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Smug and obnoxious

Author: supercygnus from United States
18 January 2013

It's difficult to imagine anyone but know it all hipsters thinking there is anything worthwhile about this program. A recent episode spent almost the entire running time bashing the movies Lincoln and Django Unchained complete with a "hilarious" appearance Frederick Douglas in a silly wig. It gets two stars for the total number of times anything amusing or actually insightful was broadcast from this show. Of course that is based on personal experience. Maybe there are more occasional bits of worthwhile content, but it doesn't seem worth watching anymore of this show in hopes of discovering any. That's like looking through a pile of excrement hoping to find a nickel. But hey, if self congratulatory monologues laced with superficially short interviews conducted by a host surrounded by a room full sycophants is your thing, then by all means tune in. This makes a perfect companion piece to an episode of Maher's self love.

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Completely out of touch. More entitlement than comedy.

Author: kbparham from United States
30 May 2013

First of all, regardless of the weak personalities making awkward special interests group speeches, the low quality (and often incongruent) laugh track makes very difficult to consider this a credible production. If television reflects our culture then I can only hope the viewers of this show are a small and isolated group. The episode I viewed this evening included a man introduced as a comedian. He apparently read a TelePrompTer and paused seconds before each laugh track audio. His jokes were a litany of comparisons between 7 years of working at McDonalds with 7 years in the US military during the Vietnam war. The biggest surprise was a few incidents in which the audience in the studio groaned along with the laugh track.

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When the League is done, change the channel

Author: aj-serio from Washington DC
6 November 2013

This show is terrible.

Each episode begins with Mr. Bell mumbling through his monologue as he snipes and gripes about the daily news headlines. Unfortunately, his jokes are stale and lack any passion or thoughtfulness. For example, in tonight's episode, Mr. Bell stated how Portland, Maine has become the first east coast city to legalize pot. What followed was nothing more than boring ramblings about how the show should be taped in Maine. Further, Bell said that he and the entire audience are driving up to Maine tonight. Yes, Mr. Bell, we get it, you like to smoke pot.

My real issues with this show do not stem from its liberal agenda, but from terrible joke telling. Mr. Bell needs to attend Chicago's second city and learn a thing or two about showmanship. Stop giggling like a school girl over poor jokes, Stop turning around to look behind you when you're in front of an audience. Stop trying to offend people when you're only offending the reputation of late night comedy shows. I would much rather watch Totally Biased with Kevin Hart.

Furthermore, I feel FXX does a disservice to 'Mr.Bell. While 4/5 nights his show is on it does very poor, that one night of the week, Wednesday, his show actually has decent ratings. However, most of these viewers were watching FXX to see Always Sunny and The League. I feel the demographics and target audiences for the previously stated TV shows do no mirror Totally Biased. It should be of no surprise Totally Biased has received poor ratings. It doesn't help when 70% of the viewers were already expected to dislike the show.

All in all, don't watch this show, read a book.

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Like it a lot

Author: mgodb from United States
21 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really like this show. And now that it is 5x a week, I am trying to catch every episode. Again, there is so much consciousness around race as this show presents their perspectives, I think it is so important to have this voice on TV. I have noticed that now that it is 5x a week, the writing seems a little weaker. Of course, it is easy to have amazing material if you are just on 1x a week as opposed to 5x a week. I would have given it 10 out of 10 stars except for that shift. I hope FXX stays with this program. I love the guests. The show with Sarah Silverman was great. I liked hearing Kamau Bell's perspective on S. Silverman's movie "Jesus". I had a similar perspective. And I look forward to continue to watch this show.

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The pot calling the kettle black, no pun intended.

Author: motplus from United States
28 October 2013

I haven't even watched an entire episode of this trash that is supposed to be entertainment, but I did watch his tirade about George Zimmerman and it's the most hateful and asinine three minutes of speech ever to be allowed on cable television. Incredibly racist, but apparently it's alright for a black person to call someone racist in this day an age. Sadly this show will probably have a longer run than it should because the majority of so-called "progressives" are too busy following group-think to realize the hatred being guised as "comedy". You are also probably the same people who get their news from The Daily Show. Have fun supporting an openly racist person...

