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surprisingly entertaining.

Author: Tyler Durden from India
7 May 2012

Saw Jannat2 few days back. Actually we were planning to go to Vicky Donor but it was not playing in nearby theaters so i thought we ll go to jannat2. I had not seen trailers and not listened the songs even. I thought it would suck but i just wanted to go to cinema for a break.

Well the film started off well with witty dialogs from two main characters Randeep Hooda and Emraan. Both have performed well and take the movie forward on their shoulders. Vulgarity is slowly finding its place in bollywood. The usage of bad language is interesting in the beginning but becomes unrealistic and forced in latter parts of the movie. The lead actress should have been different. She looks like Angelina Jolie at times. Her acting skills are OK. The part where Emran rises in his position and becomes more rich and successful is shown better in Jannat.

The plot is very very interesting, story, very well scripted with twists( some we can guess, others are mind blowing), dialogs are well written. So the writers of the movie did an excellent job. Coming to direction, Kunal Deshmukh has shown his talent in Jannat and Tum Mile. He has improved and refined himself with Jannat2. This is by far his best effort as a director. Some scenes are very interesting like revealing the twists and the conversation between Randeep Hooda and Manish Choudary(Mangal Singh). There is no dull moment even if there are they don't last long.

The ending part of the movie is very touching. I will not spoil it for you, go check it out for yourself. I had low expectations from the movie maybe that s the reason I liked it a lot. If you want to enjoy the movie go with low expectations. But I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Its not a family entertainer so go watch it with friends and you will enjoy it. Bollywood is changing and making serious films, which is a good sign.

P. S: Music is awesome too you will be singing the song "jannate kahan" on your way home.

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Not A Sequel..

Author: Ajay Tomar from Pune, India
8 May 2012

One Thing is For Sure, Mahesh Bhatt Always Hits the Bulls Eye. After Normal Success Of A Mediocre film Like Blood Money, He has filled his accounts with Jannat 2, Taking the name of a Successful Blockbuster of 2008 ,Planting a Good Music and Imran Hashmi. These three factors are enough to make a film successful . But there is more in Jannat 2 , Randeep Hooda's Best Performance till date, like he was born for a role like this. The chemistry between Imran and Esha is faded because of the camaradeie shared between Hooda And Imran.They have created spark in every scene they are together.Just love them . Also supporting cast have played their part well, whether it be Mangal Singh , Dadda or Imran's Friend. Their are also twists here and there and two good chase sequences. Hence to wrap up . Jannat 2 may not have a good romantic story like Jannat.But its a good crime thriller.Good acts by the cast except newcomer Esha Gupta she is dull. Otherwise Movie is worth a Watch..

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Good movie.. watch it.. It wont disappoint you.

Author: rjrenju from India
18 May 2012

I watched Jannat 2 on second day in theater. Its a good movie, fast moving, entertaining, and believe me Imran hashmi has matured as a very good actor. I have always been a fan of Imran as he did some fantastic job in Awarapan, Gangster, Jannat etc. And talking about Jannat 2, If you are going to watch an Imran hashmi movie, watch out for Randeep Hooda, I must say that Randeep Hooda rocks in this movie. I think Randeep is the Hero and Imran is doing the supporting role. Jannat 2 is having a good story, Imran performs as a gun dealer who later becomes police's informer. Imran and Randeep became a good pair on screen, and Isha gupta was average, although she looks cute in the movie. Anyways, i liked the movie very much and giving 8/10. Don't think twice, go and watch it.

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Really good performances and story has a grip through out!

Author: wisegal from canada
13 May 2012

To begin with it is quite nice Jannat can become a genre by itself in Bollywood. I really liked way the characters are built up. Movie has a grip through out and you are not bored every time Hooda and Hashmi are on screen together you feel the excitement where is the plot going to move next. Sure enough the story might be a lift from another movie but the dynamics between the characters is handled very adeptly and makes for a pleasant viewing. Am not a Hashmi fan but after seeing this movie I have to say hats off to him being so faithful to the character and his simple no nonsense acting makes him really likable.

Final verdict: Definitely entertaining and worth a watch!

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Pleasantly Surprised.....!!!!!!

