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Well crafted story.
camink_inc20 July 2013
This movie shouldn't be discounted because of its source — Lifetime. The screenplay was well crafted and the character arcs were excellent… direction and photography well done, and the resolution was quite rewarding and clever. We are in an age were vice is a virtue, where you can almost always be assured there is not much difference between the protagonist and antagonist. In this film there was truly a difference. Virtue is oft considered a weak trait. But that is not true, it takes guts. In this film we have a nasty boss and a young assistant who is treated badly, but in spite of that her conscience, heart, wits and courage to go beyond her hurt feelings and proves to be the difference when most people would have walked away. The acting was good, and the characters believable, and the subject one that should not be ignored. If this were a major studio movie with a big budget it would be notable hit. I give it an 8 considering it's a low-budget made for TV movie. Bravo! (Viewed on NetFlix)
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Liked Layover Lots
Fieldsp34116 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this movie. I didn't have high hopes in it because it wasn't promoted like most of the network's movies, so I am pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. I think it is because the lead character was a smart lady who wouldn't give up in finding her "boss from hell" played convincingly by Lauren Holly. She really was very demanding and rude to her assistant, even blaming her for the weather and the reason she had to have a Layover in a city of Detroit. She was very lucky her assistant didn't believe she was fired and could tell she was in trouble somehow when she didn't get the usual phone call berating her for something out of her control. It was good to see Joe Lando in this film as Elliot, the security person. Unfortunately not enough scenes with him, in my opinion. SPOILER: And, it does have a happy ending.

I would definitely watch it whenever it airs again on Lifetime. I hope this one will also go to DVD for purchase.
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Quite well made for a TV comedy thriller
phd_travel20 June 2013
This is a well made for TV comedy thriller that is worth one watch. A 'Devil wears Prada' type boss played by Lauren Holly gets kidnapped by some sex traffickers. Her assistant helps rescue her.

Kaylee Defer from Gossip Girl and the slightly changed but still attractive Lauren Holly are the main cast members.

It's quite amusingly written especially with the Detroit "models" and Detroit jokes. The Russian jokes are a bit thin.

The story is moderately predictable but liked the dialog and the way things unfolded and was filmed.

It could have been painful but it isn't. Not bad.
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Surprisingly I liked it
TheLittleSongbird2 April 2013
The idea for Abducted aka Layover intrigued me and I like thrillers. I was dubious though because it was from The Asylum, who have a notoriety for bad movies. But I am glad I saw Layover because while not a great movie it was a good one. Maybe the pace could have been tighter,for me some of the middle dragged a little. The dialogue, while leagues above the dialogue for many other Asylum movies having some tension and focus, could have done with being less cheesy and predictable in places. And the movie did stretch believability a bit, not as frequently or blatantly as other Asylum efforts, but I just couldn't buy somebody being rewarded when their conduct was so incompetent. Layover does look good though, the settings and lighting are more accomplished and the camera work and editing better placed and smoother. The music and sound effects are well suited to the atmosphere without being too obtrusive or obvious. The story is not much new and but not too predictable or derivative, overall it is gripping with a suspenseful atmosphere and a fun twist. The characters didn't annoy me and served a purpose, while the direction is solid enough. And Layover is easily the best-acted Asylum movie to date and that is saying a lot. Lauren Holly is a strong lead and Kaylee DeFer is charismatic and has some great comedic chops. Joe Lando is good too if deserving of a bigger role. Overall, a surprisingly good movie. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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lori-marr20 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this movie. It has a great cast and a suspenseful plot, and I enjoyed the process that Rebecca went through to solve the mystery. Lauren Holly and Kaylee DeFer did a great job with their parts and it was great to see Joe Lando again, who also did a great job with his. He makes a great security guy and I'd love to see him in a movie with a bigger role.

What keeps me from giving this movie a 10 is that there are a few places where believe-ability is stretched. Part of that is a couple of times where real time is shortened in order to keep things moving and I understand the reason for that.

