White House Down (2013) Poster


President Sawyer: Martin, as the President of the United States, this comes with the full weight, power and authority of my office. Fuck you.

President Sawyer: I lost the rocket launcher.

Cale: You lost... How do you lose a rocket launcher?

President Sawyer: [while fighting a terrorist] Get your hands off my Jordans!

Cale: Can you not hit me in the head with a rocket when I'm trying to drive?

Walker: You just killed the Secretary of Defense.

Stenz: Well, he wasn't doing a very good job.

Stenz: Your little bitch says you're gonna put me in jail!

[a few minutes later, Stenz has the upper hand]

Stenz: I'm gonna *carve my name into your chest*!

[a few minutes later, Cale has the upper hand]

Cale: No jail for you, you little bitch!

Stenz: NO... NO... NO

[blows up Stenz with a belt of unpinned grenades]

Finnerty: There's a series of tunnels. JFK used them to sneak Marilyn Monroe in.

Cale: I thought that was a myth.

President Sawyer: It's true.

Cale: Donnie's gonna be pissed.

Cale: Special Agent Todd keeps making those sounds, I'm gonna start looking at him.

Tyler: [answering phone] Hello?

Cale: Hello, this is Special Agent Carol Finnerty. To whom am I speaking?

Tyler: That sounds official. Please hold, your call is very important to us.

[hold music]

Donnie the Guide: [clubs terrorist to death with clock] Stop... hurting... my... White House! German mantle clock. Empire style.

[throws clock away]

Donnie the Guide: Let's go people.

[cocks the big gun]

Donnie the Guide: Tour's over.

Agent Kellerman: [after seeing the president carrying a rocket launcher] This is something you don't see every day.

[Raphelson's treachery has been exposed]

Cale: You are a goddamn traitor, sir.

Raphelson: You dim little shit! I hired you out of pity and this is how you repay me? Now when the country finds out that your beloved President helped a maniac open the nuclear football, who do think they'll believe? Now you, you would be a *nobody* whereas *I* am the President of the United States.

President Sawyer: Oh no, you're not!

Cale: I thought you would want this.

Emily: These are White House passes.

Cale: Your dad here has a job interview with the Secret Service.

Emily: That's really cool, John.

Cale: You're just gonna stick with John?

Emily: Yeah.

Cale: Okay.

Raphelson: You can't do this! I am still the President of the United States!

President Sawyer: Then consider this a coup d'état!

President Sawyer: [to Gen. Caufield] Get this trash off my lawn!

Raphelson: [as he is being dragged off] You won't get away with this. I have friends, powerful friends!

President Sawyer: And I'll make sure every single one of them joins you in prison!

Raphelson: [rants] You son of a bitch! You're not FIT to hold this office! You sold out this country by making a deal with the goddamn Arabs!

Cale: I got three rounds. Tell me you got some weapons in the residence.

Cale: No, we usually have two agents right there with machine guns. We got some knives in the kitchen.

Cale: What?

President Sawyer: They're big knives.

Cale: Great, then you can make me a sandwich.

General Caulfield: That's classified.

Raphelson: Well I hereby unclassify it, now do you care to share with the group?

Walker: Cake?

Stenz: No, I don't want cake! I'm diabetic!

Cale: You think you're tough, bitch?

Raphelson: Carol, we have to end this. We have to. What if the next missile that he launches is aimed at Chicago or New York? We're talking about millions of lives.

Finnerty: Your first act as president is going to be bombing the White House?

Raphelson: Believe me. I know, I know. But our country is stronger than one house.

Cale: Is my credit score on there?

Finnerty: Yes, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Cale: It's a recession, okay?

[last lines]

Finnerty: Henry, the President wants to do the thing.

President Sawyer: Hold on tight.

General Caulfield: Stenz used to do black ops work for us off the books, but when the new Sawyer administration came in, the Secretary of Defense shut down the operation and disavowed all its assets. Stenz was captured and ended up spending several months in a Taliban-controlled prison.

Finnerty: No wonder he's pissed.

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Tyler: This is my Graceland!

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Finnerty: John Cale, why do you want to be in the Secret Service?

Cale: I can't think of a more important job than protecting the President.

Walker: [as Stenz deserts him to battle Cale] Where are you going?

Stenz: I'm going to end/finish this!

Walker: [snaps]

Walker: Don't make this personal!

Stenz: [snaps back] DON'T TELL ME NOT TO TAKE/MAKE THIS PERSONAL! You're gonna blow up half the world... FOR YOUR OWN GOD DAMN KID!

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Walker: Do you think I would do what I did to my country for MONEY!

Walker: [seething as he shoots dead a cohort who mutinies against him] I hate mercenaries!

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General Caulfield: Sir, I not sure using heavy artillery is a wise...


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