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Here’s How A 17-Year-Old Vampire Web Series Uses Crowdsourcing To Keep Its Blood Flowing

Earlier in November, the second season of The Hunted: Encore arrived online. Encore, a charming and lighthearted vampire musical, is an enjoyable program in its right, but it is also a part of something greater. It is the latest chapter in The Hunted, a web series franchise that has used a unique crowdsourced model to survive as one of, if not the longest-running web series on the internet.

The man behind The Hunted is Robert Chapin, a fight choreographer and FX artist who first devised his signature project for a class he taught in 2000. He created a simple structure -- vampires exist and are tracked down by groups called Slayers -- and the first episodes of The Hunted arrived on his website in April 2001. The show has existed, in various forms, ever since.

Over the years, Chapin has created many Hunted episodes of his own, but the secret to the
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Indie Spotlight: ‘The Hunted: Encore’ Reinvents A Classic Web Series With Song

How do you put a new twist on a show that claims the title of "Longest-running series online?" With music and lyrics, of course. That's the idea behind The Hunted: Encore, a musical web series that serves as a companion piece for Bob Chapin's long-running vampire series The Hunted.

The Hunted, which is set in a world of vampires and the "slayers" who battle them, has been around since the early 2000s. One of the ways Chapin has supported his show is through a number of "affiliate" projects that are led by other creators but set in the Hunted universe. Encore, directed by Ryan Gibeau and written by Ned Donovan with music by Marcus Bagala, is one of those affiliates. Its protagonists are three slayers, two of whom are butting heads with the third.

What makes Encore truly exciting is its soundtrack. The series is filled with fun, peppy
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