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Podcast: The Playlist & The Talkhouse Talk ‘Stranger Things’ And The Problems With Plotblocking

The Playlist Podcast is back and teamed up on this episode with The Talkhouse to discuss an increasingly common issue with popular, binge-worthy TV shows. This episode is inspired by a recent essay called “Stranger Things” and the Problem of Plotblocking, written by indie filmmaker Andrew Matthews (“Zero Charisma“) for the site. Read More: Adjust Your Tracking Takes […]

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'Jaws: Live!' Promises It's Gonna Need a Bigger Stage

Movie theaters are constantly trying to come up with new tricks to make the theatrical experience special again. The screens keep getting bigger, the sound keeps getting louder, and the dimensions keep getting dimensionier (we're up to 4D!). Pretty soon theaters will have to integrate some kind of live experience as well, and when they do, we hope they take a queue from our pals behind the Old Murder House Theatre, who offer up one of the most unique celebrations of movies you're ever going to find. We've featured Old Murder House, which is the brainchild of Zero Charisma star Sam Eidson, a few times over the years thanks to their performances of Robocop Live, Aliens on Ice, and Jurassic Live, and now they're back again with another Spielberg classic: Jaws: Live...

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Nerdist To Distribute Sci-Fi Horror Feature Film ‘The Hive’

Nerdist Industries, which began as a single podcast hosted by Chris Hardwick, has since expanded to include a popular online video destination, a handful of TV projects, and now, a growing film business. As first reported by Deadline, Nerdist has acquired the distribution rights to The Hive, a sci-fi horror movie.

The Hive premiered at the 2014 edition of Fantastic Fest, an annual film festival in Austin. Its protagonist is a summer camp counselor who must piece his life together after he wakes up in a cabin with total amnesia. Hardwick saw the film and was immediately drawn to it. “This movie is so much damn fun,” he said. “The first time I saw it, I was blown away by how fresh and inventive the story was, which is no small feat in horror. I knew right away I wanted to help get this movie into the eyes and earholes of horror fans.
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SXSW Review: Petting Zoo

Layla (newcomer Devon Keller) is a high-school senior shacking up with her dropout boyfriend Danny (Kiowa Tucker). An honor student, she gets a scholarship to Ut Austin and then finds out she's pregnant. Given her predicament, what can she do? Petting Zoo, from director Micah Magee (see my interview with her), thrusts the viewer into several months of Layla's life.

One notable facet to the main character is that she is working poor.  Layla refuses to live with her financially stable but abusive father, so has to move in with her elderly grandmother (Adrienne Harrell, Zero Charisma) and share a bed. Magee perfectly conveys the utter vulnerability of her situation. We see Layla sleeping many times -- through loud parties in Danny's apartment, in a friend's car after seeing Girl in a Coma, on her grandmother's couch after hearing bad news. Such sequences illustrate the precariousness of her life, and
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What Does George R. R. Martin Need to Finish Writing ‘Game of Thrones’? More George R. R. Martins

“A Song of Ice and Fire” books are long, they’re laboriously detailed, and if George R. R. Martin dies before the series is finished, it will be the greatest tragedy of modern fantasy storytelling. It is known. In fact, it’s so widely known that putting pressure on Martin to stop doing any activities other than ones that lead to the completion of the books has become a loud, necessary cri de coeur for fans. Not only is it accepted, it’s a fan’s duty — when he or she sees Martin at a Game of Thrones red carpet or at a signing event — to tell him to get the fuck back to work. Fortunately, a filmmaking team headed by Andy Young (of Keith and Heath fame) has taken inspiration from Multiplicity to toy with the cultural frustration in a fun, inventive way. As a bonus, Zero Charisma‘s Sam Eidson plays Martin (and all of
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Video and Stills for Meet Me There – News Update

Sgl Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has acquired the festival favorite “Meet Me There”. This drama, horror, thriller has had quite a run at the film festival circuit worldwide with festival screenings at Filmorama, Sunscreen, Houston Beta, Innovative, Feratum and Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival.

