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In "Let It Go," Elsa refers to her ice magic as "frozen fractals." Although the concept of fractals has been known since the 17th century, the actual word "fractal" wasn't coined until 1975, and thus nobody in Frozen's time period would have known it.

Character error 

Several times treason is mentioned as a charge against ambassadors or Elsa. Treason, however, is a crime against the state by a citizen of that state. As such, ambassadors cannot be guilty of treason. Additionally, during Medieval times, the state and the monarch were considered to be one and the same; which means that Elsa, as the monarch, cannot be treasonous.
Kristoff sings 'reindeers are better than people.' The plural of reindeer is reindeer. He might not be well educated, but as someone who has grown up with a reindeer, and around other ice-gathering teams with reindeer, you would think he'd get at least that right.


Anna cuts the rope, causing her and Kristoff fall down the mountain while they are still tied together. However, in the next scene the rope is nowhere to be found and they are not tied together.
When Anna and Kristoff are thrown down the stairs by Marshmallow, Anna's hat is missing. Her hat is back on her head in the next shot.
Before Anna starts singing "For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)" in Elsa's castle, Olaf is present beside her on the staircase. However as she starts ascending the stairs Olaf is nowhere to be seen.
When Sven and Kristoff are leaving Arendelle after delivering Anna, there is a shot of Sven looking back where Arendelle should be, but it is missing from the shot. When Kristoff begins running down the hill Arendelle appears again.
When Kristoff leaves Arendelle after leaving sick Anna on the castle, Elsa escapes and releases a blizzard on Arendelle, making Kristoff come back, but he takes way too much time to get back to Arendelle compared to the amount of time he took to leave.
Outside Wandering Oaken's Trading Post there is no evidence of wind or storms. However, when the door opens for both Anna and Kristoff's entry, the sound of blowing wind can be heard and the wind apparently slams the door.
Anna walks a few feet to put Olaf's head back the right way on his body. After she does this, she is back to the position she started in and Olaf has moved between Anna and Kristoff.
When Anna and Kristoff are being chased by wolves on the sled, Anna uses a fire-torch to set a blanket on fire, she then drops the torch and it disappears.
When Anna enters Elsa's ice castle, she slips on the ice and catches her balance. At this point she is standing well into the middle of the room. When the view cuts to a front view a moment later, she is standing at the base of the staircase.
When Prince Hans is encountering Marshmallow for the first time, the two Gendarmes are tossed against a snow bank after they both fire their crossbows. As they are recovering, they collect themselves and you can see the crossbows on the ground, but no bolts, as one of them spots the Queen running up the stairs. In the next shot a bolt appears under the Gendarmes as he picks it up and chases after the queen.
When Kristoff & Sven have left Anna at the castle and go back to the mountain, they're stepping in the snow (leaving footprints). When the cloud appears over the castle and they return, there are no signs of their footprints.
When Anna and Kristoff are in the sled on the way to the North Mountain, Kristoff asks her, "Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?" Anna replies, "Yes, they did," and moves over. The camera then focuses on Kristoff and then both of them. Anna is then shown in her original position.
In "Let it Go", after Elsa releases her cloak, an overhead shot shows she's about 30 feet short of a gap, walking forwards, on a flat expanse of snow. She then keeps moving towards it while singing in closeup (which would have taken her right up to the edge). She then runs forwards in a wide shot, but instead of falling off the edge she should be right next to, she runs up over a hill that appears from nowhere, before she creates the steps to bridge the gap.
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As Elsa runs out of the castle after the coronation party, the fountains freeze and then the fjord freezes as she runs across it. After Anna's horse gets scared and runs off, Anna falls down a hill and into a stream where her clothes freeze. When Kristoff and Anna enter "wonderland" right before they meet Olaf, there is a scene where there is a frozen waterfall. If everything else in the kingdom is frozen, there shouldn't be free flowing water where Anna would fall into and freeze.
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After Olaf's song ("In Summer") Hans hands a bunch of cloaks and warm clothes to a guard back in Arendelle to be given away. After he threatens the Duke of Weselton, Anna's horse returns to the castle and startles the same guard who drops the clothes. The camera then moves to a medium shot of Hans calming down the horse, and then returns to a full shot of Hans, the Duke and some villagers and the clothes the guard dropped disappear for the remainder of the scene.
When Anna first meets Christof at the trading post, he mentions his ice business and it shows his sled full of ice blocks. The next time you see the sled is when Christof and Anna are riding to the north mountain with no ice blocks.
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When Kristoff is about to fall off the cliff after being chased by the wolves, Anna throws a hatchet with a rope tied to the handle. The rope moves around on the handle inconsistently between shots.
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In the shot where Anna and Kristoff gets a first glimpse of Elsa's castle, the camera starts from behind an exposed rock protrusion, but in the shot of the mountain before the song "Let it Go" starts there was none.
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When Kristoff, Olaf and Sven are running down the mountain to save Anna, Sven's snow tracks disappear during an up-close shot of Kristoff and Anna.
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When Anna and company are trudging up the mountain before meeting Olaf they are walking from screen right to screen left. Anna stops and turns to her right, away from the camera, to look at Arendelle. She and Christof have a short conversation, then she points to her right, back the way they just came, and asks "This way to the north mountain?" Christof makes a smart comment and the camera pans to Anna's right and shows the north mountain.
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Factual errors 

