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Dumb Orcs with swords and shields versus guns don't work.
sven-49-69477628 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After watching a great SAGA I had to see this one! But unfortunately it just doesn't work for me. Dumb Orcs with swords and shields, who are shot down and slayed in dozens by people with guns, who are more or less never missing their target, is not cool. Even the dead orc bodies are vanishing magically. Don't get me wrong, I want Arrowstorm Entertainment to go on, and I am looking forward for their new Mythica, but Orc Wars as a crossover Fantasy <=> our world just failed. For a low budget movie the costumes and effects are in general OK, the dragon is great, and the princess is very sweet (although Danielle Chuchran in SAGA is much cooler), but all the action with the shooting is just not my thing: The effects, when the Orcs are hit, are often quite bad and also the fighting scenes are not nice. And there is only a poor story. With a big bonus for Indie-movies it is just a 4/10.
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Awful but still entertaining
Edward Bulfin5 October 2013
I agree with the other comment on the stupidity of the Orcs and that the heroes of the film never missing a shot and about the dead disappearing. However I was still entertained by the movie up until I watched a dead Orc being rolled off the front porch. The Orcs were said to be from a dimension that did not have or understand technology or modern weapons and yet the one rolled off the porch had on a pair of modern boots with dimpled molded soles. You would expect anyone going over the film for continuity or accuracy would have noticed that small point.

I was entertained, there was nothing on the TV and I was bored, so it served it's purpose, but it is never going to win them any awards, nor make them their fortunes.

I see I had to remove the u from between the o and l in the word molded as I could not post unless I corrected it to a US dictionary spelling. Never mind the fact that the soles of the boots were made in a M O U L D.
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not bad for a low end movie
toddrobinson-350-4678382 October 2013
As a lower level film maker myself I see many small issues that are distracting from an otherwise entertaining low budget movie. (the "after effects" gunshots/muzzle flashes/ejecting cartridges) coming from air soft style or resin prop guns. this can be distracting as its done way too much, and if they would have rented an armorer, a few real weapons and given more training to the actors on the use of them (for example you don't fire a barrett .50 from the hip while kneeling on a rooftop and actually expect to hit something) it would have helped keep the distractions down. and people watching the movie rather than questioning what they just saw.

the acting is not too...bad, a bit more emotion, a little less dumb-a$$/redneck stereo typing and some back-story would be helpful. the camera work is adequate but depending on the shooting conditions it seemed they the must have had a very limited amount of space to film the battle scenes in. with a little more thought and camera work i feel that the limited space used could be made to look like a lot more... it reminded me of shooting in someones backyard. one way or the other that's falls back on the producer for choosing the spot and the DP for not using what he had to its fullest.

as for the battle scenes, if the intent was to show overwhelming orc forces than they should have hired more extras, recycling eight people in rubber masks at a time throughout the movie just didn't work for me.

I am unsure what they spent the 1.5 mil on for the production, I have seen better production value for about a quarter mil. I could always nickel and dime it further but I really don't see a reason. Overall I liked what I saw and with so much poorly filmed/acted trash out there this was a nice change.
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Wow... and not in a good way
the-aemish30 September 2013
I watched this movie only because I wanted to see just how bad it actually was. Talk about a horrible plot. This movie is soo low budget, the heroine is actually using a Lord of the Rings replica of 'Sting'. I have never before seen a movie rip off such a known piece and try to pass it off as original. Of course, after seeing that, I have to wonder - are all of those orcs wearing Extra's costumes from the Lord of the Rings films? With the number of folks hired to participate in those films, they'd be easy to find and hire in.

The only reason I didn't give this movie a '1', is that I enjoyed the cheesy Eastwood impression that the first Sentinel was passing off.
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Guardian of the gate
unbrokenmetal6 October 2014
Former soldier John Norton buys a ranch in the middle of nowhere (shot in Utah) and is surprised to find that his new neighbors are an elf princess and an army of Orcs chasing her. He happens to live next to a gate to another world and is destined to become guardian of the gate. Not an easy task, as evil creatures are coming through every day. Since the Orcs do not know guns, though, they think Norton is a sorcerer with magic weapons, but when he defends the princess, the Orcs summon a powerful ally to strike back: a fire-breathing dragon...

Despite the low budget, simple countryside setting and unknown actors, this was surprisingly good fun. The script has a great sense of humor (for example when Katie gets a gun to fight the Orcs because they wrecked her car), nobody takes it too seriously, and the overall feeling is like watching an 1980s trash classic rather than a new digital production. Nothing wrong with that!
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My opinion
anymouse226 September 2014
Oh my, the hate against this film... yes, the low budget DID reuse props from other films (especially LotR) so does every film company, big or small. You'd be amazed just how many films and TV shows ended up using that "cheezey" armor from the first Starship Troopers. Granted, the heroine using a "sting" replica was a little too obvious, but ya use what ya can get.

As for the people complaining of "never missing", either they're blind, or we watched different movies. I was laughing my backside off at how much dirt was flying. Apparently "Special Forces" training has magically gotten a whole lot worse lately, as the guy could only land about 1 in 10, and Scooter couldn't figure out how to walk a machine gun into a target at all; something anyone who's played video games in the last 3 decades knows how to do.

