes in. Ann runs him off, calling him a sociopath. She tells him if he comes near Bobby, she'll shoot him. "And since you have no heart, it'll be somewhere more vital," she says.

Upstairs, Bobby tells Christopher he wants peace in the family. He apologizes for selling Southfork and forcing Christopher to "give away a piece of his future."

Christopher waits for John Ross outside. He called him about J.R. He tells John Ross he can slant drill for oil if he gets J.R. to sign the deed back to Bobby. John Ross points out J.R. will give never give it up. Christopher makes a plea that Bobby was a better father to him than J.R. ever was.

J.R. rejects the idea. "I'm so damn tired of hearing about your birth right," John Ross tells him. J.R. tells him he should understand his tie to the ranch and kicks him out of his room at Southfork.

Outside, John Ross briefs Sue Ellen and Elena on J.R.'s objection. They're not surprised, but John Ross is. He always wanted his dad to be proud of him, and tried to be like him. "I love my father, but he's so lost in his own anger and bitterness, there's no room for anybody else," he says.

Sue Ellen confronts J.R., slapping him in the face. He thinks he's going to be back on top, she tells him he'll still have nothing.

Sue Ellen tells Ann about Harris blackmailing her. "I would have been a good governor, don't you think?" she asks.

J.R. looks around Bobby's office, including photos of them. Bobby sends for him. J.R. admits to "lapses." "No, J.R. your lapses aren't when you do wrong, your lapses are when you do right," Bobby says. He tells JR he loves him, no matter what.

In the kitchen, Christopher and John Ross reflect on how much fighting has hurt them. Christopher suggests it doesn't have to be like that. "Ewing Energies has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Upstairs, they tell Bobby about their plans to partner with each other and Elena. They'll drill oil to bankroll gas hydrates billing. They want him to be an equal partner. "We thought it was time for a little peace in this family," Chris says.

JR looks over the Southfork deed and signs it, although it appears to pain him. He brings it to Bobby. "You're welcome, no need to get emotional," JR says. Bobby tells him he's not off the hook for how he got it in the first place.

Rebecca answers a call from Tommy and tells him she doesn't have the key card and isn't helping him anymore. He asks where she is. She hangs up on him.

Rebecca goes to her safety deposit box, where she hasn't been in a while. It's full of rolls of cash, credit cards and a gun. She puts it in her purse.

Tommy waits anxiously for Frank, who tells him his services are no longer required.

Lou calls Bobby with news about Marta/Veronica. They found she had gigs of data and video on a cloud service that could link her to JR and the Venezuelans. Lou asks if Bobby is ready to send his brother to jail. "Tell me what you find," Bobby says as his blood pressure sky rockets. He grabs his head as he has another aneurysm. They call for an ambulance.

Tommy shows up at Rebecca's place. He grabs her, telling her he was fine pulling his small cons until he meet her and she convinced him to move to China for two years for the "oil kid." He throws her on the bed and starts to choke her, but she gets up and runs. He grabs her foot but she grabs for her purse and takes out her gun. She aims at him, asking him again to leave. He grabs for the gun and they struggle over it. A shot rings out and blood spatters.
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