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there's only one word for this: EPIC!!!

Author: zachattack1285-351-594685 from United States
22 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

never thought i would say this about My Little Pony but this episode is surprisingly epic.

*note: this same review is in part 1*

Story: Twilight finds out her brother Shining Armor is engaged to be wed to Celestia's niece, Princess Mi Amore Cadenca, know to Twi as Cadence, her old baby... er, Fole-sitter. however, there's something off with Cadence. something only Twi is seeing but nobody else is and by the time everyone does find out, it'll be too late as a War breaks out, placing the world in danger. for the 3rd time in a row.

Animation: the animation is like as it was for the entire series so not much to say there. what did surprise me is that they put in Violence in My Little Pony. Violence. something nobody saw coming.

Music: as always, the music is awesome and this 2-parter features the only songs i like in the entire show: This Day Aria and Love is in Bloom. This Day Aria is the villains song and is surprisingly dark and epic, like a villain song from a Disney Movie. Love is in Bloom plays at the end and is catchy as heck. i'm still humming it.

final verdict: to be honest, i went in expecting a sappy romance like the Notebook or Titanic(before the iceberg). i did not, however, expect that plot twist and the world being put into danger again. this Season Finale surprised me and will you.

also, this is a good episode to show friends or family and let them see why Grown Men are liking this show. who knows, may turn them into Brony's and Pega-sisters.

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My least favourite rod FIM

Author: Kieran Harkins (boymunk10)
28 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is frustrating to sit through and it pains me to watch it for only the second time. I like almost like every episode of this show with the exception of one other. This was written by Megan McCarthy which is a shame since she's my favourite writer and wrote my favourite episode twilights Kingdom. I don't hate how twilight just sudden now has a brother but rather how we're just expected to feel for these ponies we've just met. None of twilights friends care about how she feels even when there's an episode all about taking her feelings more seriously (lesson zero). An episode about how not to judge a book by its cover (bridle gossip) and that's a lesson she needs to learn again but wait it turns out she is evil so thank heavens she was right. Too bad none of her friends dare think to do anything and don't get me started on them not apologizing until the villain points out that they didn't listen to her so applejack apologies but do the rest do? No they do not. Celestia basic says she learned something but clearly Celestia didn't. They have a kinda cool action sequence which in reality was completely pointless and the characters end up exactly where they started the scene earlier. Luna doesn't notice a changeling invasion so clearly she wasn't doing her job well. Two of the songs are extremely bland and forgettable with the exception of this day aria which was okay but is overrated. The episode overall feels Very distant from other episodes in a way I cannot explain but I can tell you it's my least favourite episode from the show. Go and watch the return of harmony or magical mystery cure but not this. If you like it then that's fine but the people who defend this episode say it's the experience that makes it great but a animation affect or two isn't going to change my opinion on a episode. Again if like it fine but it's got too many problems for my liking

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This episode is so awful that it nearly destroyed the whole show! (Continued)

Author: adampkalb from United States
17 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the worst episode of the whole series because it destroys the main characters' friendship in a kids' cartoon show about friendship and glosses over the consequences of it when the writer already made a much better episode about this last season called Party of 1, with Pinkie Pie in Twilight Sparkle's place. It also makes nearly all of its characters worthless to the plot because the fight scenes between the Mane 6 and the Changelings pretending to be them was made worthless when they all got captured and taken in by the other Changelings. Princess Luna also misses the whole Changeling invasion and doesn't save Princess Celestia when she gets captured because the episode assumes that Luna shirking her Changeling watch duties that she took so seriously before would be funny. Canterlot would have been destroyed by the Changelings' toxic waste if Twilight Sparkle didn't help Princess Cadence and Shining Armor save the day at the end. The episode also assumed that Applejack giving Twilight 1 little sorry after they left her to get captured and possibly dehydrate or die of starvation in Queen Chrysalis's cave would be good enough because "she fooled every pony", but they're Twilight's closest friends and they should know better than to not trust her. In conclusion, just as many people who hate Lisa Goes Gaga from The Simpsons should also hate this episode because they're both ratings trap season finales in 2012 that ruin our favorite characters. There are technically worse cartoon episodes out there, such as Herpe the Love Sore from Family Guy and Rick Potion #9 from Rick and Morty.

I understand why people would like this episode, but you still can't ignore all of the unnecessary cruelty and character derailment that lies beneath the emotional songs and the action. Rarity was the worst derailed one of all, which is especially apparent at the end. Do we even know if they were really sorry for abandoning Twilight before they found out she was right about Queen Chrysalis? Because the episode didn't show us that. What if she was wrong and they were never sorry because of it?

This is the cruelest moment ever in a show ALL ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, no less, and you should care about what happened at the end of Part 1. You thought Putting Your Hoof Down was bad? This goes above and beyond with what that did. Princess Luna was also very wrong to miss the Changeling invasion in Part 2, and even if you say she missed it because she's nocturnal, that's not an excuse.

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Weakest of the bunch

Author: TobiasTJones from Aruba
6 August 2012

A+ for having a pony using another pony as a machine gun against a horde of evil shape-shifters.

F for having the evil character's main strength being the ability to feed on love, and then having the solution be... love?

Not decently explained and very confusing (and, as I mentioned before, a pony used another pony as a MACHINE GUN)

I guess the lesson is that love will beat even... love? Or... I dunno.

Kudos to the animation and actors as usual though.

Also, the entire storyline in itself wasn't bad, and the use of changelings and many other outside sources of inspiration is always fun and educational, if you will.

Still I feel this two-parter had more downsides than upsides: the rushed inclusion of the brother and babysitter, to name a huge one.

Also; Princess of WHAT?

But yeah.

10 lines yet?

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