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It's unique, powerful stuff.
By turns dynamic, dangerous and bursting with passion, Out In The Dark is a stark, swoonsome romantic drama.
In Mayer's assured hands, a drama that could easily have become schematic instead pulses with urgency, longing and raw feeling, morphing smoothly in its final third into a lean thriller.
The movie is involving, the romance affecting, the sex sound, and the catch-as-catch-can handheld camerawork smartly appropriate for the scenario.
The suspenseful love story Out in the Dark isn't a political film by any stretch, but the intrigue and prejudices of the Arab-Israeli conflict certainly fuel the romance and thrills of this entertaining, taut movie.
It's one of the most powerful films about the Arab-Israeli conflict that has ever been attempted on the screen.
There's heroism and an escape of sorts in Out in the Dark - but in Mayer's despairing vision, there are no winners.
The New York Times
Even though the plot defies credibility at several points, Out in the Dark is gripping.
A sometimes over-simplified but often affecting look at forbidden love.
There's romance and tragedy, but little depth and no nuance.
Instead of looking for depth or verisimilar romance, director Michael Mayer turns his characters into mere cogs in a pseudo-suspenseful thriller.
About 45 minutes in, the film's uneasy détente between subtlety and movie machinery fails outright, as heretofore shown-not-told themes are spelled out - “You forget where you live!” yell family members on both sides - and the paramours try to outrun violence and structural contrivance.

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