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  • Desperate for a trace of Red John, Patrick arranges loyal accomplice Lorelei's prison escape and makes it look like she kidnapped him. Lisbon chooses to believe him and covers up versus special agent Robert Kirkland, joining him in an investigation for Lorelei's dysfunctional family. Painstakingly winning her trust, Patrick also finds out about her traumatic family history and concludes its drama started with a Red john murder just so he could manipulate her.

  • Patrick arranges Lorelei's escape from prison and then kidnaps her to get answers about Red John. Meanwhile, Lorelei's mother shares with agent Lisbon a shocking detail about her family.


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  • With the help of Bret Stilles, Jane breaks Lorelei out of prison. Lisbon and Bob Kirkland think that Jane helped Lorelei, but after they find Jane's car with a broken window and his cellphone with the message: 'send one after me,' they suspect that Lorelei has Jane, in order to bring him to Red John or to take revenge.

    In the meantime, Jane tries to convince Lorelei to tell him who Red John is. She refuses. Jane is willing to do anything that Lorelei wants so they go to the ocean for the night.

    Lisbon and Kirkland find out that Lorelei had a sister after a testy meeting with Dana Martins, Lorelei's mom, but she was killed and the killer was never found. The only clue found was the name she'd carved in the ground: 'Roy.'

    Roy is Red John's alias, typically with lovers.

    Jane calls Lisbon. He tells her that he's in fear of his life and asks if Lisbon knows that Lorelei has a sister. She says she does and faxes Jane the crime scene photo of the corpse of Miranda and the carved "Roy." In the motel, Lorelei argues with Jane after finding out that he is pretending that she kidnapped her. Lorelei says "I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life-long friends the moment you shook hands." after Jane confronted her about Red John's connection to her sister's murder.

    Jane and Lorelei go to her cabin, there Jane tells Lorelei that 'I know I'll never convince you Red John killed your sister. You have to go and find the truth yourself, and when you do, you'll know where to find me.'

    Lorelei leaves, and Jane crashes their car to make it look like Lorelei kidnapped him, and took off. Lisbon arrives and Jane tells her Lorelei is on foot. In fact, she really took a car that was parked by the house.

    At the end of the episode Jane tells Lisbon that "Red John is someone he knows"

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