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  • Pete, Myka, and Claudia each travel to save a loved one who has fallen victim to an artifact, Mrs. Frederic and Steve head to the Vatican to investigate the Brotherhood, and Artie has an impossible showdown with Brother Adrian.


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  • "Warehouse 13" - "The Ones You Love" - Sept. 24, 2012

    Big revelations tonight as everyone scatters to the four winds to combat the evil that has been unleashed.

    As Artie (Saul Rubinek) does inventory at the Warehouse, he encounters Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner) who tells him of his evil plan: to hurt those around Artie until he uses Magellan's astrolabe to undo what he did. Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) arrive just after his run-in. Artie says it's time to tell the whole truth and involve everyone to save the Warehouse.

    He learns Brother Adrian has sent artifacts to Pete's ex-wife, Myka's sister, and Claudia's brother. They rush off to help them. Meanwhile, Mrs. F (CCH Pounder) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) go to the Vatican to get intel on the Brotherhood. Artie and Leena (Genelle Williams) stay beind to work on the database.

    In Arizona, Pete discovers his ex-wife Amanda (Jeri Ryan) has been infected by the tattoo of a Russian terrorist, the original suicide bomber and she is burning alive. When the tattoo transfers to his skin he begins to burn. They realize he is a human bom. He heads into a bomb shelter to blow up safely. He calls Myka on the Farnsworth to say goodbye. She figures out since the box he originally thought WAS the artifact is made of leather and the tattoo transfers through skin-to-skin contact, he needs to press himself against the box to rid himself of the tattoo. At first it seems out of reach. Then he realizes if he lies down with the box underneath him, he can get if off. He does and saves himself.

    Meanwhile, in Colorado, Myka is dealing with her pregnant sister Tracey (Amy Acker) who suddenly, inexplicably, wants to kill Myka. First she tries to poison her and then stab her. Myka ties Tracey up to the crib and searches for the artifact among the many gifts she got at a recent baby shower. She gets no help from a distracted Artie back at the Warehouse. After Pete deals with his issue, he arrives to help Myka, giving her the bright idea to go through the trash and test the wrapping paper. They find an old rope cord and once they "cut the cord", her sister reverts to normal.

    Meanwhile, in California, Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) discovers her brother Joshua (Tyler Hynes) is trapped in amber. With the help of Leena and the Internet, she figures out how to first burn the amber, then freeze it, and then break it open so she can grab the small scroll in his hand working the artifact mojo. She frees Joshua who points out it's odd that this happened since only he, Claudia, and Artie knew where he was. Claudia realizes something must be wrong with Artie because he pretended to be surprised about her brother's whereabouts. She calls Pete and Myka, who are en route back to the Warehouse and says something is up with Artie. Pete says he is getting a very bad vibe.

    At the Warehouse, Artie is once again confronted by Brother Adrian. He overtakes him and tosses him into the Bronzing chamber. He thinks the nightmare is now over, until Brother Adrian appears before him again, unbronzed and unable to be hurt. Leena arrives as Artie shouts at Adrian and is distraught to find Artie is simply shouting at the air.

    In Rome, Steve and Mrs. F investigate the library where the Brotherhood were doing their work and discover they were trapped in a painting. As each member of the Brotherhood emerges from the painting, Steve zaps them until a few are ready to talk. Steve explains Brother Adrian has been terrorizing the Warehouse agents but the other brothers say that is impossible...since he was trapped with them. Brother Adrian materializes and says he was not trying kill anybody. Steve determines he's not lying.

    Leena and Mrs. F touch base and Leena tearfully explains what is happening, Artie is shouting to himself. Mrs. F says she thinks Artie has had a psychotic break. As she says this, Artie is working it out in his head. We see flashbacks of the events of the last few weeks: in each one Artie is alone when he thought he was talking to Brother Adrian. We see it was he that sent the evil artifacts to Pete,Claudia, and Myka's family members. Apparently, the "evil" the fake Brother Adrian was talking about was Artie himself, it's all been in his head. Artie figures this out. Mrs. F tells Leena to flee the Warehouse but before she does, she offers to help Artie one more time. He tells her in a strange voice she is in his way. She looks at him oddly and asks who he is, realizing he is not himself, perhaps literally.

    As Pete is getting his bad vibe, he tells Myka to call the Warehouse. We cut to a pool of blood, leading to a ringing Farnsworth and Leena lying-- maybe dead?-- on the ground.

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