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Alternate Versions

During the night of its airing, there were two versions performed, one for east coast audiences (also broadcast to central time zone viewers) and another for west coast audiences
Amy Poehler, as younger Liz Lemon, references her prom night during the east coast broadcast, while she references her sweet 16 for the west coast.
Special guest star Sir Paul McCartney appears during the east coast broadcast, whereas Kim Kardashian guest stars in the west coast version.
Jane Krakowski's Jenna sings the theme song during the east coast broadcast, whereas Cheyenne Jackson's Danny sings it for the west coast.
Tina Fey fumbles the names and blends together "Hazel or Jenna" during the east coast broadcast, but gets it correct for the west coast.
In the "Love Birds" clip, Tina Fey's characters dying words during the east coast broadcast were "My marriage is a sham, my makeup lady is my lover!" During the west coast version, she proclaims "I got syphilis from Orson Wells!"
In the flashback commercial for Chatterton's Cigarettes, Chris Parnell plays Nazi doctor Heinrich Spaceman in the east coast version. For the west coast, he is "Dr. Harold Spaceman... the gay doctor."
When Lutz vomits, he says he's eaten veal with cheese in the east coast version. This changes to a lobster roll with two yogurts for the west coast.
During the Chatterton's lawsuit commercial, Chris Parnell's character claims he is Nazi Dr. Leo Spaceman (presumably like his grandfather from the earlier clip). For the west coast, he says that he is "Test-tube adult Leo Spaceman." His song also changes from "If you have scales instead of skin, pick up the phone, sue Chattertons" to "If your mother smoked Chatterton's, your sexual organs are covered in bone."
In the "The Gruber Brother and Nipsy segment for the east coast, their opening joke is "What do you get when you cross a hippy with a chicken? LBJ likes them both fried." For the west coast, the joke is "What do you get when you cross a lady driver with a Viet Cong? A hundred thousand senseless dents." The catchphrase of the "show" also changes from "Lay it on me!" to "Do it to me" and the role for Alec Baldwin changes from Richard Nixon to Charles Nelson Reilly.
For the NBC News special report segment, the east coast version features Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin. For the west coast, Hamm is replaced with Brian Williams.
The east coast show ends with Sir Paul McCartney saying he's hit his head and has amnesia. The west coast version ends with Liz saying that 2.5 million people just saw "that" before Kim Kardashian takes a picture and says that "Now, 14 million people have."

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