Synopsis: A journey of self-discovery becomes a quest for survival as Ada (Lisa Friedrich, Least Favorite Love Songs) and Calvin (Micheal Foulk, Zero Charisma) encounter the darkness of … Continue reading →
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'Zero Charisma' Gets Second Shot at Life With International Distribution Deal (Exclusive)

'Zero Charisma' Gets Second Shot at Life With International Distribution Deal (Exclusive)
An award-winning film about a geeky underdog is getting another chance to be seen. Mance Media has acquired the international rights to Zero Charisma, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The comedy from directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews won the audience award at the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival. The deal was negotiated by executive producer Rod Olson and producer Thomas Fernandes. Read more L.A. Film Fest Winner 'The Young Kieslowski' Sells to Mance Media (Exclusive) "I am ecstatic to be working with the talented filmmakers behind Zero Charisma and am confident in the same success overseas that

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‘Zero Charisma’ Review: Like Watching Todd Solondz Play D&D

Editor’s Note: This review first came out during our SXSW coverage, but Zero Charisma is now available on DVD. Scott Weidemeyer (Sam Eidson) is passionate. Really passionate. Probably too passionate. He lords over a weekly table top fantasy game with a few friends, and it’s the only time in his donut-delivering, squatting-in-grandma’s-house, adult boy life where he has any real power. The problem is the passion — he’s become a bully, and the game has evolved into something tedious and bitter. The signs that the camel’s back is only waiting for a straw come as soon as Katie Graham and Andrew MatthewsZero Charisma gets going, so it’s no surprise that when a hipster gamer named Miles (Garrett Graham) joins the crew, the loss of his spotlight drives Scott further and further into desperation. Those who have seen Todd Solondz’s Dark Horse will see some of the same irritating DNA here
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SXSW Review: Arlo and Julie

Arlo (Alex Dobrenko, Hell No) and Julie (Ashley Spillers, Loves Her Gun) are your typical young twentysomething Austinites. Arlo works at a software company but writes historical articles about General Grant on the side. Julie is a waitress at a restaurant that looks like Eastside Cafe. They live, love and get by in a fourplex on W. 29th. One day, Julie receives a couple of puzzle pieces in the mail.

Such is the premise for director Steve Mims' adorable mystery-comedy Arlo and Julie. Filmed around Austin -- and on a soundstage at Ut's Rtf department -- this movie is a quirky look at obsession. As Julie and Arlo become more and more engrossed in this puzzle of puzzles, their lives and goals are ignored. The script, which Mims also wrote, is filled with laughs and bits of Civil War trivia. 

Old jazzy numbers punctuate scenes of Julie and Arlo
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SXSW 2014: An Unexpectedly Musical Finale

My last movie for SXSW this year was the amusing Space Station 76, at Stateside. I planned to walk a little bit around downtown afterward and maybe take some photos of various interesting SXSW sights, if it didn't rain again. I chatted a little outside the theater with local actor Sam Eidson (Zero Charisma, SXSW 2013), who was still planning to see movies that day. I almost literally ran into Austin filmmaker Emily Hagins (Grow Up, Tony Phillips, SXSW 2013) as I walked down Congress to Sixth.

As I was passing Wholly Cow Burgers, a musician was playing a guitar under the awning, a frequent sight during non-rainy SXSW days. He looked so energetic and happy that I snapped his photo a couple of times, and we exchanged waves. I stopped briefly to listen and liked the music -- not a crappy cover pandering to passersby, not someone loudly learning to play.
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Movies This Week: February 21-27, 2014


Austin Film Society's terrific Godard vs. Truffaut series closes out this weekend with a 35mm print of Love On The Run. It plays tonight and again on Sunday afternoon at the Marchesa. Also playing Sunday is an collection of The Films Of Vincent Grenier. Co-presented with Experimental Response Cinema and the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston, this presentation will feature the filmmaker in person. There's more Avant Cinema scheduled for Monday night with the rarely screened Anti-Clock from 1979. On Wednesday night, Richard Linklater is bringing us a 35mm print of Warren Beatty's Reds, which he says is on his all-time personal Top 10 list. Finally, Essential Cinema has the 2012 documentary Uprising on Thursday night. 

