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Season 1

4 Jul. 2004
Gurando-Metoroporitan no hôseki tônan jiken
"The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan." Teenager Mabel West observes Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as he investigates a robbery at a luxury hotel.
18 Jul. 2004
Yasu manshon no nazo
"The Adventure of the Cheap Flat." While searching for lodging, Mabel stumbles into a mystery that interests Poirot.
25 Jul. 2004
Fûgawari na yuigon
"Strange Jest." Mabel helps her great-aunt Jane Marple search for a missing inheritance.
1 Aug. 2004
Môshiwake no nai meido
"The Case of the Perfect Maid." Mabel's great-aunt Marple tries to prove the innocence of a parlormaid accused of stealing.
8 Aug. 2004
ABC satsujin jiken (sono ichi) Powaro e no chôsenjô
"The ABC Murders, Part 1: A Written Challenge to Poirot." An anonymous letter challenges Poirot to solve a mystery that will occur later that month.
15 Aug. 2004
ABC satsujin jiken (sono ni) B no machi de, B no na no hito ga
"The ABC Murders, Part 2: B's the Place, B's the Name of the Person." Poirot, Hastings, Mabel, and police Inspector Sharpe continue the investigation.
22 Aug. 2004
ABC satsujin jiken (sono san) Hannin arawaru
"The ABC Murders, Part 3: The Culprit Appears." Poirot discovers a previously overlooked clue that links the cases together.
29 Aug. 2004
ABC satsujin jiken (sono yon) Powaro, nazo o toku
"The ABC Murders, Part 4: Poirot Solves the Mystery." Poirot and his team catch the ABC serial-killer.
12 Sep. 2004
Sôridaijin no shissô (zenpen) Dôbâ-kaikyô no tsuiseki
"The Kidnapped Prime Minister, Part 1: Pursuit in the Dover Strait." Poirot is called away on a top secret case.
17 Sep. 2004
Sôridaijin no shissô (kôhen) Shinjitsu wa Igirisu
"The Kidnapped Prime Minister, Part 2: The Truth is in England." Poirot and his team embark on a perilous journey.
19 Sep. 2004
Ejiputo-funbo no nazo (zenpen) Kodai kara no chôsenjô
"The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb, Part 1: A Written Challenge from Ancient Times." Poirot and his team investigate mysterious deaths linked to a curse.
26 Sep. 2004
Ejiputo-funbo no nazo (zenpen) Kodai kara no chôsenjô
"The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb, Part 2: The Curse of Pharoah Men-her-Ra." Poirot, Hastings, and Mabel search for a murderer on an archaeological dig.
3 Oct. 2004
Makijaku satsujin jiken
"The Tape-Measure Murder." Miss Marple and her niece Mabel investigate a strangulation in St. Mary Mead.
10 Oct. 2004
Kinkai jiken
"Ingots of Gold." Miss Marple tells the story of a mysterious incident involving Mabel's father, Raymond West.
17 Oct. 2004
Aoi zeraniumu
"The Blue Geranium." Miss Marple and Mabel investigate a fortuneteller's warning.
24 Oct. 2004
Endo Hausu kai jiken (sono ichi) Pâtî no yoru ni
"Peril at End House, Part 1: The Night of the Party." While Mabel, Poirot, and Hastings are holidaying, they meet an heiress whose life is in danger.
31 Oct. 2004
Endo Hausu kai jiken (sono ni) Himerareta koi
"Peril at End House, Part 2: Concealed Love." Poirot finds a link between a famous pilot's recent disappearance and the crimes at End House.
7 Nov. 2004
Endo Hausu kai jiken (sono san) kanpeki na shôko
"Peril at End House, Part 3: Irrefutable Evidence." After a shocking tragedy, Poirot and his detective team gather the suspects for questioning.
5 Dec. 2004
Kurisumasu pudingu no bôken (zenpen) Purinsu kara no Irai
"The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, Part 1: A Commission from a Prince." Poirot and his team are sent to investigate a mystery at a Christmas party.
12 Dec. 2004
Kurisumasu pudingu no bôken (kôhen) ôke ni tsutawaru rubî
"The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, Part 2: The Royal Family's Ruby." All the pieces of the puzzle come together and Poirot finds a satisfactory solution.
9 Jan. 2005
Padinton Hatsu yonjigojûbun (sono ichi) Satsujinsha no Noru Ressha
"4.50 From Paddington, Part 1: The Train a Murderer Rides." Great-aunt Marple's friend Elspeth McGillicuddy witnesses a murder on a train.
16 Jan. 2005
Padinton Hatsu yonjigojûbun (sono ni) Shinobiyoru kage
"4.50 From Paddington, Part 2: The Creeping Shadow." While working undercover, Mabel discovers a dead body hidden at Rutherford Hall.
