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Miss Ravillous has Agnes promoted to ladies' fashion - where she and Henri end up kissing. Kitty receives humbugs from a mystery admirer and assumes it is Frank after he has flirted with her but is not too disappointed to discover it is George Towler whilst Doris asks Mr Grove to get Harry to give a reference to Miss Bunting, now destitute and unemployable. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle comes to sign books at the store and persuades Harry - who is anxious to keep in with him - to allow American psychic Rex Crenell to hold a séance on the premises. Staff reaction is mixed, Miss Mardle believing the late Mrs Grove is trying to communicate with them. However the séance ends abruptly when Rex claims to have felt a malevolent male spirit in the room. Harry is dismissive but Lois is concerned. Lady Mae, still continuing her affair with Victor, saves the day again when bankers led by Mr Musker arrive to discuss Harry's latest idea - issuing public shares to raise capital. She also launches his ...

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