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Auggie (Christopher Gorham) sobers up in jail. Arthur (Peter Gallagher) paid his bail, even though Auggie didn't call. Arthur's not sympathetic to Auggie getting dumped. He takes Special Projects away from Auggie and sends him back to DPD.

At Langley, Annie (Piper Perabo) tells Lena (Sarah Clarke) they need to talk. She thinks she has a way in with Simon. Lena doesn't want to get involved in a turf war with Joan (Kari Matchett).

"I have privileged access to a top FSB operative, are you telling me I should walk away because someone decided to move my desk down the hall?" Annie shouts.

"Have you developed feelings for this guy? Because you're fighting very hard with this," Lena says. She tells Annie again it's over.

Annie is happy to see Auggie back in his office. She notices his busted up knuckles. He doesn't want to talk about it.

Joan has a mission for Annie. Operatives in the field have discovered a piece of an Iranian missile copied from American designs.

Annie butts in to Joan summarizing the situation, assuming Israel is involved.

Annie's supposed to help surveille the architect of the technology, an American scientist named Isaac Reiss. Saul Berkowitz with Mossad will be running point. Joan mentions Annie's old flirt buddy Eyal (Oded Fehr) is out of the country.

Annie steps off the plane in Israel and finds Eyal waiting. Saul Berkowitz got sick. "The ten beers I bought him last night didn't help," he says.

This is his chance to show her everything is better in Israel.

Over dinner, Annie's worried they're not following the right guy because their intel is more than two days old.

Reiss has been taking long walks around the city during the daytime heat. Mossad thinks he's doing dead drops.

Eyal flirts heavily, but can tell Annie is conflicted about taking him up to her room. He thinks there's a man in her life. She assures him there isn't. He thinks she wants to talk about something. She doesn't trust him yet.

Back in DC, Auggie reports to Joan's office, where she tells him he's being sent to mandated therapy. He thinks if he shows weakness, he'll be gone.

Annie and Eyal meet with Reiss, offering him a fake job to see how he reacts. Annie wants to build a more complex profile, but Eyal urges her not to overthink it. While he's away, teams bug his office.

Eyal tells Reiss they're building the next Concord and they want him to design it. They tell him he'd have to leave immediately. Reiss hesitates.

Eyal pushes, saying they need his answer now. Isaac freezes. Annie tells him to think it over.

Annie tries to talk to him casually, getting him to talk about the woman he's dating. Eyal continues to push.

When the meeting ends, Eyal tells her Isaac was lying. They've been following him and he's not dating anyone.

Back in his room, Annie and Eyal watch Isaac from across the street. Annie doesn't see why he'd lie about having a girlfriend and doesn't think he's a villain. Eyal accuses her of being too emotionally close.

In therapy in DC, Auggie tells the shrink, Suzanne (Daniella Alonso) he doesn't need therapy. She urges him to talk to deal with anger to avoid another incident, but says she'll sign off on his form if he wants her to. She's surprised when he takes her up on it and walks out.

In Israel, Isaac makes a call, telling someone he has exciting news that could change "everything for us." Eyal thinks it's code. Annie tells him to quit looking for conspiracies. He called a woman with an unlisted number with no outgoing message. Surveillance has never seen her. She's convinced him to keep their relationship secret at work.

Annie realizes he's dating a spy. He probably doesn't even know she's stealing the technology.

Annie wants to read Isaac in and make him an asset. She brushes off Eyal's objections. He tells her it's imperative she follow his lead. He confesses Langley wants him to run a profile on her in the field. "My agency's investigating me?" she asks.

He says they're just worried about her. It's common practice. She realizes he thinks they're right to be concerned. He knows about Jai being killed and assures her it's OK to feel whatever she's feeling.

He says he doesn't know who ordered the assessment.

Annie picks up the phone and has a non-informative conversation with Joan, but avoids confronting her.

When she gets off the phone, Isaac calls. He asks her to meet alone at 4 p.m.

Arthur meets with his ex-wife Gina (Rena Sofer), who informs him he's on the short list to be the new ambassador to China. It was something they wanted to do together. She says that doesn't matter now.

Annie meets with Isaac, who explains leaving his company after all they've done for him is scary. He just has to convince his girlfriend taking the new job is a good idea. Annie asks about her. Isaac explains she doesn't like him talking about her to people he works with. Annie points out they don't work together yet. He talks. Her name is Lana. She's a scientist, too. He shows Annie a picture of her.

Shots ring out. Annie takes off after the shooter with Eyal behind her. He dodges traffic and runs through town into a parking garage. He fires at her, then jumps off the second story. Annie climbs over to follow as Eyal shouts at her to stop.

She jumps down and loses her gun. The gunman grabs it and has her dead to rights -- but suddenly he's plowed down by a passing car.

Annie gives the shooter's phone to Eyal. She thinks he's going to tell Langley she's a loose cannon and she'll be done. "I know this life is so easy for you, but it isn't for me!" she says.

He takes her to a kids' soccer game and points out his young son, whom he only gets to see from a distance. "I struggle with this life, same as you. How strange it is, the cost. But you're working towards making this world a better place and you're not alone," he tells her.

"It doesn't always feel that way," she says. He asks again what's bothering her. He gets a text that they found Isaac.

Auggie pounds away on a heavy bag, trying to work out his anger. Then he goes back to therapy, but says it shouldn't be taken as a sign of growth.

Arthur gives Joan the good news about the possible ambassador post. He put a word in with the East Asia desk and she could run the Bejing station. She's annoyed he talked to them before her. She doesn't want to go back in the field. He says he'll need his wife on his arm. "Then you married the wrong kind of wife," she says.

Back in Israel, Annie tells Eyal the name Simon Fischer. They find Isaac. He's just figured out his girlfriend is a spy. Annie says he can help them bring her in. He agrees.

Isaac waits as agents wire his room. Annie tries to keep him focused. They just need him to call her and ask to meet.

Isaac tells Lana about getting shot at. She says she'll come over in an hour. He goes on, asking if she'd move back to the US with him. Annie and Eyal are trying to get him to wrap it up when Isaac looks down and sees her on the street below. She runs. Everybody chases.

She hides behind a pillar and gets the jump on Eyal. She pulls a knife and pins him. Annie flies out and decks her. They take her in.

Back at the airport, Eyal tells Annie he gave her a good review. And he has a file for her, even though Mossad is not in the business of sharing information.

Annie thanks him and tells him she hopes they meet again under happier circumstances. She turns to leave. He stops her and tells her to be careful. He looks concerned.

Back home, Annie closes her blinds and pulls out the file. It's Mossad's file on Simon Fischer, including photos of her with him. She calls Simon and asks to see him.
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