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480 out of 640 people found the following review useful:

I never write reviews but I have to make an exception for this one...

Author: josefscharfen from Tuckahoe, New York
12 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought the movie would be good - 7.1 rating and excellent actors. And that's actually all, which is good about the movie. So unrealistic and playing the lowest nature of human being, I have actually left the movie theater sad and disgusted with the fact how many people actually cheered out loud during the movie.

a) A plane makes it to D.C. before being intercepted by two raptors, which get shot down and after that only ONE raptor is sent to deal with the threat. b) Disregarding the fact that half of the army would already be all over D.C. when the two jets got shot down, the terrorists are now advancing towards the White House on foot - Humvees and choppers are sent out from across the river and the humvees get there first??? c) all the SS agents just run toward the bullets d) president gets captured and the U.S. chain of command will let the nation be destroyed just because of one man e) WH doesn't use the super secret weapon to defend the premises but somehow the terrorists are able to operate it??? f) Blowing up unarmed ICBMs will destroy the nation??? g) At the end when Butler calls in that they are okay, it takes them 5 mins to get out of the building and no one is going in???

And two things are absolutely worst: 1) Cheap and cheesy nationalism that should actually make people beware is still working to stir up some pretty strong emotions, especially among those whose necks are two feet wide and heads cleanly shaved. I was absolutely horrifies how many people stop thinking when a flag above WH has bullet holes in it and start punching the air, yelling and all together start behaving like animals... It's actually pretty scary, no wonder some people were scared of garrison state after the Cold War started. We are not far from it today... 2) I wonder who REALLY paid for this crap. So cheesy and appealing to the lowest animal nature of dumb people portraying North Korea as new terrorist threat??? (To be fair in one part of the movie they had to say that people in Middle East were celebrating when seeing the WH captured) How lame and pathetic is this... Yes let's go to war with every single country that doesn't necessarily love the United States. At least from the audience I had to sit in, you would probably get good 50 volunteers for the first lines.

Absolutely appalling and scary experience.

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370 out of 490 people found the following review useful:

Dumb Hard

Author: adrongardner from USA
31 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The entire movie I kept waiting for Leslie Nielsen to show up. This has got to be a parody right?

Olympus Has Fallen is the most blatant, and dumbest Die Hard scene for scene copy that has, or more likely, will ever be made. I don't know how security cameras, sub machine guns, rocket launchers or bunkers work, but I'm sure I know they don't work like they do in this movie. This is like a really bad cover to a great, iconic song. Same words, but man, is it painful to experience.

Not only does every single actor in this movie talk with the Jack Bauer and Batman Begins gravel voice, I think this movie is racist and discriminatory too. Not even toward the Koreans, it's also downright Anti-American. Look, there's some dummies that come and go from all levels of our government, but this movie makes reality look pretty sweet because everybody in this one is freaking IQ flat lined. The FBIs Johnson and Johnson (no relation) at the Nakatomi building were smarter than anybody in this one.

Did I mention how dumb this movie is? Don't you have to Arm a missile BEFORE you detonate it? Can you evacuate 30k US troops from the DMZ in 30 minutes? Or, you know the part where they send in the Navy SEALs knowing their own weaponry will cut these brave men down and the CSA, played by Robert Forrester for payday, refuses to call them back after 5/6 helos are smoking? Wait, these guys are probably still alive, they can get out of the chopper and get the job done...

Nah, the movie lets them be dead for the sake of the script so Butler bad dude can go in there and clean house. Even though all his security codes should be revoked for the White House after 18 months reassigned. :( My head hurts.

As an American, folks, I want to publicly apologize for this thing. Also, what the heck hit that first SUV at the beginning of the movie? I still have no idea what that was. But then there I go trying to think. Everything I've been taught to do, my entire life. You know using my powers of deduction and all that education, man forget it. You'll only suffer.

Live free or Dumb Hard. With a Vengeance Harder

P.S. hashtag is shift 3

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326 out of 482 people found the following review useful:

What a Horrible Movie

Author: Quinn913 from United States
25 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all this rant is going to be filled with SPOILERS so now you are warned.

Where do I begin? Do I start with how the antagonists all have magic bullets and the secret service agents don't or that the good guys are too stupid to seek cover when being fired upon. Maybe I should start with the plane that decimates DC and how it wasn't even questioned on the radio till it was flying over DC. Or maybe how Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is giving information to Speaker Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and says that were forty terrorists and now they are down to twenty-eight. Seriously, I think Banning killed over six so out of all the other agents they killed the other half.

My biggest angst is that Kang (Rick Yune) is torturing people for some codes and the President (Aaron Eckhart) keeps saying "Give him the code he will never get mine." and when it finally comes to the point in the movie where Kang needs his code it is ALREADY in the computer. What happened? How did Kang get his code?

Also, the fact that they gave into the terrorist demands over the life of the President is hysterical especially when they bring up the phrase "We do not negotiate with terrorists.".

Overall, I thought this movie should have been renamed a comedy because I have never laughed so hard at all the ridiculous inaccuracies and weak story line.

