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Kurt Russell mentioned that his son Wyatt Russell turned down a role for The Hunger Games sequels to star in 22 Jump Street.
Many lines were improvised.
During the parents weekend luncheon, Mrs. Dickson mentions that she's "straight outta Compton," paying homage to the 1988 album that put Ice Cube (Captain Dickson) and his hip hop group NWA on the map.
Channing Tatum refers to being a Secret Agent in the White House, like his role in White House Down (2013).
During the car chase on campus, the action in one particular scene is sped up and a tune similar to "Yakety Sax", the iconic music from The Benny Hill Show (1969), can be heard. In the background, the building title reads "Benjamin Hill Institute for Film Studies"
During the Spring Break scene in Puerto Mexico, a club/restaurant is called "Gringos Pendejos" which roughly translates as "Stupid Americans".
Wiz Khalifa's "Work Hard Play Hard" plays after the name of the drug is announced: Work Hard Yes Play Hard Yes (WHYPHY)
While chasing Ghost, Jenko says "F**k you, doves!". This is a reference to the first 21 Jump Street (2012), when he and Schmidt released a box of doves at the prom.
Because of their commitment to The Lego Movie (2014), directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller did not do any script revisions before filming, but they did write the credits sequence.
When Schmidt makes a brake stop with the Lamborghini Murciélago at end of the car chase, he yells out, "Tokyo drift". Amber Stevens West, who plays Maya, was in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).
One of the posters in Maya's dorm room is of the band Devo, whose lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh composed the score for this movie.
The "testicle statue" in the sculpture garden is a reference to a similarly odd statue at Tulane University, the real University where the film was shot.
When characters discuss the operation's (but also the film's) larger budget, Jenko states "I thought we had Cate Blanchett for the budget?!" This is one of the movie's many meta-references. 22 Jump Street opened on the same day in North America as another sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), which also starred Jonah Hill and Cate Blanchett.
Richard Grieco, Det. Booker from the series 21 Jump Street (1987), appears during the final credits. He also has an extended deleted scene which would have been in the middle of the film.
In the new building for the Jump Street program (22 Jump Street), Schmidt comments on how Captain Dickson's new office looks like a cube of ice. The actor who plays Captain Dickson is Ice Cube
When Schmidt is driving the Lamborghini Murciélago, he comments that he feels like Batman. In Batman Begins (2005), Batman drives a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster; in The Dark Knight (2008), Batman drives a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640.
Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller also directed The Lego Movie (2014). Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Nick Offerman provided voices for that movie.
WILHELM SCREAM: Heard from within the robotics laboratory when Schmidt and Jenko smash through it in the chase with The Ghost.
Jillian Bell continually comments on how old Jonah Hill looks. Hill is only four months older than Bell.
When Schmidt and Jenko are entering the new "22 Jump Street" across the street, there is a banner, behind them, that says "23 Jump Street Condominiums Coming Soon".
When Jenko and Zook first bump into each other and Jenko drops his Q-tip into Zook's sandwich, they end up calling it a "meat cute". In movie terminology, a meet cute is when two romantic partners meet for the first time, foreshadowing their 'bromance'.
The lobsters scene is a reference to Annie Hall (1977).
During Jenko's first play with Zook, during pre-play someone yells out, "Omaha", a reference to Peyton Manning and his use of the word as a pre-play audible during the 2014 NFL Playoffs.
The same day the film was released to theaters Sony cut together a version of the trailer entirely using footage of the Stand-Ins, Ivan Hoey Jr. and Brad Cookus, while keeping the "real" audio featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.
Schmidt or Jenko's real first names are never spoken in this movie. However, they are said in the first movie to be Morton and Greg, respectively.
When Schmidt and Jenko are spying on the frat boys with the cameras they just installed, the frat boys are debating whether or not to recruit Schmidt and have his Facebook page up in the screen behind them. On his Facebook page we can see activity that reads he "liked" Molly Tracey's photo. Molly is is Schmidt's love interest in 21 Jump Street (2012).
Was at the top of the US box office for one week, the weekend of June 13-15 2014 with weekend takings of $57,071,445.
The version of beer pong played in the movie involves hitting a ping pong ball back and forth with paddles. This version is especially popular at Dartmouth College, where the directors went to school.
The football uniform worn is exactly the same as the football uniform in Blue Mountain State. In the film you can see fans holding signs saying go 'blues'.
Jonah Hill is attacked by an octopus and yells "It's getting ink in my mouth!" Which is similar to a line in his earlier movie The Watch (2012) in which he yells "it's getting goo in my mouth!" about an alien that resembles an octopus.
After the plot is resolved, Jenko says, "We're getting too old for this shit." a line popularized by Danny Glover's character Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon (1987), Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) and Lethal Weapon 4 (1998). During the mock sequel credits, where Schmidt and Jenko play senior citizens, Schmidt states the same Glover quote. Jenko (amused) replies with "Nice."
The beach scenes were filmed at the San Juan Marriott, Condado, Puerto Rico. The helicopter scenes were also filmed in Condado.
On the Vietnamese church, below the name "Resurrection of the Holy Spectacle" is a Vietnamese phrase "Canh Tuong Thành Phuc Sinh" which translates to "The Easter Scene," another possible movie terminology reference for the resurrection of Jesus.