Women In Cinema will be hosting a "Casting and Directing Actors" panel on Monday night. Kat Candler (Hellion) will be moderating the panel, which is expected to feature Casting Director Vicky Boone (Ain't Them Bodies Saints,
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The 50 Best Movie Posters of 2013

Glenn here with my yearly tradition of counting down 2013's best movie posters. I've done this for the last however many years at my own blog crowning such gorgeous designs as An Over-Simplification of Her Beauty, Here I Am, The Runaways, and Antichrist. but this year we've shipped it on over to The Film Experience. I've gotten a bit of a reputation as "the poster guy" due to being one of the only people online who seemed to look at poster art in details and with any sort of critical eye. Thankfully that's not so much the case anymore with more and more websites starting features and writing lists dedicated to key art. For once I was ahead of the curve!

This year's list was remarkably easy to compile. Perhaps it goes hand in hand with being a good year for film in general, but 2013 was an excellent year for the art of movie posters.
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The Best Double Features of 2013: 'Zero Charisma' and 'Sightseers'

The year 2013 has been an incredible one for cinema, so as a fun alternative to your typical end-of-the-year lists, we've decided to celebrate our favorite movies by pairing them together. So from now until the end of December, we'll be periodically spotlighting movies as part of our new Best Double Features of 2013 series. The Double Feature: Zero Charisma and Sightseers Why to Watch: Although they seem like very different films on the surface, Zero Charisma and Sightseers revolve around many of the same themes and ideas. Both mine wicked black comedy out of their isolated, lonely and socially broken characters, taking what could be (and probably should be) devastating dramas and transforming them into crowd pleasers. Both films feature unlikable protagonists...

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Slackery News Tidbits: December 2, 2013

Here's the latest Austin and Texas film news.

The Houston Film Critics Society has chosen five nominees for its second annual Texas Independent Film Award: Comedy Warriors, which premiered at this year's San Antonio Film Festival; the German drama Houston, from Austinite Bastian Gunther; the Central Texas-shot Prince Avalanche (Elizabeth's review), directed by Austinite David Gordon Green; An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story (Jette's review), a documentary from Houston filmmaker Al Reinert, which premiered at SXSW 2013; and the Austin-shot feature Zero Charisma (Jette's review). The winner of the award, given to a film which is primarily financed and filmed in Texas, will be announced on Jan. 6 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. (via Hfcs member Alan Cerny on Twitter)Drafthouse Films release The Act of Killing (Elizabeth's review), a documentary that sees former Indonesian death squad leaders reenacting their real-life mass killings, and Dallas native Shane Carruth's Upstream Color (J.
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Tribeca Film Snags David Mackenzie’s Prison Drama ‘Starred Up’

Tribeca Film Snags David Mackenzie’s Prison Drama ‘Starred Up’
Tribeca Film, the Gotham-based distributor that is loosely affiliated with the Tribeca Film Festival, has picked up North American rights to “Starred Up,” the latest film from Scottish helmer David Mackenzie (“Young Adam”).

Film earned strong reviews in its bow at Telluride and Toronto earlier this year. Fox Searchlight is already on board to release the title in the U.K. in the spring; in the States, Tribeca plans a 2014 theatrical release.

Storyline centers on a troubled 19-year-old who ends up in the same prison as his father. Cast includes Jack O’Connell, the “Skins” thesp who appears in Angelina Jolie’s upcoming “Unbroken,” here playing the son opposite Ben Mendelsohn (“The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Place Beyond the Pines”) as his father. Rupert Friend (“Homeland”) appears as a psychotherapist who runs the prison’s anger management program.

