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2/10 Very mild. A husband and wife kiss a few times.

A husband and wife are seen in bed together, nothing sexual is implied and they are sleeping.

a man kisses a woman's hand A woman shares a bike with a man.

5/10 A man tells his daughter how to punch somebody if they give her trouble.

A girl begins intimidating the oldest daughter about the dissapearance of her brother. The daughter then punches her, making her nose bleed.

A man steals the family's dog and keeps at his house. However he does nothing bad towards the dog.

A woman slaps another woman.

A teacher finds cane marks up a boy's back.

A teacher finds marks on a boy's hand from the cane, and another girl tells her "he fell over in the garden."

A vicar tells a family that people at Crickley hall were drowned in their sleep during a flash flood.

A boy is caned, nothing is seen.

A man tries to sort out a boiler, he puts his hand into a cupboard and another hand grabs him.

A woman explains to a teacher that "food is a reward, not a right" Meaning the children can only eat if they behave.

6/10 The whole programme is centered on a young boy going missing. His dissapearance is only talked about and nothing is actually seen happening to the boy. This theme may be upsetting to some viewers.

Eve and Cam feel they can hear each other, and they tell a woman how "They are connected" e.g they wake up at the same time and they sometimes pick up each other's dreams.

The scene where Callie says to Eve "Why can't you hear him Mummy" and when the children find out about their brothers dissapearance is upsetting.

the cellar door opens often.

The scene where Gabe and Eve meet up at the crime scene is very intense.

A girl is asleep in her bed, when she sees a ghost that pulls back the covers and canes her. She screams and her family come running in, to find out it was a nightmare, although it was a ghost. This is probably as bad as it gets.

The programme goes back and forth between the house in present day and the house in the war. In the war the house is an orphanage, and the owner is very quiet and reserved at first, but he shouts a lot, is strict and scary., and canes some of the children, however this is off screen and we only hear about it. This might be upsetting to some viewers

A family go into the attic and the daughter drops a bunch of toys, this makes them all jump.

In the beginning scene of the first episode, a boy hides in a cupboard and prays, and the owner of the house is seen dragging him out while he kicks and screams.

There are many ghosts seen in the house present day, however most of them are not malicious.

Eve has nightmares about the house with brief scenes from the past, for example a boy is seen kicking and screaming while being carried away, and a house is seen being flooded.

Spoilers: The scene where the police find Cam's hat is very upsetting.

A man is stood outside the house and makes a girl jump.

Crickley Hall is very creepy looking.

Scary music is played throughout the programme.

SPOILERS: It is later revealed that the owner of the house floods it, consequently killing lots of children, although this is all off screen.

Finland:K-16 (TV rating) / Ireland:15 (DVD rating) / UK:15 (DVD rating)

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