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Lighten up!

Author: gimmebackmywig from United States
8 October 2013

A relatively new show. Give it some time! Great political commentary, excellent jokes. I saw a review calling it 'racist.' I'm of a lighter persuasion, and I don't see racism at all. W. Kamau Bell is explaining his views through the way he sees the world. You've got to give him the latitude he deserves as a black man in 21st Century America. I have never once been offended by anything he has said. As for the producer: Chris Rock, he is one of the funniest comedians alive. I have fallen out of my chair & got up with tears in my eyes watching his older HBO specials. The show is unique and would be sorely missed if it were to disappear. Comedy is a rare commodity these days, at least on the tube. If you naysayers hate it so bad, grab the remote, change the channel. It's that simple! Viva Totally Biased!

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Remove from television

Author: j-wattz27 from United States
2 June 2013

This could be one of the worst television shows I've ever seen and I watch a lot of TV. I even took the time to sign onto IMDb just to criticize this show and I'm pretty lazy. I really don't know how FX picked up this series. I really like most of FX's other comedies and dramas. They made a big mistake here. Maybe they picked this one up because of Chris Rock's name?? Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend watching it. I could probably go on for days about how terrible it is and try to make this a legitimate review and give you reasons supporting my claims but all you have to do is sit through about three minutes of the show and you'll quickly figure out why I took the time to post. The material is weak and the host is unlikable.

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The Daily Show of color

Author: jarnov from Amsterdam
12 May 2013

Totally Biased w/ W. Kamau Bell is amazingly refreshing. Where The Daily Show was once the most refreshing thing in the world to me, in being way more critical than the average news program, after a while it becomes rather painfully clear that TDS is very much part of white TV, so to speak. This is especially evident when compared side-to-side with Totally Biased, which has the politically critical attitude of TDS, but adds a "racially" critical dimension still very much needed in today's TV landscape. It holds a contentious position and I think its focus on "racial" issues makes it more prone to criticism than a show like TDS, which generally fits nicely into the white liberal paradigm, but it's difficult to overstate the importance of radical shows that truly question the status quo. What other show would have provided such scathing reviews of all-around praised white movies like Django and Lincoln,for instance? One point of criticism is that Totally Biased is still pretty much a dude show (if we talk about "white TV" we should also talk about how male-dominated TV is), but I don't think it is trying to be a feminist show, and I don't think it's fair to condemn a show that is already so radical in a different, equally important way for not going *all* the way. (NB: it spends a lot more attention on gender issues than TDS!) The 5.3 rating for Totally Biased is a travesty and only proves how hard it is for the (white) mainstream to deal with truly radical content. Totally Biased being canceled would be horrible, and I would go one step further and say it should be expanded. Let's have a "daily" counterbalance to TDS; let's have a regular news/cultural satire show that goes beyond white issues.

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If Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor had an uncensored comedy baby...

Author: director_wimn from United States
14 September 2012

Totally Biased brings W. Kamau Bell's brilliant, hilarious, no-holds-barred brand of humor to mainstream TV, and no inane politician, media personality or corporate wonk is safe. Clearly, his take-no-prisoners insights are causing some conservative IMDBers to attempt to discredit him, because only someone with a political grudge to bear could rate this show poorly. Bell's razor-sharp analysis and wit hit hard, but his genial smile and friendly nature temper the bite a bit -- there's no bitter angst in this show, just the kind of witty lefty ire you'd hear from your funniest progressive friend in college. (Except no one's funniest friend in college was ever as funny as Kamau.) #SixSeasonsAndAMovie!

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Awesome, funny, well written and a pleasure to see on TV

Author: hermes93-2 from United States
1 December 2012

This show isn't perfect, a few bits during the season were not 'top-notch' - but only a few. Overall a hilarious, well written and very well hosted show. The rather low rating score showing on IMDb is likely due to some people's dislike of the political bent of the show.

I could understand some people not feeling it deserving a 9 or a 10 rating, but if it were not for the left-leaning political bent of Kamau, I am certain few people would be rating this below a 6.

Seriously, give the show a chance, it is funny, insightful and on the top shelf of current televised comedy.

Thank you FX for continuing the season and I look forward to the next one!

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