The actual tactics were surprisingly accurate. Don't know if that was accidental or intentional, but the orcs used actual movements, tactics, and formations that were used historically when we had that equipment. The soldier used fairly realistic military strategy. The redneck acted like a redneck. I gave points for that, even though Im not sure it was deliberate. Its so incredibly rare to see people in films that have even the least clue of what they're supposed to be doing.

Overall, yes, it was low budget. Yes, the story was rather predictable. Guess what, that plot is rather standard fare for a good quarter of the fantasy/SF genre anyway. Your not gonna find a new angle after 7 decades of works. It burnt up a few hours, wasn't as bad as Sci-fi or BBC effects, wasn't as insultingly stupid as most USA and TBS TV movie plots, had a few cute faces, some chuckles, and one or two moments of decent bad-assery, if you actually knew what you were seeing.

I've seen a hella lot worse here with better ratings.
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Oh, the hate....
The Major18 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As someone else pointed out, oh, the hatred pouring out from the Tolkien fanboyz. Yes, the orc costumes are straight from LotR, as is the Sting replica. I saw the same thing with the original Conan sword for 20 years after Arnie's first movie with it. Get over yourselves -- if you really want to gripe, go gripe at Joss Whedon for reusing those awful costumes from "Starship Troopers" in "Firefly", or play the Stargate/Stargate:Atlantis/NuBSG Drinking Game.

The story concept was good, if not overly original. The camera work was above average. The soundtrack was well above average. The FX, frankly, were pretty cheesy - I've seen better blood-spatter work done by amateurs on YouTube using the identical software. The acting could have been better in places, but overall was much better than I expected.

And technical advisers - seriously. They will keep you from making dumb mistakes, like the hideous "bouncing rifle", the dreaded "million- shot magazine" and remembering to remove the scope's end caps before shooting.

Unfortunately, part of this film's problem is that the director was apparently afraid that it would take too much dialog to explain why things were happening, so the "troubled, ex-Special Forces hero" seems to suddenly understand how everything works, when he should have been scribbling furiously through the entire middle of the film, desperately trying to diagram out what was happening. It comes off as forced and flat. Likewise, there is the enormous body count that no locals seem to question, and no county sheriff asking why a long-time resident is suddenly dead and buried in his own yard -- not in 21st Century America.

The film could have added another 30 minutes to explain these things, and it would have made it a far better film.

Overall, I place this solidly in the camp of the "Guns, Girls & G- Strings" classics, like "Hard Ticket To Hawaii" and "Savage Beach", et al, without the gratuitous nudity.....Definitely a 'B', but a good 'B'.
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Revue Ucantrust21 October 2013
I created an account just for this movie. I had very low expectations as with most lesser known movies these days and this one slid under the bar (world record in the limbo dancing world)! Story bad, acting okay, costumes well done, directing sufficient, wardrobe good, filming not bad......and you'd think okay - we're onto something.....WRONG! I love low budget movies, but this one left me asking why I attempted to make it through the whole movie (and I did, as punishment for even trying)....save your precious time on the planet people and watch something like paint drying. (or an idiom pondering?) All in all - entertaining for some, disturbing for most and laughable to the masses!
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Every now and again, it just works.
rushknight16 October 2013
Nit-picking small details is an easy way to write a review. "The special effects were poor, the acting was bad, the plot was stupid, blah blah blah." But every director knows that to make a good film you have to have a great many small and large details come together to do just one thing: entertain. Even several "bad" bits can be used effectively if the movie makers keep the goal in mind. The makers of this movie didn't let their little troubles get in the way, they just used what they had to good effect.

I personally feel that this film delivers in the entertainment category. I really had a good time watching it. While the usual fantasy film clichés abound, it manages to breathe new life into many of them by directly contrasting them to the real world reactions of normal earth folk. The idea is not necessarily original, but it always has potential.

The mix of modern weaponry against fantasy weaponry is really what this film is all about. Seriously now, who HASN'T watched "Lord of the Rings" and thought to themselves at one point or another, "Yeah... airstrike. That's what I'd do." Also, despite the drawbacks of poor animation and somewhat limited plot, the actors involved pull it off with enthusiasm, making themselves not just plausible, but even a little bit likable. The occasional witty comment was fitting, and the interplay between the orcs was reasonably fun to watch.

It exceeded my expectations and I had a good time watching it.
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It isn't actually that bad
Leofwine_draca19 May 2015
Yeah, ORC WARS isn't too bad for what it is: a really cheesy and unbelievable action-packed B-movie that happily rips off the look of the orcs from THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. I mean, the orcs in this film are EXACTLY the same as in those Peter Jackson movies: so much so that if I worked for Weta Workshop I'd be tempted to sue. The orcs are the most entertaining part of this movie, but I'm not too sure about their presence in the real, contemporary world.

I mean, seeing orcs interacting with modern-day human characters, farmhouses, and vehicles is just plain odd and realism is never going to be a priority in that situation. Still, given that this is a B-movie with the usual problems (absolutely fake looking CGI fire, fake looking black blood clouds for the orcs, rubbish acting and a non-existent script) it's actually quite entertaining by the standards of the sub-genre.

ORC WARS incorporates an absolute ton of action into its running time, particularly in the second half which involves a running battle between humans and orcs. Sure, a lot of it is repetitive, but they even manage a dragon in the budget, which is quite impressive. By the standards of normal film this is a complete waste of time, but as a B-movie you can do much, much worse.
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