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It's called entertainment people

Author: shane-may
7 July 2013

This is the first review I've ever written ever. I don't subscribe to movie reviews--at all. I actually enjoy movies. It seems to me that by in large reviewers just don't like movies. Not the intelligent reviewers anyway. They seem to be more concerned with how they look to their readers, pretending they know something about film. Reviewers are writers who want to be something else, filmmakers perhaps, and find it incredibly trendy and smart to disassemble and deconstruct the hard work of others; and to hate entertainment. They all seem to have this idea that they know better and I have little time for their self righteous, self important, pretentious bullshit thinly disguised as some sort of public service. Heads up: it does no one a service to be condescending or insulting.

With that said I will now step off of MY self righteous soap box and say that White House Down is a damned good time time with excellent shots of DC (making it look like an attractive, interesting place to be as opposed to the hot and smelly dumpster it actually is...seriously, the place smells like a dumpster), in your face action, fine performances-- Jamie Foxx is pretty cool as the leader of the free world--a bad guy who you just can't wait to watch die (there are several bad guys in this movie, so I'm not counting that as a spoiler), and pretty awesome hero in John Kale.

Now the movie gets a little long which is only an issue if you're a smoker like me, by the middle of the third act I was craving pretty hard, and there's some dumb lines of dialogue during one of the action sequences that didn't seem to fit the characters, but whatever.

White House Down is a fun and intense action movie that I would gladly see again. 8 out of 10!

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299 out of 557 people found the following review useful:

Loud, Dumb and Overlong

Author: trublu215 from United States
29 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now, this seemed like the perfect summer blockbuster. Two huge stars, an expensive budget and a director with a knack for action. What could go wrong? By the end of it, instead of what could go wrong, you'll be asking yourself what went right. The answer....barely anything. White House Down is not only dumb, it is downright idiotic. The plot is preposterous, the action sequences sub par and the acting is atrocious. Channing Tatum does his best Bruce Willis impression while Jamie Foxx turns in the worst performance of his career. The supporting cast lead by Maggie Gyllenhaal saves the terrible leads and are the sole reason I am not giving this a 1. Overall, this film is loud, long and boring, so much so, I can't imagine any adult with a functioning brain to enjoy this. I highly recommend to stay away from this stinker. If you want a great action film featuring the destruction of the White House, tune into Olympus Has Fallen.

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Great, silly, cheesy action fun - this movie should have been a hit!

Author: gogoschka-1 from wherever good films play
13 December 2013

I'll never fully understand why people flock to films like "Iron Man I-III" and then completely ignore a fun action film like "White House Down". After reading so many bad reviews, I started watching Emmerich's newest noise-opera only because I wanted to get tired enough to go to bed. I had planned to watch the first 5 minutes and to then fast forward through the rest of the film and have a quick look at the expensive special effects. Never did I expect to actually enjoy myself - and yet I did. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much that I couldn't stop watching for the entire 2 hours, and I didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. Right from the start I realized that this movie doesn't take itself too seriously and that this is Emmerich having fun (destroying the White House - if you count freezing it - for the fourth time). But despite all the silliness and the tongue-in-cheek moments, this is a suspenseful ride which never lets up and kept me hooked the entire time. There are quite a few unexpected twists and turns along the way, and the wonderful supporting cast (James Woods, Richard Jenkins and Jason Clarke, to name a few) keep even the most clichéd characters fun and interesting. So my verdict: Great, silly, cheesy action film! Suspend your disbelief and you will have one hell of a good time. I rate it 7 out of 10.

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253 out of 483 people found the following review useful:

White House Propaganda

Author: sycodon from United States
28 June 2013

It is inevitable that White House Down be compared to Olympus Has Fallen. Unfortunately, it compares poorly from the title on down.

The special effects lack the realism of OHF.

The action sequences are disjointed and downright goofy at times.

The bad guys are cartoonish and you get no sense of satisfaction when they are put down.

The plot is too complicated by half and really is not relevant to the action.

The movie ends with a whimper and a SNL quality perp walk of the character who is ultimately responsible for all the carnage.