Script was penned by Jonathan Asser, who won a newcomer award at
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'Short Term 12,' 'It Felt Like Love' Among Indie Memphis Award Winners

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'Short Term 12,' 'It Felt Like Love' Among Indie Memphis Award Winners
Rounding out a long weekend of eclectic programming, the 2013 edition of the Indie Memphis Film Festival fell to a close with its award ceremony yesterday evening. Among the films screening were a bevy of Sundance and SXSW selections --"Escape From Tomorrow," "Touchy Feely," "Computer Chess," and "Drinking Buddies," "White Reindeer," "Zero Charisma," among them -- two of which walked away with the festival's biggest prizes. Eliza Hittman's exquisitely rendered, sexual un-awakening, "It Felt Like Love," scooped up the Best Narrative Feature, while Destin Daniel Cretton's "Short Term 12" repeated its SXSW Narrative Feature Audience Award victory. Their documentary counterparts were "Brothers Hypnotic" and the relatively unseen, though highly deserving, "A Whole Lott More." The full list of winners can be found below. Festival AwardsNarrative Features Jury Awards","engine":"visual"}" data-block-type="2" id="block-edf50ac2834021f36cd9" class="sqs-block...
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‘Zero Charisma’ Review

Stars: Sam Eidson, Anne Gee Byrd, Brock England, Garrett Graham, Lowell Bartholomee, Katie Folger, Larry Jack Dotson | Written by Andrew Matthews | Directed by Katie Graham, Andrew Matthews

Another production of crowd-funding, Zero Charisma is a black comedy that tells the story of Scott (Sam Eidson) an overgrown nerd who lives with his grandmother and spends his nights as Grand Master of a fantasy board game that he and his guild have been playing constantly for three years. When one of his players has marital trouble and leaves the game, Scott finds his role as leader of the misfits put into jeopardy when a new “hipster” initiate enters the group.

Despite being a huge nerd, board games and in particular role-playing games, have never appealed to me. Yes, I’ve had the odd game of Zombicide and Star Wars: X-Wing with my board-game loving buddy Andrew, and I did
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Zero Charisma, The Guild, And The Odd Sensation Of Nerd Envy

If I wanted to be really fancy and insufferable, I might start by remarking how interesting it was to catch Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham's Zero Charisma at New York Comic Con earlier this month: screening a film about gamers and geeks to an audience of gamers and geeks, with all the attendant potential for reflexiveness and blah, blah, blah. Except that would be a lie -- there wasn't much worth noting in that respect, at least not during the screening itself. The audience responded to the expert mix of goofy comedy and serious comedy as any demographic of the young and the smart might, and I have no way of knowing if its members "saw themselves" on the screen. Maybe that's because I was too...

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, Episode 182: ‘The Counselor,’ ‘All Is Lost,’ ‘Zero Charisma,’ ‘Argento’s Dracula,’ Interquel

0:00-4:50 – Introduction, hats, iTunes review

4:50-8:00 – This week’s sponsor: The Inside Mag, where listener Andre Noble has written a short story. Read his story, why don’t you?

8:00-21:00 – “The Counselor” review, and “Bad Grandpa” non-review

21:00-32:10 – “All Is Lost” review

32:10-42:50 – “Zero Charisma” review

42:50-45:00 – “Argento’s Dracula” review

45:00-50:30 – New Qotw, plus our listenership numbers

50:30-58:50 – Interquel (“Lotr: Return of the King” and “Independence Day”)

58:50-1:00:40 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

Qotw: How did you discover Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider? Please indulge us this once.



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Interview: Zero Charisma’s Sam Eidson, Andrew Matthews & Katie Graham

  • ShockYa
Interview: Zero Charisma’s Sam Eidson, Andrew Matthews & Katie Graham
Interested in joining a journey through a magical realm with heroes, trolls, goblins and fire enchantments? Scott Weidermeyer has a seat open. Sam Eidson leads “Zero Charisma” as Scott, a Game Master who’s deeply dedicated to his role-playing board game. Trouble is, sometimes he takes that passion a little too far and his game time intensity can be too much to handle. When one of his players cracks under the pressure, it’s Scott’s responsibility to fill the seat and he bestows that honor upon a “neo-nerd hipster” named Miles (Garrett Graham). From the moment Miles sits down at Scott’s grandmother’s kitchen table, the other players are enamored by his wits [ Read More ]

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