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Boardwalk Empire Resolution
dalydj-918-25517516 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
1 year after the events of last year's finale and it's new year's eye of 1922. We are introduced to Bobby Canavale playing the very violent gangster Gyp Rosetti who when you make him angry he will take it well maybe even killing you. Nucky has no people in his way (Jimmy), everyone is scared of him because they know what he did. Having to shot someone is what Nucky must have done and ten minutes into the episode we get are first bullet fired. Business is a booming while most characters are getting back into the swing of things like Jimmy's mother's Girls, Liquor and trading of everything for the money. Margaret being Nucky's wife must be taking care of the affairs he cannot, like going to the hospital they paid for, but this has no have something bad happen which does. Detective Van Alden in now living in Chicago, he is not a police officer but a door to door salesman, but he seems to be lonely in this job which is why I feel his storyline may bore me all the season. Margaret is head of the medical board and she needs to know that or the doctor'swill have a problem with that. Party time for the Thompson's and at a party usually like this we get to see Nucky meet Gyp and in a second we see that there may be something that will happen between the two at the end of the season. More scenes with Richard taking care of little Tommy and it seems that with both of his parents gone he has a new set of parents with Richard as the father Gillian Darmody as his mother who really wants to be the on to look after the child. Gyp does not find his conversation with Nucky to go in his way so he walks out, with the camera using a close up we see the angry this man posses's that might be his undoing. Margaret's cause at the hospital for women with Miscarriage's upsets Nucky and they have another classic fight, since she has been with him so long she knows how get around his words and come up with come backs that could challenge his authority. Nelson in Chicago is not a a happy sight as he cares for his child while changing his identity because he is on the run from the cops. Not much happens in this episode plot wise as I feel it was meant to as a set up for things to come this season. Nucky seemed to be off his game this time while trying to be strong, I think Margaret once again showed why the two belong together. Other characters made no impact on me as I felt their storyline's were boring and a waste of space in the episode. I thought the episode was solid but boring at the same time. My favourite moment cam from the song and dance number as it was so fun but completely unrelated to the episode.

EPISODE GRADE: B (MVP: Steve Buscemi)
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