But the worst thing is the crude, amateurish and transparent Left vs. Right political message in which it drapes all the other sub par elements. It is a Progressive's wet dream that really couldn't be any more wacko if you gathered 100 of Huffington Posts's top Super Users in a room festooned pictures of Dick Cheney and GWB, fed them mushrooms, and asked them to come up with the motivation for the bad guys.

But Good Guys shooting bad guys is always good and so are explosions. If you ignore the channeling of Nancy Pelosi, then you might get your money's worth at a matinée showing.

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I Spent How Much on This?

Author: melvisu-724-177682
28 June 2013

I will start with the pros. This movie is packed with excitement, action, and CGI effects - almost start to finish. Now the cons: a blatant ripoff of both Die Hard and Olympus Has Fallen (which was a blatant ripoff of Die Hard); the most implausible story EVER; the absolute worst acting EVER with Jamie Foxx taking the lead. This movie should be reason enough to finally burn that guy's SAG card once and for all. And Channing Tatum, whom I normally like, was a close second. In fact, the only actor to give a good performance was the little girl who played Tatum's daughter.

Believe the reviews you read here. They are not exaggerations. If you must watch this, wait for Redbox!

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232 out of 453 people found the following review useful:

a convoluted mess that's joyless and flat out dumb

Author: wang wang from United States
26 June 2013

White House Down offers very little that's new or interesting. It's a convoluted mess that's caught in no man's land. It takes itself far too seriously yet offers ridiculous action (ridiculous as in dumb, not as in wild or fun) and even more ridiculous characters. It wants to be taken seriously but functions in bizarre surroundings with a foolish plot. A calamity of underdeveloped ideas, half the film is flat out brain damaged and the other half is pure schlock. Do yourself a favor and avoid this dumb and actually boring farce.

This movie simply can't stand on its own as a film. Does often joyless, dark and dumb appeal to even the popcorn crowds? The rest of us want way more in our summer movies.

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37 out of 68 people found the following review useful:

Pure cliché

Author: ali_n_21
4 September 2013

Pure cliché . Makers of this movie must be so low level . Second movie with almost same story this year . Same plans , missiles , codes . The makers of this movie are so naive , repeating all usual things again and again . As usual , someone is there or gets there by accident , which is hero . Terrorist take down whole place . Hero is the only one who can fight back without dying ,where as other trained guards just dying easily . Then nuclear missiles time arrives . Then national counter attack , intending to blow all place even with hostages or civilians . And final episode as always to stop counter attack at last seconds . Aren't you tired of the same none sense scripts ?!

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48 out of 90 people found the following review useful:

The Top Twenty-Five Ways Olympus Has Fallen Even Harder

Author: thesar-2 from United States
16 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. The only thing this White House and the real one had in common was the color. Sorry...colors.

2. Suspending one's suspension of disbelief must be a talent I don't have, but apparently, Director Roland Emmerich's very familiar with the 2012 concept.

3. It's been almost 20 years since I've walked out on a movie. One hour into White House Down, I almost broke that streak.

4. But, thank goodness I didn't. The climax was a triple-threat of absolute, albeit unintentional, hilarity.

5. And, gee, I knew the boring, flag twirling subplot would come in handy.

6. The President might be captured, used for ransom or assassinated…so why not worry about the absolute improbability of the stock market crashing in less than 30-minutes following a DC attack?

7. Terrorist take note: Janitors never get screened when working high profile government jobs.

8. It's gotta be a tad bit racist for an African-American to shout "Code Black! Code Black!" when the White House is under attack. Especially for someone imitating Forest Whitaker.

9. Do all White House guides resemble Alan Ruck from Speed or Jason Schwartzman from any Wes Anderson film?

10. Screaming to a terrorist: "You're gonna go to jail for that!" after he shoots a hostage might seem like an empty threat. Because it is.

11. Ripping off the other White House-attacked 2013 release? Forget Olympus Has Fallen. Focus on who'll sue you for copyright infringement when White House Down names its tank-topped hero "John" and blatantly rips off even the worst Die Hard sequel.

