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This baby should definitely have been aborted

Author: chuckm76 from United Kingdom
12 December 2012

I don't know why but I had a feeling that this was going to be an OK film but I couldn't have been more wrong, I'm afraid it's another one of those straight to DVD titles that are so common these days and booooooooooooy is it a stinker.

Stealing its basic plot ideas from "The Omen", "Paranormal Activity" and "Rosemary's Baby", though never successfully. This travesty is as much as an unintentional comedy as it is a horror, that as we know can be quite entertaining at times but it never is here. Hilariosly bad acting, unconvincing characters, comic deaths, terrible special effects and a just incredibly awful demonic baby which is never properly seen but what you do see isn't worth the wait.

I've run out of adjectives to describe how bad this is so I'll leave you with this one lasting message:

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Author: Mark Couch from Brussels, Belgium
12 December 2012

The cover looked good, the write up looked good, the movie.... Terrible.

There are wonders of medical science in this movie. A Caesarian section scat that heals over night. Dead bodies that breathe.

The acting is third rate, at best. No Oscar nominations here.

Even for a gore/ slasher flick this really does scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Oh, and if you like swearing, this is the movie for you.

Total waste of time.

I did learn one thing though, I will now check reviews of the movies I think look good before buying them.

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'Wonderfully' bad!!!

Author: Rob Williams from Clevedon, UK
7 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A woman gives birth, during the birth the baby kills the Surgeon and Nurse, then things get even sillier....

Quite simply this is without doubt one of the most hilariously awful films I have ever seen!!!

The 'acting', 'plot' and 'special effects' ( I use these terms very loosely) are not just B-movie but Z-movie, so atrocious are they.The whole film is littered with head scratching plot holes you could fly a 747 through, for example:

As I said the Surgeon and Nurse die during the birth of the baby, this doesn't seem to bother the mother Veronica (Sara Malakul Lane) as she lies there with her baby, next to Cops and two dead bodies!!

The Police are called when the parents suspect there is an intruder in their property, a Detective (sucking a lolly pop) turns up literally 20 seconds later!!

Veronica's husband kills himself by drinking boiling water, she doesn't seem too affected by this either....

Why does the Detective whilst looking for the intruder pick up a dead rat by its tail, look at it, then put put it down again as if it was a suspect?!

How has Veronica managed to get a super fit body only 6 days after giving birth?

Why, when discovering a dead Police Officer outside her house, does Veronica not call 911 but leave the Detective a voice mail message!?!?! (and why does he not turn up until later in the day?)

The dialogue is hilarious, my favourite being this exchange, Veronica's sister has just showered and is getting dressed, evil baby is 'watching'

Sister-"VERONICA GODDAMIT! Your Baby is a pervert!!"


Sister-"I was changing and it was watching me!!"

The ending is the icing on the turd flavored cake, the evil baby show his ugly mug, he really does have a face only it's Mother could love...mental!!

So are there any plus points?

Well yes.

For starters 'actress' Sara Malakul Lane is super hot, so us guys have some eye candy, but, yes the film is beyond bad, but, it obeys the rules of bad (horror) movies, its truly dreadful. but most importantly,it's entertaining for all the wrong reasons and never dull or boring!

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A Strong Contender For Worst Film of 2012

Author: gavin6942 from United States
10 May 2013

When baby Sebastian is born on 12/12/12 everyone around him starts to die. Soon, his mother realizes that her son is the spawn of Hell.

Please, keep the camera steady! Or at least level! If I am going to watch a bad movie (bad acting, bad effects, bad everything else) at least keep the camera in such a way that I can actually view it without getting seasick.

The only redeeming part of this film was the postal carrier who calls the demon baby a "half hemorrhoid, half herpe" and says he would "kick it down a trash chute" if it was his baby. Wow. Such harsh words for a child (not as bad for a demon, but he does not know the kid is evil)!

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One of those movies where the DVD cover is better than the movie itself

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
26 February 2013

While I was admittedly not expecting much from 12/12/12 the DVD cover was really advertising, so I thought to myself this could be a worthwhile watch overall. Unfortunately, 12/12/12 is anything but, only the fact that some of the actors are genuine eye-candy comes close to a saving grace and that is not enough to save a movie. The movie looks cheap, it is dully lit and choppily shot but it was the ugly and unfinished-looking special effects that really cheapened 12/12/12 from a visual front. Any attempts of atmosphere are hindered completely by bizarre sound effects and overbearing scoring. You are also laughing out loud at the utter stupidity of the dialogue, the lines themselves are horrendously bad and very awkwardly delivered. The story is the biggest failing, pedestrian, utterly predictable from each frame to the next, too many ridiculous and unbelievable moments to list and a complete lack of suspense are what basically sums up the story of 12/12/12. The characters are lifeless cardboard cut-outs that you learn nothing about, the baby especially is creepy and actually in an annoying way than to anything else. The direction is flat and amateurish, and the acting from all involved is so poor that it's beyond description. Overall, terrible on all levels. And I've learnt a valuable lesson, like not judging the quality of a movie by its trailer I've learned not to assume that a great DVD cover equals a good movie. It doesn't. 1/10(I am tempted to go lower if I was allowed, but as I'm feeling generous today I'll let it stay put for now) Bethany Cox

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"12/12/12" is an inappropriate and needless throwback to "It's Alive," "Grace," and "Rosemary's Baby"

Author: ersinkdotcom from United States
13 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The year 2012 sure is getting a raw deal when it comes to being associated with catastrophic events. First, we're speeding towards the end of the Mayan calendar which supposedly signifies the coming of the apocalypse. Now the Asylum marks the actual beginning of the end as "12/12/12."

