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Excellent docu on what it feels like to be a motherless daughter. This one focuses on the those girls/women that lost their mothers in earlier life. But being someone who lost my Mother when I was 14 yrs old, I found this incredibly poignant. Really beautiful and not at all watered down. Highly recommended.

The range of different subjects in this documentary (Jane Fonda...all the way to everyday people from many backgrounds; situations) give it a richness that might have otherwise been absent in a film about such a difficult and heart-wrenching topic.

This is not an easy situation to weather in life, and its a difficult subject to approach. Its also something that could've been easily made one dimensional: I.E. Just sad with no real meat to it.

This is a full meal docu. Touches heart and mind and day to day realities equally.

Well done on all counts.


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