Kristoff's stringed instrument has four strings, but only three tuning pegs.
When Kristof falls into the snow after being thrown off by Marshmallow, the snow is perfectly flat on top of him with no dent nor impact marks.
Hans' plan is to marry Anna and then take the throne by killing Elsa and Anna. In Royalty someone married into the royal family can not take the throne on their own, if Anna and Elsa died there would be a cousin or uncle in line who would become the monarch. As a Prince himself Hans would have known that. Had Anna become Queen he would still be just a Prince, and then only because he was born a prince, like Prince Phillip and the Queen of England.
During the opening song "Frozen Heart" the ice cutters begin by ramming saws through the ice. Any ice thick enough to support a person, let alone the block thickness seen, would require a hole drilled for the saw to start, the saw would just bend instead.
Several times, the characters refer to Kristoff's vehicle as a "sled". Kristoff's vehicle is called a "sleigh" - it is pulled by an animal (in this case, by Sven). A "sled" is what kids use to go scooting down the hill after a big snow.
After Anna and Kristoff fall off the cliff, when he pops his upper body out of the snow, there's no displaced snow from his landing.
When Elsa is in the prison cell she freezes her shackles and bends them. Frozen metal does not bend, it shatters.
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After Olaf jumped off the cliff, Princess Anna and Kristoff fell after cutting the rope. Olaf began grabbing Kristoff's feet, fearing they were his own. Kristoff then sat up from under the snow, showing Olaf was sitting on Kristoff's legs. This wouldn't have been possible if Olaf fell before Kristoff.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Gloves were able to hold back Elsa's magic, but it had no problem at all going through her shoes. However, it is possible that the effect of her gloves is merely psychological and that they don't actually stop her powers per se.

Plot holes 

It is revealed on Elsa's coronation day that Anna had stayed inside the palace for the entirety of the time that the gates were closed, even though the only reason the gate were closed was to prevent word getting out about Elsa's powers, this means Anna could have gone outside and had a normal life whenever she felt like it.
If Anna spent her whole life inside the castle, it would be unlikely that she would have her own horse or know how to ride one.
Elsa's ice castle has no food. Idina Menzel jokey solution to this problem is that she eats 'soy ice cream,' but in the movie she simply has no food.
When Elsa creates a snowstorm in her palace it's centered around her, but when she does it in the castle it isn't, as she is walking against the wind.
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Revealing mistakes 

When Anna and Kristoff first meet Olaf, Anna throws Olaf's head back onto his body. At this point, from our perspective Anna is on the left and Kristoff is on the right with Sven. When Olaf asks why they're hanging off the earth like bats, it shows his upside down point of view. It should show Anna on the right and Kristoff and Sven on the left, a 180 degree Y-axis rotation but it doesn't, it shows Anna on the left and Kristoff and Sven on the right but upside down, an X-axis mirror.
During the song "Love is an Open Door", Ana and Hans are dancing on a light house, and their dancing shadows appear on a nearby sail, but not the shadow of the floor they're dancing on.
When Elsa lets her hair down during "Let It Go", her braid passes through her left shoulder. The intention is that it should look as though it has swung there under its own weight, but when viewed frame -by-frame it jumps through too quickly and there is too much of it already there when she turns and runs her hand beneath it for that to be the case.
Anna is shown from the front as she ascends an ice staircase inside Elsa's ice castle. There are giant ice pillars to Anna's right and left. They should reflect the side of her face, but instead the reflections show her face from the front.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Prince Hans finally confronts Elsa, he is not wearing his sword. The sound of his sword being drawn is heard while Anna is on screen, and when Hans reappears he has his sword in hand but still no scabbard. (Contrast this to the assault on the ice castle where sword and scabbard are clearly visible.)
After Hans' sword shatters he falls to the ground behind a raised patch of ice and neither him nor the block of ice are seen until Elsa raises the ship several minutes later.
In "For The First Time In Forever" Elsa's study is located at the end of a long hallway. As Olaf and Anna leave the study after Hans betrayal, it has moved to the middle of a long hallway, with the doors located across from a window.
When Olaf goes into the room where Anna is freezing, she is lying right next to the door. After Olaf relights the fire, Anna is lying a few paces from the door.

Errors in geography 

In the prologue, the royal parents quickly bring the girls to the trolls. But later when Kristoff brings Anna back to Arendelle from the trolls, he takes longer than the guards did to capture Elsa and take her back to Arendelle from the North Mountain, which is further from Arendelle.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Anna becomes fully frozen, the clothes she wears become frozen too. Everything within a very close range froze also. Prince Hans' sword was close enough and began to freeze as well, which is why it shattered when it hit Anna's hand.
When Anna thaws due to her act of True Love, the group appears to be on a ship even though the characters have not moved. However, when Elsa fell through the ice in reaction to believing Anna dead, there were two nearby masts sticking up through the ice, indicating that a frozen ship was beneath them the whole time.

Plot holes 

When the Duke's guard was about to shoot Elsa while being pinned to a wall, Hans is too far away for him to move so quickly as to thwart his shot.

Revealing mistakes 

Towards the end of the movie, when Kristoff is holding Anna in his arms, his thumb passes through her torso for a moment.

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