Author: Sunny Roy from India
8 May 2012

Jannat 2....Going by the trailers, did not have much expectations from it barring the songs....but was pleasantly surprised with what unfolded on the screen.... Started on a rather sluggish note, but did not waste much time to come to the point and from there onwards, it was one helluva ride with some really unexpected and sudden twists and some heavy mouthed "seeti maar" dialogues....if the Interval hits u like a thundering bolt, wait for the climax (never seen such a climax in any movie thus far, hence bound get mixed reactions) And after a point, the drama gets so intense, that few of the really nice songs in the post interval portion seems to be a hindrance to the fast-edgy narrative.... Though promoted as an Emraan Hashmi movie, do watch out for Randeep Hooda....TERRIFIC and it is this Hashmi-Hooda chemistry that took the movie to an altogether different level....LOVED their camaraderie....!!!!! The climax-personally I loved such an unconventional and "never seen before" climax, but still it is bound to get mixed response.... Overall, its surely worth a watch, overlooking few of the blemishes....

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An Entertaining, Well-Acted Film!

Author: nama chakravorty from India
16 June 2012

The Second Installment in the Jannat Series of films, 'Jannat 2' is An Entertaining, Well-Acted Film, that deserves a viewing on its true merits. A Fast-Paced, Edgy Crime-Thriller!

'Jannat 2' Synopsis: A smuggler who deals in illegal guns, joins hands with a sincere police offer, in order to demolish the gun smuggling business.

'Jannat 2' is Entertaining, Fast-Paced & Edgy. The Narrative is absorbing in most parts & the twists & turns only act as a bonus. Shagufta Rafique's Screenplay is entertaining & well-written. Kunal Deshmukh's Direction is efficient. Cinematography & Editing are decent. Music by Pritam, is top-notch!

Performance-Wise: Emraan Hashmi is excellent in the lead role. The Talented Actor scores from start to end. Randeep Hooda is terrific in a strong supporting role. Esha Gupta has screen presence & does fairly well. Manish Chaudhary is menacing. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub & Brijendra Kala are fantastic in their respective parts.

On the whole, 'Jannat 2' is a winner.

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A Film Well Above Average

Author: Parulsc from United States
21 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jannat 2 is a wonderful movie. I think people have begun to expect too much out of the film industry. This movie has moments of action, romance, comedy, and even sorrow. Jannat 2 is a movie that calls upon emotions without limits and is therefore a very different type of movie.

The music is one of the best aspects of this movie. As with almost all films in this cinema, music plays a large role. In the promotion of the movie, the music had a very prominent role. In some cases, the music keeps the movie alive and full of emotion. There really isn't more you could ask for, unless you were looking for some kind of song that can be played at will and sound nice in any situation. The music is tailored specifically to tell the story and it does a very exceptional job at it.

The story begins very late in the life of the main character, Sonu Dilli KKC (Emraan Hashmi) and therefore leaves very little time for the relationship between him and his best friend. This may be the ONLY aspect that this movie lacks. However, regardless of this fact, the movie kept me at the edge of my seat through the entire two hours. I can say this is much better than a dreadful extra hour added in order to maintain this one aspect.

Regardless of that one flaw, which really can't be fixed, there isn't much wrong with the movie. The romance in the movie is sweet, but different. It's Original. That's what a film should contain. There are too many movies neglecting originality in the relationship between the main character and his love interest. This brings a whole new way to look at a relationship and makes a huge effect on someone that can understand it.

The comedy, however vulgar it may be, is nonetheless funny. Sure, there is a lot of language in the movie, but honestly it is how people talk. Also, the vulgarity played a very important role in the film's story, it was to show how the main characters could never fit in to a high class lifestyle, that they had something that related to their former selves. There are other parts of the movie that seem simply hysterical, however serious they may have been intended to be. Such as (***SPOILER ALERT***) when Sonu is describing ACP Pratap as a crazy dog that won't leave him alone.

The action is almost top notch. It beats mediocre graphical effects that aren't fine tuned such as in movies like Ra. One. Graphical effects, unless perfect, have a negative effect. However, the movie does fine with very few of them. The action seems almost real in most circumstances, and it is very enjoyable to watch.

The emotions that flood at the end of the movie are like no other. (***SPOILER ALERT*** For the rest of the Paragraph) As the almost identical ending to Jannat, Jannat 2 shows another way for the main character to die in which he does in fact give up on doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, but instead does the right thing for the wrong reasons. The effect caused by the death of the main character is phenomenal and is very ORIGINAL. There are very few tragedies in Bollywood today. The greatest (of which I can recall of the top of my head) being Kal Ho Na Ho, by Karan Johar, and had become a big hit because of the emotions tied to the death of the main character.

In short, if you're looking for a different and original movie that can be funny, violent, romantic, and sad, this is the movie for you.

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A brilliant sequel of jannat.Awesome film.The ending was emotional just like jannat.