23 Jan. 2005
Padinton Hatsu yonjigojûbun (sono san) Shinpuru na dôki
"4.50 From Paddington, Part 3: A Simple Motive." The killer strikes again at Rutherford Hall.
30 Jan. 2005
Padinton Hatsu yonjigojûbun (sono yon) Mâpuru tai hannin
"4.50 From Paddington, Part 4: Marple vs. the Culprit." Miss Marple invites Mrs. McGillicuddy to Rutherford Hall, where the killer is identified.
6 Feb. 2005
Purimasu-yuki kyûkô-ressha (zenpen) Kyakushitsunai no shitai
"The Plymouth Express, Part 1: A Body in a Carriage." The dead body of a woman is found underneath a train seat, and Poirot is hired to solve the mystery.
13 Feb. 2005
Purimasu yuki kyûkô-ressha (kôhen) Burû no wanpîsu
"The Plymouth Express, Part 2: The Blue Dress." Mabel and Inspector Sharpe visit the scene of the crime; Poirot puts the clues together.
20 Feb. 2005
Dôki to kikai
"Motive versus Opportunity." Marple and Mabel hear of a curious crime where those with motive had no opportunity, yet those with opportunity had no motive.
27 Feb. 2005
Kieta ryôrinin (zenpen) Gôin na irai
"The Adventure of the Clapham Cook, Part 1: An Aggressive Request." Poirot is hired to finding a missing cook.
6 Mar. 2005
Kieta ryôrinin (kôhen) Toranku no himitsu
"The Adventure of the Clapham Cook, Part 2: The Secret of the Trunk." The missing cook is located and Poirot uncovers a sinister plot.
13 Mar. 2005
Surîpingu mâdâ (sono ichi) Nemureru satsujin jiken
"Sleeping Murder, Part 1: Sleeping Murder Incident." Gwenda tells Miss Marple and Mabel that she has had strange premonitions concerning her new house.
20 Mar. 2005
Surîpingu mâdâ (sono ni) Kioku no tobira
"Sleeping Murder, Part 2: The Door of Memory." Miss Marple and Mabel assist Gwenda in investigating her stepmother who disappeared 18 years earlier.
27 Mar. 2005
Surîpingu mâdâ (sono san) Heren no koi
"Sleeping Murder, Part 3: What Helen Loved." Miss Marple, Mabel, and Gwenda investigate three men who may have been romantically linked to Helen.
3 Apr. 2005
Surîpingu mâdâ (sono yon) Semarikuru ma no te
"Sleeping Murder, Part 4: The Evil Outstretched Hand." Gwenda's life is in danger when she realizes the truth about her stepmother.
10 Apr. 2005
Nijûyon-wa no kuro-tsugumi
"Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds." Poirot investigates the death of a reclusive man whose eating habits provide a clue.
17 Apr. 2005
Dabunhaimu shissô jiken
"The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim" Poirot wagers that he can solve the case of a missing financier without leaving his office.
24 Apr. 2005
Kumo no naka no shi (sono ichi) Sora tobu misshitsu
"Death in the Clouds, Part 1: The Flying Locked Room." While Poirot sleeps on an airplane flight from Paris to London, a passenger dies.
1 May 2005
Kumo no naka no shi (sono ni) Pari no Madamu Jizeru
Death in the Clouds (Part 2): "Madame Giselle Paris": Poirot, Mabel, Hasting and the Inspector Sharpe return to Paris. During the flight Poirot studied the positions of the occupants and their movements during the flight killer. In Paris they discover that someone arranged for Madame Giselle was on that flight from Paris. All his fortune will be left to her only daughter was left for adoption for unknown reasons. The Count of Horbury is being blackmailed by his wife who takes money from Madame Giselle to pay his gambling debts.
8 May 2005
Kumo no naka no shi (sono san) Hôbari-fujin e no kyôhaku
Death in the Clouds (Part 3): "A Threat to Mrs. Horbury.": All turn out to meet following the "Writer", Mr. Clancy. Poirot asks that Mr. Gale simulate a extortion with Ms. Horbury. Mabel, Poirot and Miss Jane Gray travel again to Paris to unravel the mystery. Mr. Dupont accepts the hint of Poirot to take Miss Jane Gray in his next excavation in Persia. The only daughter of Madame Giselle who inherits an immense fortune appears.
14 May 2005
Kumo no naka no shi (sono yon) Bakudai na isan no sôzokunin
Death in the Clouds (Part 4): "The Heiress of Immense Fortune": After remember that there was already found the daughter of Madame Giselle in flight she was dead, Poirot realizes that she is in great risk of dying, but Mabel he had already left to accompany her to the Grand Hotel and realizes then that she was passing in a taxi with a man going the nearest train station. Inspector Sharpe tries to reach the girl. Poirot gathers all involved to tell what happened on the flight and unravel the mystery.

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