Armageddon might occur on December 21st, but the official kick-off begins on the 12th when the son of the Devil is born. At least that's what this over-the-top and completely disgusting low -budget mix of "It's Alive," "Grace," and "Rosemary's Baby" wants us to believe.

Baby Sebastian's birth on December 12, 2012 is marked with tragedy from the moment he arrives in the delivery room. The doctors delivering the baby are brutally and inexplicably murdered. After taking the newborn home, it becomes evident to mother Veronica that something is very wrong with her child. Death seems to surround him wherever he is. She soon realizes Sebastian is the child of Satan and will fully embrace his evil calling on December 21st.

As a movie, I have to say that "12/12/12" isn't all that badly paced or put together. There are still the amateurish camera angles and bad acting we're all used to with the Asylum's movies. What ruins this is its mission to push the envelope of tastelessness as far as they can and get away with it. I'm all about giving the audience something shocking they can drop their jaws at, but they go way too far in my opinion.

Let me give you just a few examples of sections of the film where I was looking away and closing my eyes in abhorrence. They show the demonic child coming out of the woman's private parts. You want to talk about causing someone to never want to undergo natural childbirth. Now add a highly inappropriate incestuous situation between the mother and child. Top it off with a rather graphic rape scene and you get a good idea of the sort of quality you can expect from "12/12/12."

I love horror movies and enjoy the "Satanic Panic" films of the 1970s and 1980s just as much as the next fan does. I understand why the Asylum felt the need to exploit such foul matter. Many genre fans are always looking for someone to push the visual limits of gore and violence. The Asylum wanted to get those people's attention. I just think there are certain places you don't go and many of them were visited in "12/12/12."

Movies like "12/12/12" make me angry. I enjoyed the idea of the movie going into it. It sounded like a fun little flick that would scare up memories of several other classic films I've appreciated. It turned out to be a completely joyless experience I found myself abhorred by. I actually turned it off and then decided to watch the entire thing so I could properly review it and warn potential viewers about it before they see anything they'll never be able to unsee.

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Not a very good movie

Author: zzoaozz from United States
6 April 2013

There were quite a few strikes against this movie from the beginning. First, the acting is not very good over all. No one really stank but no one was very good either. It rather reminded me of the level of acting you see in a high school play. Secondly, the sound was a problem. There is not very much background music in the movie and many of the shots seem kind of flat sounding as if they were shot in a padded warehouse or something. Even the street scenes are oddly empty sound- wise. There is a lack of motor vehicle sounds, animal sounds, people sounds, even the wind is missing. Third, the baby/monster looked ridiculously unbelievable. It looked like a wooden or plastic dummy being jerked along on strings or in some cases just thrown at people. It's face never even moves. Fourth, the dead rats that are left everywhere are laughably fake looking. You can buy more realistic ones at Walmart near Halloween. Fourth, the plot was beyond predictable there was no mystery, no twist at all. It laid everything on the table from the first scene. I usually try to find some good in any movie I watch. Oddly enough, the only I can think of to say in a positive manner is that Sara Malukal Lane, the main character, has truly lovely breasts. I am a straight female with no interest in girls at all, but I could not help but notice how perfectly shaped and placed they are. Showing them a couple of times was probably the best decision the director made in this movie. Other than that, it is an utter waste of time.

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Oh good grief....

Author: Paul Iddon from Preston, England
9 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From the opening scenes to the end - this is one dire movie. The special effects are terrible throughout, and plot just plain awful. Avoid this one is my suggestion.

*SPOILER* The opening scenes of murder is so fantastical, you would not dream it up if you had even half a brain. The skin colour is ridiculous on the infant, and that it can do what it did beggars belief.

Then there is a policeman who sucks lollipops ala Kojak. Except less effectively.

And the baby? So fake it's incredible.

Sorry folks - I won't bore you with the rest of the film. The ending is rubbish anyway.

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Author: marleenj66 from United States
14 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh boy! Please do not waste your money on this. I thought it was going to be scary instead I watched a very low budget comedy. It did not flow and things that happened in the movie just do not happen that way in life. The best part was the mailman when he was walking away from the house he said I just saw the ugliest baby and he gave me the stink eye. If I had a baby that ugly I would throw it in the dumpster. I was laughing so hard. It made up for the $5.00 I spent on VUDU for that ridiculous movie. The baby at times is a doll-when the Mom is holding it you can see it. The baby never makes a sound and if you ever had a newborn they cry a lot. Later in the film the baby is all around town just sitting upright but so fake. A lady I would assume that just shows up out of the blue from social services is talking with an American accent, when she gets to her home carrying the baby she has a full blown Jamaican accent-SIDE SPLITTING HILARIOUS! To much nudity (predictable)and cursing that just does not sound right during scenes-to fakey. Anyhow this movie is a DUD. If you rent it after reading all of the bad reviews don't say we did not warn you. Marleen

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Really is it worth a laugh even?

Author: mrhorrorking from United States
15 December 2012

Well for say, many, many mistakes there. Extremely low budget movie about a satanic cult guy that goes around trying to steal a newborn baby that is actually the demon lord. OK,that's the premise of the movie,now it's review time .... OMG,it's too awful for words.Everyone associated w/making this movie needs to have the taste slapped outta their mouths.Seriously,avoid this movie like it's the plague.Worse than the worst movie.

I looked at the cover and thought it was worth it. Wrong! Never judge a movie by its cover.

The Asylum, has had way better movies, what happened here? It was made way to fast. When I got the movie there was no reviews on it so I was suckered ... Avoid!

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