Homefront (2013) Poster


Plot Keywords

dea biker gang
biker dea agent
fight school
drugs small town
death violence
fire truck ambulance
deception night vision goggles
tied to a chair water torture
hit in the crotch interrogation
torture drug mule
fire held at gunpoint
rescue hostage
car set on fire exploding car
axe pitchfork
gasoline hand to hand combat
mixed martial arts martial arts
brawl fist fight
one man army warrior
tough guy anti hero
action hero blood splatter
blood shot in the forehead
police raid suicide by cop
stealing a car flipping car
car accident disguise
home invasion knife
single parent single father
dysfunctional family southern accent
birthday happy birthday to you
helicopter ambush
booby trap marijuana joint
strangulation cigarette smoking
car chase chase
foot chase gunfight
dog horse
handyman tattoo
abandoned warehouse pay phone
diner alligator
forest woods
swamp train
flask psychologist
school teacher nosebleed
bully comeuppance f word
speedboat mugshot
assassination attempt revenge
hitman ak 47
beaten to death sniper rifle
sniper machine gun
revolver ex cop
motorcycle drug dealer
boat yard boat
junkie cell phone
steakhouse strip club
neo noir modern western
machismo culture clash
title at the end bridge
stolen police car doggystyle sex
sex on car slow motion scene
birthday party threat
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
kidnapping child in peril
shotgun shot in the stomach
stabbed with a pitchfork impalement
stabbed in the hand intimidation
flashback flat tire
stuffed animal broken leg
knocked out hit with a baseball bat
tattoo on arm drug addict
brother sister relationship husband wife relationship
gas station airboat
bayou stable
horse riding white trash
feud sheriff
head butt beating
kicked in the chest punched in the face
kicked in the face punched in the stomach
bully 10 year old
elementary school lawyer
louisiana new orleans louisiana
lens flare methamphetamine
meth lab widower
prison prisoner
prison visit arrest
exploding building explosion
shootout gas mask
character repeating someone else's dialogue blood on camera lens
car crash shot to death
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the head shot in the leg
murder swat team
murder of a police officer bar
pistol motorcycle gang
undercover agent scene during opening credits
mother son relationship holding head under water
cat father daughter relationship
one word title death of son
based on novel surprise ending

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