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Disappointing end to a disappointing season
paatttt28 September 2012
Let me first start by saying that I absolutely LOVED the first season of awkward. It had quirk, wit, emotion, laughs and an actual storyline. This season started with promise, but instantly went downhill. All throughout the season, the only storyline that was visible was the love triangle, and lets be honest, there's one of those in every show and movie these days (twilight, hunger games). The season had no plot, laughs, or the wit and fun that I had fell in love with in the first season. The season was based solely on the love triangle and as the season progressed, I realised that the writers were making 'filler' episodes to make up a whole season! I mean episode 11? 20 minutes of her fantasising about how things could have been if this happened or not. NOTHING HAPPENED. And this episode was no different, in fact it was one of the worst episodes of awkward I have ever seen (including Once Upon a Blog). Again, it was a predictable end to the love triangle; she picks Matty and is FINALLY happy. HOWEVER of course, after some advice from her mom, she realises 'crap, i should've picked Jake, cause he dances at parties, unlike Matty'. And of course because of this, season 3 is ALSO going to be based on the love triangle ONCE AGAIN. I loved the first season, but for the sake of all viewers, this show needs to end, before they screw it up even more.
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