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Worse than anything on the bottom 100

Author: Benjamin Hoy from Canada
30 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched almost all of IMDb's bottom 100 list and half of rotten tomato's worst 100 list of 2000 and I can say without a doubt that this is the worst film I have ever seen.

Spoiler Alert.

The film has no real plot to speak of. Instead it consists of a series of scenes whose only purpose is to waste time. The most egregious of these are the walking and scanning scenes. The film spends at least ten minutes following a man walking painfully slowly by a pool and through a house. The scene could have been fifteen seconds or less. Instead it is a test of character for the audience. The scene is then followed by another ten minutes (I kid you not) of the scientist scanning the man with a book light. Again the scene could have been fifteen seconds or less. Instead we suffer through her moving the book light up and down his body. This is then repeated on other actors. After that we watch the actors work out in real time often seeing repeated footage over and over again. What little plot there is feels rushed and undeveloped at the end which makes the 50 minutes or more of senseless footage throughout the film that much more insulting. I have no idea how this film got onto netflicks. I'm convinced it was filmed in less than a single day.

I have no idea who the audience of this film is intended to be. The male actors are all attractive and spend the entire film shirtless and often in their underwear or in the shower (also clearly in their underwear). There is, however, no nudity or even implied sexuality. As a result, it feels like a softcore pornographic film that attempted to get a pg rating. I can't even imagine anyone who wanted to see shirtless men enjoying this film. Having a bunch of shirtless men flex or even suntan for 90 minutes with no plot would have been better than this travesty of a film. Congratulations Frankenqueen you have set a new low in cinema.

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An existential romp?

Author: Chris McDonald from United States
18 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was brilliant. It has the best twist ending I've ever seen!

The film ruthlessly dissects both modern and more ancient takes on numerology. Without giving any spoilers, let me just say this: count the scans! And the slow-walks. Both are critical.

At the same time, this Lovecraftian tale blends science and aesthetics to create a new paradigm, one which certainly changed my life, and will almost certainly change the world soon.

The casting choices and acting are both superb. Filmed during the Shirt Guild strike of 2012, the actors had a heavy burden to carry to make the viewer take them seriously. They nailed it.

It's hard to say much more about this movie without giving any spoilers. Each moment is just too packed with meaning. Go open up a tab on your browser to Netflix right now and watch this movie!

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There is NO summary to this movie

Author: J Bennett from United States
4 September 2012

This movie is the WORST movie ever created by a human being. I don't understand how Netflix agreed to show this movie in their data base. This is just 5 boys.... in underwear and stupid blond girl, all in which cannot act. The movie has NO story line WHATSOEVER. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL... DO NOT WATCH!!!!!!! Never make the same mistake I did!!!!!!!! Don't DO IT!!!!!!! You think at the beginning it might be OK..but it's so wrong!!!!!!!!

All this movie does is repeat the same scenes over and over with awful actors and awful music that does not go along with the scenes at all. Movie was made as if it would be a porno, but you never see any goods so it really is a pointless movie! There is really a scene with a boy taking a shower and just rubbing his tummy repeatedly .never wets hair.. never uses soap...and the creepy blond just watches..



3 people who lost 72 minutes of life!

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Good bro movie

Author: dangerpuppypanda from Seattle, Washington
18 March 2013

The movie has an awesome cast of frat guy style bros who don't wear shirts, and swim, hang out in the hot tub, drink beer, brag about chicks, work out, and wrestle. That's not the story, it's just the backdrop.

The only drawback is the woman wearing the corset. She's a scientist and she does a bunch of science, and there's a pretty cool story about her evil plans and stuff. I liked that part, but she was pretty old. The good thing is any time she's on the screen, so's a bro, like getting scanned all evilly, walking slowly in his underwear, or laying on a bed or showering or something.

I got a little confused about which guy was which, but it made sense once you figured out which one was well known for what - and that was important for the movie's story. I really liked this movie. It was exactly the kind of non porny bro movie where you could enjoy some built guys without feeling like you were just watching something weird.

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