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322 out of 518 people found the following review useful:

What "Die Hard 5" should have been.

Author: dvc5159 from Penang, Malaysia / Chicago, USA
22 March 2013

I find it ironic that Gerard Butler, a Scotsman, as disgraced Secret Agent Mike Banning, embodies the spirit of John McClane much more than Bruce Willis did in that last dreadful outing. If anything, Butler has done nothing more than to cement his reputation as a bankable and likable action hero for the new generation in this old-school action movie. He has a commanding presence on-screen, quips wisecracks, bleeds when it's crucial, and dispatches the bad guys in a methodical cross between Jason Bourne and John Rambo. Not even the fine supporting cast (Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Melissa Leo, Dylan McDermott) can take away Butler's limelight.

Indeed, Antoine Fuqua's "Olympus Has Fallen" is not only terrific entertainment but a terrific throwback to the pivotal 90's action movie, the Die Hard clone - and this film ("Die Hard" in the White House) is another reminder of why the trusted formula works, even if it has been dormant for nearly two decades (the last good big one being Peter Hyams' "Sudden Death").

From the moment the film's main action start, the film doesn't stop running. The bad guys, hoo boy do they mean business. Rarely, if at all, have I seen this much brutal collateral damage in an American action film. Americans citizens get mowed down by bullets from ground and air forces. The all-American (Scottish) hero represents freedom and justice, and the bad guys represent every American's worst nightmare. I haven't seen this much political incorrectness since "The Delta Force". Having said that, Rick Yune surprisingly makes for an effective and nasty villain, who is relentlessly cold, smug and procedural in his mission, following the formula perfectly. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It's fast, it's loud, it's preposterous, and yet I enjoyed every minute of it. The film is chock-full of sensational and well-shot action sequences/special effects, but its biggest strength is its cohesion. From start to finish the plot moves smoothly, and you can tell who the good guys and the bad guys are. The characters are established, their motives clear, and that's that. The action sequences do not simply skip to each other, they flow perfectly like a stream, thanks to crisp editing. Simplicity is key here, and convoluted plots do not fit in the formula (hear that, "Die Hard 5"?)

Fuqua is no stranger to action, having helmed the solid "Shooter" six years ago. Here he ratchets up the action up to a 10 (CGI is present but used reasonably), and he remarkably doesn't hold back on the tension. It's no "Training Day", but it more or less hearkens back to an Antoine Fuqua who made "The Replacement Killers". Just thrilling fun.

Of course the plot isn't original. It's a genre picture, and what I pay to see in a genre picture is its skillful craft and cohesive plot. This film has both, and resurrects the Die Hard clone from the grave. Here I thought I was getting bored of action movies. The genre is dying, you say? Here's a solid kicker.

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216 out of 333 people found the following review useful:

Warmongering and incredible

Author: robert-cogan from United States
29 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hoped from the previews to see an exciting action flick with spectacular scenes, suspense, maybe some cleverness, heroism and victory in the end. Hyper violent, anti-North Korean war mongering overwhelmed any such values. North Korean "terrorists" are shown as brutal and ruthless as Nazis. American air defense is incredibly skimpy, incompetent and late. Our military leaders are weak saps who cave in to every terrorist demand with "Oh, Pleeze don't hurt our President! We'll do what you want." Our control of our own most potent weapons systems is easily overridden by one woman terrorist at a keyboard. The American SuperDuperHero single-handedly kills many of the terrorists and liberates the President. After killing the UberVillain, he even has a moment to put a bandage on the wounded President. That scene actually made me laugh.

My wife and I regret we paid to see this. Negative emotions stirred up by the film may cause bad effects, mental, such as tolerance for another preemptive war, and bodily, like raised blood pressure, heart rate, stomach acid. With tripe like this, if you liked the wars against Viet Nam, Serbia, and Iraq, you'll probably love our wars on Iran and "Second Korea."

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197 out of 303 people found the following review useful:

Plot has more holes than the bad guys!

Author: khamilton-11 from Glasgow/KL
25 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gerard, where did it all go wrong! I remember Butler as a good actor on his way to being great. He has the personality and the talent to do so much more with his craft. This was formulaic with an absurd plot - which constantly contradicted itself. The entire US foreign policy changed to save the President. No, don't think that would happen - you just get another President. A major sequence where they torture staff to get missile codes with the President vowing never to give his up - which he doesn't, but they somehow tap it into the computer anyway. Eh??? The fight scenes are beyond dumb, the assault on the white House - might appeal to a ten year old. The C140 attack, was so cringe worthy as to make me actually rise out the chair. The General in the control room!!! Stop it. And the flag waving cringeworthy speech at the end - do any Americans still buy into that type of faux patriotism. I so hope not.

You take one look at the cast, and think this must be OK. In fact, you look at the cast and think this might be great.

It's not.