I've already watched this movie twice and will watch it again when it airs. I hope it becomes available on DVD soon.
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Pretty awful even if your standards are quite low
Jared Clinton8 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This should be the type of movie you can get drunk and laugh at, but the acting is even too poor for that--so poor it's actually embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch. Wasted a full bottle of wine on this. The plot is thin and really absurd. It goes beyond the realm of suspending disbelief. Even for a made for TV movie it was just awful. It starts out quite boringly, and the "climax"--if you can call it that with a straight face--was just preposterous. I don't want to delve for those of you who might prefer to watch it, don't want to be a plot spoiler. But if you do watch it prepare to be disappointed and perhaps uncomfortable. It's kind of like watching a drunk, recently dumped chic make a complete fool of themselves at a party begging everyone for attention--you just feel embarrassed on their behalf.
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Play it as it lays
kapelusznik183 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
****SPOILERS*** Bitchy and pain in the butt real estate tycoon Suzanne Hollingworth, Lauren Holly, ends up getting kidnapped out of her hotel room after making a stink about the noise next door that two Russian slave traffickers Vald, Chris Wolfe, and his partner Oscar played by Charles Bronson look alike- without his famous mustache-Massi Furlan are making. It was Suzanne's misfortune to get stuck in Detroit, that she calls the armpit of America, when her plane was forced to land there due to bad weather.It turns out that both Vald & Oscar are running a beauty contest back in Russia that a number of young women are to be entered in who don't realize that there to be sold into lifetime of slavery by them.

It's Suzanne's loyal and abused assistant Rebecca White, Kaylee Defer, who's been fired by her for the umpteen time who tries to get the local police and FBI to locate her former boss before she ends up in her mid thirties as a slave girl for an Arab sheik or Russian business tycoon or even dead if no one what's to buy her for her sexual services. It takes a while for Suzanne to convince the girls to realize that they are being sold into slavery not participated in a beauty contest. But the rub****SPOILER*** in all that is that both Vald & Oscar's boss is really one of the girls or beauty contestants who's undercover and knowing every move that Suzanne is making!

****SPOILERS**** Exciting final with the totally uninterested in the little man or woman Suzanne risking her life for the bunch of not very smart girls in taking on the Russian with the both local police and FBI coming to her and the girls rescue when hope was just about gone. As for Suzanne she finally got a does of humanity in her dealing one on one with the lower class, like her fired assistant Rebecca, in what she went through in the movie in knowing that money & power doesn't make one a better person for them just having it.
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Heiress in the wrong place is kidnapped by Russian mobsters.
suite9221 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Set in Detroit, Michigan, USA, though filmed in Los Angeles.

Suzanne and Rebecca are driving to a charter flight for Suzanne. That falls through. Rebecca arranges a commercial flight, and gets fired for it. Sigh. Foul weather lands Suzanne in Detroit. Suzanne's reputation keeps her out of the better hotels.

Suzanne ends up in a fleabag motel. She pounds on the wall when the neighbors are noisy, and ends up seeing something she should not have seen, namely Russians who kidnap American women as meat in the (involuntary) sex trade.

Although fired, Rebecca stays on the case. Really?

Rebecca gets Elliot on the case, and Elliot goes to Detroit with her to investigate. They find enough evidence to stay interested.

The Russians finally look at Suzanne's ID, then make a ransom call. Elliot calls the FBI, who jump on the case.

Elliot and Rebecca work on the clues Suzanne sent during the proof of life telephone call. The money drop is made. The FBI trails the mobster who picked up the money. Suzanne manages to escape the handcuffs. One mobster is full time after her.

After the FBI's plan to use a transmitter on the money fails, will Elliot and Rebecca get there in time?


Cinematography: 9/10 There was a little camera wobble, but otherwise fine.

Sound: 9/10 Sound quality could have been better on the incidental music.

Acting: 7/10 Lauren Holly was fine, as were Joe Lando and Gerald Webb. Kaylee DeFer was much better than she was in the wretched Darkroom, 2013. Still, that is treading water compared to being at the bottom of the ocean.

Screenplay: 7/10 Rebecca stays on the case after she's fired? I find that very difficult to believe. It was too bad that the chip-in-the-dog was not remembered until late in the game. Also, the FBI was written as being pretty lame.
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