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Another perspective of this episode

Author: Bret Campbell from Canada
25 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think many of the people harping on this episode are missing the point, but I digress, so here is my opinion - I posted it on IGN's review for the episode also:

I very much liked this episode, and I really don't find people calling this one of the worst eps because Sam and Dean weren't in it very much to be that viable of a reason. You make it seem as though they were there for one or two scenes. They were in it quite a bit, there was an agreeable amount of screen time for them in an episode that wasn't about them, but involved them. Also, I think that if Sam and Dean had lines throughout the film they were watching, it would have sucked you out of it and made something meaningful into something hokey. I liked the story that was told this week, it's not often you get to see something from a perspective that isn't from Sam and Dean, but when it happens, it makes me appreciate the show more.

I think perhaps why people are complaining is this relatively daring episode's placement. It's still a fresh season, and the mytharc isn't explored at all. So, I could understand why certain people would be put off by such a sudden change in pace and perspective. That being said, this is a TV show and if it was all about the main storyline all the time, then it would be over by now and not nearly as fleshed out. I actually find this episode to be one of my favourite non-mytharc related episodes in a few seasons (or "Monster of the Week" if you will) because it told a fantastic story that was layered with tragedy and, in the end, hopeful. Not just for Kate, but for Sam and Dean, because an episode that wasn't about them was a perfect chance to get a nuanced take on their relationship. I think Dean, upon seeing the before and after, was a bit shaken and for once felt a lot of empathy for those sucked into the monster world; and Sam is, I believe, letting his guard down about hunting in general. He went from "Let's kill her now and get this job done so I can leave and go back to whatever cheesy happiness I think I felt" to "Maybe Dean is right" and perhaps he thought about Madison (from "Heart"). I think this was a good experience for them both: for Dean to evolve beyond his "kill-or-be-killed", nearly soulless state inherited from Purgatory, and for Sam to find reasons to hunt and, by extension, be Dean's little brother again. Looking at things from that perspective makes me think that this episode served more purposes than we think. The second time I saw it, that's what I had believed to be the case. It brought a tragic humanism to the monster world; bridging the gap, and I think the brothers needed a reminder and to see that so they, themselves, can bridge a gap instead of digging it deeper.

Plus, I imagine, with the gravity of what we saw, that we may see Kate again. And also, people complaining about how some elements in this episode are all too contrived or convenient, there are many, many episodes that have things all into place because someone conveniently knew how to do this or that was conveniently there, I don't complain about that but I do notice it. Shows do that all the time, they only have an hour to tell their story, so some things are wedged in there to get the ball rolling.

So yeah, I'm a fan of this episode, but I understand that this episode is a barbed-wire fence and there are people on both sides.

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Would have worked better if shot conventionally...

Author: PrivateBozz from Germany
26 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I find it hard to rate this episode. In my opinion it's far from bad, but there are some things about it that keep it from working.

I loved the first seconds where we see the crime scene with the music playing, before Sam and Dean enter the scene. Very atmospheric. I wish they would leave their usual paths of shooting and story-telling more often. It made my expectation go up, but unfortunately this scene didn't set the style of the episode.

I generally like the idea of seeing things happening from the monsters' point of view, and I don't mind having little of Sam and Dean in this episode. But this is only interesting when I actually sympathize with the new protagonists, and here I don't. I guess the main problem is the 'found footage' shtick. The intent is clear: If done *really* well then the reality-style can make you connect with the figures, because then they come across like people you could actually know, which makes the things that happen to them all the more touching. The last bits of the movie where we see each of them talk about his/her future attests to this intent, trying to provoke emotions in the viewer. But since these emotions haven't been there in the first place it feels amateurish and forced, and this special kind of 'flashback' has been done too often by now anyway. So here the reality-style just puts a wall between the viewer and the figures. First, because it feels clumsy and far from real, and second, because it takes us too far away from Supernatural.

In my opinion it would have been much more efficient to shoot the episode the conventional way, just with the monsters as the main characters and Sam and Dean completely viewed from their perspectives. Then we would have an SPN episode from the monster's POV.

That's my main issue with this episode. An other problem is that the short S & D moments seem pretty insignificant, all but the last one where they decide to give Kate a shot. It's great to have them agree on something like this, and I find it especially *awesome* that each of them seemed kind of sure the other wouldn't, which made the moment when they realized they had the same opinion funny and somewhat heart-warming at the same time. And the picture of Kate leaving town was beautiful.

I also give an extra point for the 'workplace romance' line. I really missed the gay jokes...


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One of the best episodes of supernatural since the end of season 5

Author: ARTUR ALEXANDRE from Brazil
30 October 2012

We have to be honest with ourselves, supernatural is not the same since Eric Kripke left the show. The terror atmosphere, the storyline involving god, lucifer, demons and angels. One story in five seasons. That was really amazing.

But then came dragons, fairies, phoenix and gods who were killed by a simple wood stick.

"Bitten" remind me the good times of the series, the terror atmosphere that i said before, and a very engaging story presented in the style of "found footage". In that episode, we could also see Sam and Dean's relationship thru the eyes of the people who they save. I really enjoyed "Bitten" and i hope the next episodes "maintain the level".

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Define Good? (i don't give too much away, just hints)

Author: liammccollum-774-23631 from .
4 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What makes a good supernatural episode? The normal banter between Sam and Dean? I can understand why people didn't like this episode, but honestly this was one of my favourites. If you've ever watched VHS or VHS 2, its that idea of real life filmed material, being edited to tell a story. I thought it was good story and I thought it unfolded very well. For a change the show doesn't focus on the two main characters, so I think that's what annoyed a lot of fans the most. You're hardly going to grow to love three guest stars in 40 minutes. I thought this episode was creative and for what it was, they did a really good job with it.