Author: DG_Boy from india
11 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is awesome.Nice and brilliant sequel.Tye story is good and a litttle different from jannat.The story is about a small illegal gun dealer who is forced to being an informer of a cop who wants to put an end to this racket.The direction was good from kunal deshmukh.The screenplay was good.The editing was awesome.The acting was superb from Emraan hashmi.Actually be is born to do this kind roles like jannat,raaz and murder.This kind roles suits to him.Randeep hooda was good in his role.The songs were nice and beautiful just like its first part.And the dialouges were awesome and wonderful.Whoever wrote the dialouges of both the parts hats of to him.Overall amust watch film for emraan hashmi fans.They will like this.My opinion a must watch film.

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Failed attempt to cash on first part's popularity

Author: kundan sharma from Trichur, India
28 April 2013

After success of Jannat, Kunal Deshmukh brings you Jannat 2, first dealt with match fixing in cricket while second part deal with illegal arm racket. Jannat 1 being not a great piece of work but was successful due to controversy around match fixing generated in 2008.

Problems with this film are plenty. Film borrows its story from first part but failed miserably to develop characters. Whole film look like a forced attempt to cash on popularity of first part.

Emraan Hashmi plays Sonu dilli, an illegal arm racketeer in this film who love a independent, gorgeous, doctor player by Esha Gupta who besides treating patients for free, reaches everywhere emraan is already present for their love to blossom. What a coincidence !

Love story run side by side with attempt of sonu dilli to rectify life's mistakes & lead good life by exposing illegal arms syndicate with the help of ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (randeep hooda) & this makes the rest of story. Chemistry between lead pair looks very artificial. All sequences of the film have a great degree of coincidence as we already saw in 80's films. Newcomer esha gupta is only an eye candy. Randeep hooda gave a good performance notwithstanding a lackluster script. All other characters plays their part well. Music is pathetic, all songs in the film are forcefully introduced which slow down our torture to end.

Overall a boring, nonsense avoidable film & please note that there are lots of unnecessary cuss words are used.

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A 3 on 5. Decent.

Author: Vaibhav Shrivastava from India
26 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Was it a story or a series of events leading to the end? I still don't know what KKC Sonu Dilli's jannat was about. 'Jannat-2' missed a thing or two when compared the previous 'Jannat'. Here we had an obvious storyline. The 'love story' was just there with nothing very special about it.

The casting was something that held my attention well for some time and made me appreciate what the casting director did with it. Specially Manish Chaudhary as the villain Mangal Singh Tomar and 'phas gaye re Obama' fame Brijendra Kala as his right hand Sarfaraaz were a very nice choice for the roles they played. Now, it was about repeating what he has done in a number of movies like 'Once upon a time in Mumbai'- 'Justice', Randeep Hooda seriously impresses as ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi. Emraan Hashmi was as he is seen in all the other movies of the same production house. He takes such roles with a subtle ease and makes you feel that acting this way isn't tough at all but then you remember him in 'Dil to bachcha hai ji' where he did steal the show with a similar performance among other artists. So he's good and so is his chemistry with Randeep. Finally, Esha Gupta is a surprise. She is brilliant (mind you I'm not talking of her acting at all).

Talking of surprises, there were a few things that surprised me in the film. The end of the film for one, I had a mixed feeling. The end made the story seem incomplete and at the same time the way Emraan's character dies and asks for 'the' promise from Randeep to not to reveal his true identity to his love, so as to avoid her pain; I wasn't expecting that so I liked it. As far as the expectations are concerned, everything else happened in the movie as expected- even the suspense. Hence as mentioned before it didn't seem like a story but a series of events leading to a known ending.

Among the few other things, the overuse of the 'B' word at times seemed unnecessary. The scenes having Randeep calling over to listen to his dead wife's voice over an answering machine at different instances are likable. Also, the scene with Esha and Emraan standing in Garden in between a song under a self created shower out of the water pipe was romantic and caught my eye. The music is better than the story off course. The film could have helped itself a little better editing though. The songs in the soulful voices of KK, Mohit Chauhan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and others are melodious and will be hummed for some time.

Though nothing very special about it, overall the movie is an 'OK' entertainer. With a star for the music, and a half for Esha (again not for her acting) and another half for the brilliant chemistry between Emraan and Randeep, and one full star to Randeep's performance; the film for me earns a decent 3 stars out of 5. Though I was thinking of a 2.5 but the half star for the lady for being noticed even without 'acting', it's OK. 

~Vaibhav Shrivastava NOTE: After watching the movie a friend set his FB status as "Esha gupta...u made my nights!!! :D N.B: Just came back aftr watching Jannat 2."

All I can say is..... – I agree dude!!

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