12. Oh, and A Good Day to Die Hard…not so bad any more.

13. An entire scene of an action movie spend on: Squirrel vs. Bird Feeder feels more like a Rocky & Bullwinkle short. 30-seconds of that is certainly more entertaining than any of the 131 minutes of this.

14. Characters like John Cale shouldn't have to tell the audience "This is so stupid!" but, he did anyways.

15. First day visiting the White House? Fear not, every character in this movie is also serving their initial day. Including the President who clearly has no idea how or where to secure himself.

16. Making 1993's Dave seem realistic must be an accomplishment. But, creating a less secure White House than the Dulles International Airport of Die Hard 2 should win some awards.

17. Beepers should never be a key plot twist. Ever. Well, okay, at least, not in the last 20 years.

18. When Sharknado appears to be more realistic and the WORLD-WIDE box-office receipts back me up, it's time to think twice before releasing a B-Movie in the theatres.

19. Poor White House Down. They made a movie centering around White House tours that were outdated months before release. At least the original Spider-Man had the common Spidey-sense to delete the Twin Towers scene.

20. But…if they ever reinstate the White House tours, and you happen to see a door ajar that you can peer into and see the bad guys getting ready for an assault…please say something. Anything. To anyone.

21. Calling the White House "the safest house in the world" and then immediately following that with another character hoping his inexperienced daughter got out is really wishing too much.

22. White House windows are easy to open with knives and the rooms are even easier to set on fire to thwart terrorists.

23. Spitting on President Abraham Lincoln's grave should be considered treason.

24. Try not saying: "What…the…hell?" and following that up with extreme laughter every few moments in White House Down. I dare you.

25. Jack Bauer would literally take a few seconds to analyze this situation and take less time to solve it…if he wasn't already bored one second into this day.

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49 out of 92 people found the following review useful:

Even for Hollywood this is idiotic

Author: wilemon2000 from United States
30 June 2013

This plot is a ridiculous leftwing psycho fantasy. Understand that Boeing ,Lockheed and Microsoft are completely responsible for all the violence in the world and aided by the Speaker of the House ,will start a nuclear war to (somehow) maximize profits. Throw in stereotypic rednecks as bad guys .Totally ruined a below average action flic. The acting is OK as far as the plot will let pretty decent performers utter their preposterous lines with a straight face. Spoiler alert- (if that is possible with this movie) If you can get past the blatant propaganda you are still faced with characters such as the pilots who would do things such disobey orders and for all they knew allow a nuclear strike on Iran, killing millions of children to save one child. This is simply Hollywood at its elitist fantasy world worst and the scarier part that they believe-possibly accurately - the viewer is really that dumb.

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51 out of 96 people found the following review useful:

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse…they made White House Down

Author: Johnny Utah from United States
8 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is so bad; it's hard to know where to begin. Jamie Fox overplays being a down to earth president so much that it makes you laugh. The scene where he has to change shoes and goes for the high top sneakers was just tragically funny, not to mention unnecessary. These supposedly highly trained professional terrorist's run around like idiots. There's a scene were they come out of a elevator,on the hunt to find the president. Were they just walk out like they are bulletproof. If he had been waiting for them they would all be dead before they even walked 5 paces.

It would like to think that if the president was held hostage within the white house or any where else for that matter, they would have a media black out immediately. Not much point in the good guys storming the white house, when you as terrorist can watch it play by play on CNN live. I would also assume that as long as the president is held hostage he's nuke codes would be useless. But based on what I've read about our nuke system, he's codes a lone doesn't lunch a baseball at once. So there's really no point in getting the codes. Cause someone else has to push the button Since in all these movies they always just HAVE to use the new F35, (who I believe is still on a testing level and has yet not entered mass production, since most of the countries canceled the order when Lockheed couldn't keep the budget.) I'm stating to wonder if these movies are made simply as propaganda for the plane. If you loved Olympus Has Fallen, you will probably love white house down.. If not. Have the good sense to stay away from this movie, I wish I had.

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