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  • Merc asks Beverly and Sean to gently remind Matt that he is overweight. He takes the news badly but during a filming session the bulge in his trouser pocket turns out to be caused by loose sweets he is hoarding. Later he notes that a computer image has been posted,terming him Matt LeBlob and he rings Labia for comfort. She is happy to come round. Beverly goes to dinner with Rob but she is nervous and they are interrupted. Nonetheless he asks to see her again.

  • Matt is shocked after Merc makes the script duo tell him he's too chubby to remain sexy, but that only depresses him and leads to binge comfort food consumption. After being caught during a scene shoot with candy looking like an erection, Matt even invites his 'stalker' in for comfort sex. Rob's dinner invitation excites Bev, but as soon as Sean finds out accidentally, it goes awkward, even worse then bumping into Andrew, as the English couple realizes painfully the're just not over each-other enough to date others.


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  • At the studio, Sean and Beverly meet with Merc and Carol. Merc thinks its going terrific, but they think Matt is looking like a chunk.

    Its Ok if he started out fat, but you cant start hot and get fat not on TV. We need hot Matt, not fat Matt, Carol explains.

    Matt cooks for Jamie. She pronounces his sauce Italy-good. His foccacia is ready. Oh my god, how could your wife leave you? Jamie asks. I cheated on her.

    Matts ex calls with word of who dropped by school: Labia. She called the police.

    Mornings brother Rob drops her off at work so she can hide in the back from paparazzi. Hes charming and funny with Beverly. Sean interrupts so they can go talk to Matt.

    In his dressing room, Matt takes a handful of M & Ms as Beverly breaks the news. Matt says hes gained no weight since he started the show. Sean denies all responsibility.

    Beverly says he seems like he might have gained a little, then defends herself by pointing out shes the only one in the room who slept with him.

    They tell him Merc called him a chunk.

    Beverly finds Morning, who tells her again that her brother asked about her. Beverly agrees to go out with him.

    Morning suggests she and Beverly hang out more, but Beverly reminds her how she thanked Sean.

    At craft services, Matt pauses mid-donut as he catches Sean looking at him. He throws it at Sean's face.

    Sean and Beverly watch Matt film a scene on the monitors and realize they see a crotch shadow. They debate whos going to tell him to readjust and send the director in.

    He walks to Matt, who silently removes giant wads of candy from his pants pockets, including a giant size Snickers bar.

    Matt hangs out at home with Jamie, who can tell something is wrong. He tells her her husband thinks hes fat.

    She assures him he feels like he looks amazing. But then she kisses his belly and calls it a belly. She offers to leave. They start to make up, but he gets sidetracked thinking about the meeting they had discussing his fatness. He picks a fight with Jamie and she leaves.

    Beverly calls Carol on the way to her date, freaking out about how terrible she is at dating. Carol assures her she doesnt have to sleep with him . I wasnt even thinking about sleeping with him, Beverly says. Are you serious? Then why are you putting yourself through this? Carol asks.

    Beverly tries to make it through her date but starts sweating. Shes interrupted by Andrew their former PA, now big-time screenwriter. He asks where Sean is then throws a big public fit and apology when he figures out theyre not together. He gives her the pity face until she finally tells him to leave.

    At home, Sean makes himself a TV dinner. Morning forwards Sean a link of a gossip article headlined Matt LeBlob over a photo of him looking particularly jowly. He goes to the fridge for some cake.

    Back on her date, Beverly goes on to long about the hummus. Her phone rings. Its Sean. She cant get him off speaker phone and when he asks where she is, shes forced to admit hes on a date.

    At home, Matt watches old interview footage of his young skinny self as he eats cheesecake. He picks up his phone and leaves a message, apologizing for being a prick. I really need to see you, he says.

    Back on her date, Rob figures that Sean was her ex. Beverly starts talking and realizes how unfair him being annoyed is. She realizes shes the worst date ever and mentions its her first date in 10 years. He offers her a do over and suggests they try again tomorrow night. He takes her hand, her arm ends up in the hummus.

    Matts doorbell rings. Its Labia. He lets her in.

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