Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

white house secret service
terrorist secret service agent
bunker terrorist attack
rescue pentagon
car accident speaker of the house
evil man handcuffs
gas mask falling down stairs
falling from height rooftop
commando mission commando unit
heavy rain gore
fbi chaos
body count animal killing
shot through a window police officer killed
drone race against time
escape held at gunpoint
kidnapping chase
foot chase sadism
sadist throat slitting
strangulation bomb
filmed killing government agent
betrayal armored car
massacre missile
security guard death
shot in the arm shot in the leg
shot in the shoulder shot to death
stabbed in the back stabbed in the chest
stabbed to death threatened with a knife
beaten to death secret passageway
gas grenade security camera
surveillance stylized violence
kung fu mercenary
special forces commando raid
commando battlefield
gash in the face brawl
fight fist fight
silencer sniper rifle
press conference bulletproof vest
female assassin assassin
hostile takeover hand grenade
disguise exploding building
interrogation nuclear threat
politician u.s. air force
aircraft carrier boxing ring
ambulance one day
media coverage u.s. army
soldier national guard
military plane crash
exploding airplane exploding plane
rogue agent uzi
bazooka gatling gun
dogfight warrior
anti hero wisecrack humor
unlikely hero bridge
christmas tree snow
terrorist group terrorist plot
ignoring advice uh 60 blackhawk helicopter
whispering cable tie
shot multiple times infiltrator
humvee garbage truck
bell oh 58 kiowa helicopter guard dog
sniper surface to air missle
airplane shot down lockheed martin boeing f 22 raptor
police escort c 130 hercules
newscast death of first lady
car hanging from a bridge car falling off a bridge
car crash multiple car acccident
driving in snow motorcade
tuxedo sparring
christmas gunfight
subjective camera killing an animal
police officer shot in the chest oval office
action violence rocket launcher
street shootout combat
mixed martial arts hand to hand combat
showdown ak 47
m 16 knife fight
surprise attack fictional war
helicopter explosion
battle blood
violence one against many
one man army tough guy
action hero pledge of allegiance
mass death crushed to death
stabbed in the neck washington monument
severed arm shot point blank
american flag patriotism
corpse cigarette smoking
ex special forces faked death
masked man kicked in the chest
man punching a woman secretary of defense
vice president character's point of view camera shot
night vision prime minister
general stabbed through the chin
bag over head bound and gagged
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the forehead
execution rpg
subtitled scene flashback
slow motion scene helicopter crash
exploding helicopter exploding car
exploding bus blood splatter
swat team exploding body
suicide bomber murder of a police officer
shooting a police officer child in peril
shot through a wall shot in the foot
shot in the forehead head bashed in
shot in the stomach shot in the chest
shot in the back murder of an innocent person
deception assault rifle
pistol machine gun
hospital news report
guilt character repeating someone else's dialogue
christmas present knife
beating punched in the stomach
punched in the face bare chested male
boxing husband wife relationship
camp david shootout
fistfight martial arts
secret tunnel knife attack
anti aircraft gun hostage situation
murder treason
bodyguard nuclear terrorism
self destruct air attack
torture neck breaking
nurse emergency room
secret panel stabbed in the head
shot in the head homeland security
launch code nuclear missile
traitor automatic weapon
secret passage presidential cabinet
hostage death of wife
underground bunker yellow peril
father son relationship north korea
f word machismo
die hard scenario washington d.c.
u.s. president terrorism
claim in title death of mother
title spoken by character

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