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"Damages" But You Don't Do That Anymore (2012)

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Damages But You Don't Do That Anymore

Author: dalydj-918-255175 from Ireland
12 September 2012

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Five seasons a body count I cannot keep up with and damages is coming to an end but how will it all end. PART 1: The episode started with another one of Patty's dreams where the guns are pointed at her. Ellen is not feeling well and because this case is so important to her she will fight against patty till her death. This show has done a great show that even in one episode you do not know you is on top of everything. Know we know Kate and Patty are half sisters it just adds a whole other level to the life of Patty and how the man she hates the most left her and had another baby. Like I said before Ellen will do anything to beat Patty even when something is messing with her case she will find a way that may not be the best thing for the person she is throwing under the bus. When we get one dream it is not enough and that's the worst thing this show does as it uses a method of presenting story too much and it turns me off the show (This dream we saw David who died in Season 1). PART 2: I guess this episode is split up into many parts and I don't why they want to do that. It seems that now with Ellen finding out she has been betrayed by Rutger she try's to go to Herreshoff who doesn't really want to her anything she has to say. But with this new witness we finally find out who killed Naomi but will anybody else know, I don't think so. Finally we get to court and it's the moment we have been waiting for so long or so we think as Rutger leaves the country causing Patty to drop the case and the audience never getting to see the two fight against each other in court. PART 3: and with only one case left I wonder will Ellen make it to the court. I said before that Ellen has put up everything at risk now she has lost Chris because she threw someone under the bus which just shows her complete transformation into Patty Hewes. Ellen in part three seems to be on top and now with a recorded conversation against Patty she would easily be able to take Catherine away from Patty. One of Patty's greatest scenes of this whole series comes in this episode where after so many years she finally gets to tell of the man who she has hatted for most of her life and that was some amazing acting in the scene from Glenn. Where is Ellen, lets blame Patty for her missing. And know we see Ellen fainted and all the theory's of killing herself are false and she is just pregnant which shows even more how the transformation to Patty is complete as she like Patty may even lose the baby. Well now she is not dead THANK GOD as I don't think we could lose Ellen but in end we lose the right person who is Michael by the hands of Patrick who shot him. The reaction from Patty in the room really showed even though she might have hated him Patty was his mother and no parent wants to lose a child early not even Patty. This was one emotional roller coaster for Patty from confronting her father to losing a son it was all so unexpected and with this final scene between Ellen and Patty it's just a great way to end the show. As Patty says just one more case that's all her clients are just one more case Patty nows that she has trained Ellen just to be like her. Of course we have to end with a flash forward to how these two women lives are finally good as they both have everything they want, Patty more power then ever and Ellen a loving family but they never speak again.


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Well, There We Are

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
20 April 2017

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Long, long conclusion. The case heads toward the big trial. Something is wrong with Ellen and the doctor warns her that she must take it easy or it could kill her. Of course, the writers have us again. Time after time, we have seen Ellen, on her back, on the street, below her office, viewed from the roof. Well, there's an explanation. Rutger switches over to Patty and decides to take off before the trial. Scully is still out there, having made a deal with Ellen to testify against Patty. And Michael, in order to get what he wants, makes a big mistake. I have to say that I was just a little disappointed with the final couple minutes. But it wasn't pat and it wasn't maudlin and it has that determined face of Ellen one more time. So who knows. Quite a good series with some of the most incredible acting I've seen in a long time. Kudos to Glenn Close. I will never see her the same way again.

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