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The best thing about the movie is that it keeps drawing conclusions in opposite directions.
There are a few chuckles, a few head-scratches and, thankfully, very few missteps. It charms.
It's a movie so late in noticing a shift in American male grooming that for a documentary on the subject to work, Spurlock would either have to pitch it to our grandparents (or be a grandparent) or trace the arc of the shift and unpack it.
Offers mostly skin-deep snapshots of various men and their grooming habits.
It's kind of endearing and kind of asinine.
Their brotherly bickering may be a useful time killer until the new Arrested Development episodes drop, but it's ultimately foamy filler added to a frustratingly frothy film that says nothing about its subject.
Mansome is mostly miss, and pretty thin as well.
Think of Mansome as the equivalent of a $10 manicure: It'll modestly enhance your day without making any lasting impact.
The sociological commentary and historical perspectives are superficial at best and the targets often too easy.
So you get comments from the likes of Paul Rudd, Adam Carolla and Judd Apatow, all trying to be funny, but not one says anything remotely amusing or worth hearing.
Mansome is basically a reality-TV episode, with similar production values and precisely the same depth of perception.

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