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Terrible, Shameful, Would pay a dollar to watch it.
obialfred17 August 2012
The movie is racist, stereotypical, it has corny jokes, stupid characters, bad acting, etc. The two girls on Shake it Up annoy me so much, The songs use heavy auto-tune, they can't dance, heck they certainly cannot act. Disney needs to get it's act together if they want to survive in the long run. They tried to hype this movie up in an attempt to get some better ratings but it's not going to work with me!

I will NOT PAY A CENT for this mediocre movie. These girls need to quit, spend at least 3 years taking more dancing lessons or singing lessons and then we can talk. The dancing was so sloppy. I'm sorry for repeating things but this movie makes me so angry and that is not a movie that you want to watch. Please do yourself a favor and don't watch the movie. Also give it a low star. Disney needs to stop dishing out junk like this.
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