Towards the beginning of the opening chase scene Jenko can be heard referencing a dragon. Jonah Hill appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), which opened on the same day.
Will Forte is uncredited as the announcer during the football games.
Wyatt Russell played the quarterback for MC State, where as his father Kurt Russell played quarterback Reno Hightower in The Best of Times (1986).
The characters Jenko mentions to Scarface (Dora, Diego, Swiper, Boots) were all in the same television series called Dora the Explorer (2000).
Two of Dave Franco's movies, 22 Jump Street and Warm Bodies (2013), feature the same two songs on their respective soundtracks; John Waite's 'Missing You' and 'Midnight City' by M83.
One of the more benign and amusing effects of the 2014 Sony Corporation cyber attack was the release of e-mails related to this film. Specifically, Channing Tatum sent several of them that loudly celebrated the film's huge box office opening in June 2014.
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During the spring break beach concert scene you can see the famous DJ Diplo (from Major Lazer) playing on the stage, they do a brief close-up on him.
In the beginning of the movie as Schmidt and Jenko are moving into their dorm room, you can see the numbers 322. 322 is a reference to the Skull and Bones society of Yale that met in seclusion behind a door numbered, 322.
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The baseball on Deputy Chief Hardy's desk at the beginning of the movie has Tony the Tiger on it.
The song playing in the background of the awkward parents' weekend meal is from The Shining (1980). Rob Riggle references the elevator scene of The Shining during the earlier prison scene.
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Zeta Theta Psi (the fraternity Jenko rushes in the film) are the letters of a real local sorority at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio. The sorority had not yet been officially recognized when production began.
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While at the poetry slam, a student references Amanda Bynes, with whom Channing Tatum costarred in She's the Man (2006).
Channing Tatum plays a much older cop pretending to be a college student, befriending Wyatt Russell's football-playing character in the process. Russell played a much older character posing as a college age guy trying to play baseball in Everybody Wants Some!! (2016).
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Months leading up to the film it was rumored that Brad Pitt had a cameo role in this however upon release it turned out it was never actually true.
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When the Zeta frat members are discussing whether Doug (Schmidt) should become a member, there is an ad for a Sony Xperia Z on the right hand side of the Facebook page - paid product placement for Sony, the parent company of the studio. The characters also use Sony products (Jenko and Schmidt's phones, the tablet Jenko and Schmidt use to view the footage of their hidden cameras etc.
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H. Jon Benjamin is also the head coach of the football team in Not Another Teen Movie, whose team colors are the same as the Bears.
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Dustin Nguyen: of the original 21 Jump Street (1987), as the Korean Jesus in a deleted scene: Jenko's dream sequence while he's high on WHYPHY.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The end credits, which shows mock sequels, were shot in a day during post-production and completed a month before its release.
Seth Rogen appears as a replacement for Jonah Hill in a mock sequel. One of Hill's earliest roles was in Superbad (2007) as Seth, a character Rogen had envisioned playing himself when he began writing the script as a teenager.
Rooster's tattoo, originally mistaken as the dealer's bazooka tattoo, is of a red herring. A red herring is also the term for a clue that is intentionally misleading.
In the movie, Jenko gets a football scholarship. This is a connection to Channing Tatum's real life as he too was offered a football scholarship.
Near the very ending of the film right before the end credits, as Jenko is trying to shoot Schmidt's arm (to make up for his failed attempt to take a bullet for Jenko earlier, trying to even it out from 21 Jump Street (2012) where Jenko takes a bullet for Schmidt), right behind Schmidt is a graffiti art consisting a pile of the number: 4. This is a nod to the first film during the high school drug scene where Jenko, on drugs, is constantly writing the number 4 on the blackboard and yells his famous line: "F*** you science!"
During the fight with Jenko and the Ghosts twin bodyguards, one of the spring breakers climbs onto Jenkos back and he uses her as a weapon. By doing so he spins the girl a couple times while hitting the guards and then he kisses her. This is similar and a nod to Channing Tatum's earliest role in the dance drama Step Up (2006).
In the end credits, Bill Hader and Anna Faris have cameo appearance as a villain and ally, respectively. Both starred in the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) and its sequel, also written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Seth Rogen also joins the fray with him and Hader, who both also play as cops in Superbad (2007), another film starring Jonah Hill.
Bill Hader: A chef, and supposed villain, of one the mock sequels in the final credits sequence.
Seth Rogen: Schmidt's understudy in the end credits montage.
Anna Faris: in the "flight school" section of the final credits.
In the final scene at the beach, where Jenko is about to shoot Schmidt in the arm to even it up between them, you can see a Yin and Yang symbol graffitied on the blue wall - the Yin and Yang symbol was discussed by the professor at the University of Internet at the start of the movie.
The closing credits montage of potential sequel ideas was based on general discussions that directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had discussed for real franchise editions. In addition, Seth Rogen's cameo as "Schmidt" came about from him successfully recruiting Channing Tatum to play a brief, memorable role in This Is the End (2013); Tatum and Jonah Hill both asked Rogen to appear in the credits and he immediately accepted the offer.
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During Seth Rogen's cameo, he mentions he just got new glasses. This may be a nod to how his glasses were broken in This Is the End (2013).

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