I watch Supernatural for what the show is about, rather than the two main characters. Now I'm not dismissing them in any sense, but some fans would watch a show about Sam and Dean in a normal everyday life situation, then give it 10 stars. For what the show is about; monsters, ghosts, scary stuff, and hunters that have to kill them, thats the stuff that I really like in a TV show. This show has done it better than Buffy or Angel, it's really a gem.

People are saying this episode was crap, thats not the case. It was different, and thats not a good enough reason to dismiss an episode. Please, don't let these reviews put you off from giving it a watch. The first 30 minutes or so of it were brilliant, and it had a kinda nice ending. Just because it didn't centre around Sam and Dean, and just because you missed them doesn't mean that the show was really bad. That attitude is a dangerous one as it means the show's writers will have to play it safe, rather than make more awesome episodes about Heaven vs Hell and Leviathans and stuff.

10 stars, for trying something new and for being different. Oh yeah, and for pulling it off. It was more of a special show for the fans, no need to be so cynical.

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Not Your Average "Supernatural"

Author: Paul Su from United States
1 March 2013

I honestly believe this was one of the best episode of Supernatural. However, not for the Supernatural's Series.

Some Cons would be: Chronicle-like filming style Digresses from the series Non-importance of the main cast of Supernatural

However, this episode shows the viewers the other side of the hunt. How it is to be dragged into the supernatural world.

This would have done better as an independent film. However, it would be compare to similar filming styles. It would be nice to see future cast from this episode later in the series.

The cast for the episode was solid. Viewers would care and relate to them.

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Astonishingly powerful episode

Author: nylonsportz from United Kingdom
3 August 2013

A gripping and moving episode, well performed by the actors who take centre stage. This story is, like much of Supernatural, shamelessly derivate, but as ever, with more than a hint of irony. But the story is surprisingly intense and involving.

This is a Winchester-lite episode, but that does not distract from the viewing. It is fairly heavy on comments regarding the slash potential of the leads.

This tragedy has moments of hope and tells a story of three friends in a complex and in intense relationship. In a surprisingly short time the writers allow us to understand the nature of the friendships and this heightens the tension throughout the story

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Well Written,Different,Innovator..

Author: Alex 'TK' from Brazil
3 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Many people didn't like this episode at all,many people wanted to see the Winchesters in action,killing monsters and shaking our emotions,i understand them and i understand you if you felt the same way,but let me tell you something,this episode was a product of the excellent creative mind the supernatural writers have,believe in my words,this episode follows the formula that has keeping SPN going on..Innovate!

I'm begging you,watch this episode,feel it,it's a great storytelling,the worst thing in SPN is that if there's no winchester,or if there's anything else getting attention then the episode or the season sucks,are people falling too much in love for those two guys?

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If a friend asked me...

Author: stpema
28 October 2012

... to recommend episodes of Supernatural to give them a taste, this might be top of the list.

When we get a Monster of the Week episode we usually get the old bitch'n'moan expositional stuff at the end, usually with the boys standing by the car, probably on some pier somewhere, with sunset, all moody like. This time there wasn't any of that and I didn't miss it. Last week's episode was poor and the overarching mythology has been pretty poor for years now. It's stand-alone episodes like this that have kept the show going this long.

I'm stunned that there are so many other reviewers giving low scores. And more generally I'm a little saddened that TV's well and truly stuck in the serial-soap model. Back in the day you could pick up an episode of Star Trek or the X-files from anywhere within their multiple year runs, and simply sit back and enjoy without needing to know where you were in the plot.

This episode's writer was brave, and the producers were brave for letting it happen and (in my mind at least) it paid off. It seems that it was a hard fight because the episode's writing was honed to a shine, probably as the writer had to try to persuade everyone that it was a good idea by polishing and polishing! I really hope they take more risks but with so many fans of the show preferring to be spoon-fed the rubbish we've been seeing far too much of over the last few seasons I regret that I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

If you had on one hand a pile of all of the Supernatural MOTW episodes without the 5 minutes at each end where the brothers fight and hug, and in the other hand you had all the mythology, and could choose one for your desert island, which would you pick?

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Not good. Not at all.

Author: TheNorwegianGuy from Norway
27 October 2012

I get what they were trying to do with this episode. In a long-running show like Supernatural, it's important with some variation from episode to episode. However, this time it felt unoriginal and unnecessary. "Found footage" isn't really something special anymore.

Just to make it clear; I really like the "found footage" genre, but here it was poorly done. They've even done this already, in the earlier Ghostfacers-episodes. But the difference is that those episodes was quite entertaining and fun to watch. This time I struggled not to turn it off.

This didn't really feel like a Supernatural-episode. It wasn't good at all, and I hope the next one is better.

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By far, the absolute worst Supernatural episode ever

Author: Beowulf-88 from Hong Kong
26 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Registered an account just to down vote this horrible, sickening, vomit invoking, shaky hand-cam throughout, steaming pile of hot cow manure episode. Real drunk college kids with hand-cams would have done a better job keeping their cameras steady, instead of flopping the camera around like they are trying to point a live slimy hag fish. This episode had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and simply should have been tossed out after filming, or added as a DVD extra feature called "unworthy experimental episode that never aired", along with the blooper cuts. Sam and Dean were barely in it for more than a few minutes throughout the entire episode. How can you have a Supernatural episode with so little Winchester? The producers must be high on something to have allowed this episode to spawn into existence, tarnishing what is otherwise really a fantastic TV series.

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