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226 out of 374 people found the following review useful:

A Very Strong Razzie Nominee

Author: merdiolu from Istanbul, Turkey
2 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say ? First of all congratulations Antonio Fuqua. Selling and getting BO profit from a production straight lifted or ripped down to last inane dialog from a B grade cheese flick you can rent from Blockbuster or Netflix is an accomplishment no one can deny. It is even more impressive to get positive reviews for this silly trash that takes itself seriously which makes it even more terrible. When this thing was called Air Force One everyone every critic ripped it apart. Only explanations Olympus Has Fallen getting a 7+ point in IMDb ( a rating system which I will never take care of ) after so many years can be decreasing IQ of mass movie going audience and insecurities of 9/11 on US public. Every dumb stupid over the top Die Hard action cliché was crammed in this production. A C-130 gunship entering restricted DC airspace before shot down from a safe distance beggars belief. Or highly trained Secret Service agents wasting ammunition on a fast flying armoured aircraft. Or same agents exposing themselves only to be mown down. North Korean terrorists ( yeah you read that right Korean ) are depicted more like Orcs or Klingons. Any actual Koreans watching this film would probably laugh his ass off. At least in Hollyland Number 1 villains are not Middle Easterns with cheesy Arab accents anymore. What else ? Fallen military trained lone wolf hero killing all of them one by one , meanwhile taunting evil mastermind ( who makes one of most ridiculous evil turnout / reveal scene just by taking glasses off. Rick Yune is just not Gary Oldman ) with US macho jargon and saves the day. Down to talking to his wife in the middle of war zone he basically screams "I am a John McLane looka like no:10241." Failed military strike to retake captured building to increase tension. Oh look only 3 seconds left to disaster...AAAAAND it is averted.

Last year Hollywood Powers That Be gave us Lockout which had basically same script but also semi enjoyable but this is just awful. I completely erased Gerard Butler from list of professional actors in fact I will stay away from his films away from now on. Aaron Eckhart , Morgan Freeman and Dylan McDermott will have to struggle a lot to redeem themselves in my eyes after this.

Have I mentioned shoddy CGI or annoying heroic /sad music during supposedly heroic/sad moments ?

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149 out of 229 people found the following review useful:

Olympus Has Fallen — America is under attack, to hell with logic

Author: Avid Climber from Montreal, Canada
16 April 2013

Olympus Has Fallen is yet an other US president oriented flick. A ton of action and special effects with almost as many logical flaws.

The acting is good, particularly Morgan Freeman (to a lesser extent: Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart) and there's no denying the roller coaster ride, but it has many shortcomings. Aside from the usual suspension of disbelief, logic fails at almost every turn. Then there's the poor dialogs, the easy retorts, the one dimensional underdeveloped characters, the incredible body count, and the overly flag-centric pride.

It's action based entertainment for sure, but not much else.

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138 out of 219 people found the following review useful:

This movie sucked.

Author: EricR1970-1 from United States
25 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cliché, cheesy, inane, boring, predictable ... all could be used to sum up this horrible movie. It sucked, and I want my money back. Because this is America, and when things suck you should be able to get your $8 back.

I mean, I'm all about suspending disbelief in watching a movie. But Let's face it, if the only three people in the world with the detonation codes for every single nuclear missile were all being held hostage by a terrorist in the White House bunker -- which just happened to be the only place in the world where the detonation codes could be changed -- well, I feel pretty confident the order would be given to storm the White House and kill everyone in it ... including the President. And if the cops and the Navy SEALS couldn't handle this task, I feel pretty sure every one of us gun toting rednecks would swarm on the White House and demolish it to the ground in about 15 minutes.

And speaking of stupid, how about that super dooper gun turret they somehow miraculously smuggled into the White House and strategically placed on the roof such that it could shoot down 6 Navy SEAL helicopters??? OMFG! STOOOPID! This movie was Die Hard on steroids. Lame lame lame lame lame, and again, lame. Of course they cap the whole thing off with the proverbial ticking time bomb at the end ... that our hero just manages to deactivate at the last second, saving us all from certain doom.

What has the American population become that they would try to pass off an utterly inane and stupid piece of malarkey like this movie on us as an even marginally plausible scenario for a terrorist attack ... never-mind having only one goober inside able to thwart the attack ... and we as Americans don't stand up en masse and demand our freakin' money back for this garbage?? Cheesy!

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248 out of 446 people found the following review useful:

Shoot the boredom.

Author: Sujan Kumar (sujanfaster) from India
22 March 2013

If I was a critic I would have written this movie off. Saying that its just one of those movies with the same old plot with a bit modification. This is true, but as an audience I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

The best thing about this movie is its pace. You won't know how fast the 110 minutes go. There's not a minute you feel bored. The attack sequences are bit over the top, but if you are a drama lover, you won't be disappointed. The storyline isn't much to think about but the screenplay is apt. Its a good thing that the director Antonie Fuqua keeps things simple, doesn't dig too much into the conspiracy stuff and also doesn't include any unnecessary twists.

Gerard Butler does what he does best, fight bad guys. Aaron Eckhart as the stern faced president reminds you of Harvey Dent. Morgan Freeman probably is there to strengthen the star value in the film. But its the villain Rick Yune with his evil smile who impresses.

This is an out and out entertainer, don't think too much, just be in the moment and watch this movie.

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