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  • Pete and Myka investigate a hockey player who seems to be miraculously and instantly recovering from serious game injuries, while Claudia is invited to a mysterious lunch by Mrs. Frederic. Elsewhere, Artie and Steve discover someone has been stealing artifacts from inside the Warehouse.


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  • "Warehouse 13" - "No Pain, No Gain" - August 20, 2012

    In Japan a businessman talks about the feather of a magical wild crow while Claudia and Myka pose as geishas. When the feather is about to be unveiled, Myka pulls out an enchanting artifact and kicks everyone's ass in the room to save the feather. After she's done kicking ass she gets news she's going to be an aunt.

    They come home to learn that a Toronto hockey player with amazing recuperative powers is probably using a healing artifact that makes him extra strong.

    Pete and Myka go to question the team. Myka talks to the player in question and he has lots of reasons for his strength and recuperative powers. He offers to give blood or pee in a cup. She's more interested in his necklace. It's not the necklace.

    All the players claim they are clean. They come up with nothing until they get an X-ray of the player's arm that confuses Myka. Turns out they are fake. They find his real X-rays and they show broken arms, ribs, and shot knees. Not only should he not be playing, he shouldn't be walking so the artifact isn't healing him, it's just holding him together.

    Myka and Pete inspect the player's locker and come up empty. They then discover him fighting with another player in the shower. They start to suspect that the player isn't using the artifact himself but someone is using it on him.

    They go to the manager and ask what he's doing. He denies he's doing anything and says the player only brings it at home games. They realize it must be a fan. They ask the player and he says he doesn't want help because he doesn't like cheating. They set up a scheme to trap the fan.

    Pete mingles with the fans setting up the raffle while Myka ends up flirting with the player. Eventually she kisses him and it's caught on the kiss cam. One crazy fan gets angry when she sees this and throws her rabbits' foot charm in her purse.

    During the game Mike, the player gets hurt, but it's Myka who doubles over. She runs to the ladies room. When Pete walks in she's, inexplicably, fully pregnant.

    Myka and Pete call Artie with her pregnancy news. Artie realizes it's a wish-fulfillment artifact and she wonders who would wish this on her. Pete did, when he touched the woman's keychain he was thinking about family and if he would ever have one and who could share his crazy life and he realizes Myka already does.

    The fan left the arena so they head off after her. At her apartment they realize the artifact is her grandfather's dog tags. He was a WWII vet who survived the Bataan Death March and saved his friend through force of will, compelling him to perform. They decide to wait for her but she's at the arena kidnapping Mike and telling him that she loves him and that he loves her too, he just doesn't know it yet.

    She takes him to a remote cabin and is going all "Misery" on him. She explains how she's been "helping" him. He asks what she wants from him. She says they can start with a kiss. She closes her eyes and he throws hot cider in her face and tries to run. She wishes his knees unfixed. He's crippled by the pain. He asks her to wish it away again. She says not until he learns to behave. Pete shows up and she grabs an axe grabs and takes Myka hostage. She wishes that Pete was taking his last breath and he collapses. But he was faking. Myka zaps the crazy fan and then her water breaks. Pete bags the artifact and Myka is no longer pregnant. But the hockey player is still in a lot of pain. They realize the dog tags didn't work on Pete because they only work on people the wisher loves. Which means Pete admits he loves Myka in a very sweet, not romantic way. Pete says when it does happen she's going to be a great mom.

    Claudia gets an invitation to lunch from Mrs. Frederic. She wonders if it's about the strange way she's been feeling lately. Artie worries when he hears this.

    Claudia meets with her in Minneapolis and she's very cryptic. They walk around and Mrs. F wonders if Claudia senses anything. She's drawn to a woman in a jewelry store. Mrs. F tells her to stay focused. Claudia watches as a man enters with a gun and shoots the woman as she tries to protect a baby. Claudia runs in and sees the woman's bracelet glow. She realizes and Mrs. F explains they just witnessed the birth of an artifact, when an object is imbued thanks to a person and a moment that is extraordinary. Claudia wants to snag it but Mrs. F explains it only comes to the warehouse if it starts causing trouble.

    Later they go to a nursing home to visit a very old black man. Claudia wonders if this is Mr. Frederic. She says it is: her grandson.

    Jinks runs into Artie and asks where he's going and when Artie replies "inventory," Jinks knows he's lying. Jinks follows him and Artie explains that artifacts are going missing. He asks Jinks to keep it between them. They realize the artifacts that are being stolen have significance to Artie personally. He finds more and more gone and says "someone is undoing my life's work!" Not unlike what Brother Adrian said.

    They find a set of artifacts that are connected: rifles that belonged to the Hatfields and McCoys. One points to the other. Steve looks through the sights and sees a clue and he and Artie are off and running. They find the building that the rifle is in. When they open the door the rifles automatically start shooting at each other. Jinks lets loose with the news that Claudia gets hurt when he does. They have to get him off the metronome.

    They enter the place where the artifacts are all being kept and Steve wants to tell the Regents. Artie just wants to get everything back to the Warehouse and figure out a plan. Steve notices packing material and they realize they may not have everything, someone may have been shipping artifacts off.

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