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Sex & Nudity

  • 18 Cert for sexuality and nudity, violence and gore, language, and frightening/intense images
  • Lots of scenes involving low cut dresses and tight fitted outfits.
  • First scene shows bare breasts while a young man has sex with a prostitute in a car.
  • Lots of suggestive sexual encounters where the characters appear to be fornicating.
  • Rape is implied in a scene when a man uses his mind powers to make a woman want to have sex with him.
  • A woman has sex with her brother in law in front of a fireplace on multiple occasions no nudity is shown.
  • A woman and a man initiate a sexual act in her car. No nudity is shown. The act is interrupted abruptly.
  • The upper part of a female corpse is found naked with breasts visible. The scene is repeated in multiple episodes.
  • Humans morphing in and out of creatures are shown naked with full rear and side nudity.
  • A woman leaves bed in which another woman is seemingly naked under bed sheets. Sex is implied.
  • A shirtless man and a topless woman snort cocaine. She then blows him (shot from the back).
  • A man has rough sex with a naked woman.
  • A naked woman is shown fully from the back and side for a few minutes approaching a man. Her chest is also visible from the front.
  • A woman disrobes to another and is shown naked. It is implied that they have sex.
  • Incestuous acts are shown or implied.

Violence & Gore

  • Vomit and blood in almost every episode- vomit multiple times.
  • Humans eviscerated in multiple occasions. Guts shown.
  • A woman is shown alive with skin peeled.
  • A man cuts his veins in a suicidal attempt.
  • Transforming scene is VERY graphic and gory, lots of blood.


  • Some jokes about sex
  • Multiple uses of the F-word and most other profanity in each episode. Cunt is used at least a few times in the first season.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man uses drugs to become into a animal
  • A lot of smoking and drinking
  • Multiple uses of marijuana
  • Multiple uses of eye droppers that contain drugs
  • Lots of alcoholic beverages throughout.
  • Cocaine snorting.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many frightening scenes. A character transforms into something very scary, this scene if very graphic and Gory.
  • Rated 18 in UK, R rating in USA

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