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After their blood-filled feast Bill, Eric and the others return to the Authority headquarters. It's clear that Russell Edgington plans on taking the group in a different direction. While Bill seems to remain neutral, Eric isn't buying any of it and tries to convey Godric's message to his sister. Sookie meanwhile works with her friends from the faerie club to see through her mother's eyes and identify the vampire who killed her parents. She gets more than she bargained for. Luna is upset about the effort going into finding the men who shot them. Sam tries to get her to calm down but she suddenly shifts into something new for her - Sam. Hoyt Fortenberry gets a surprise from his new friends. Arlene and Holly hire Lafayette to hold a séance with Terry and Patrick. It works better than they hoped and the spirit of the woman Terry killed tells him what he has to to to end the curse.

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